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416 Area Code 416

416 Area Code Information

Area code 416 is one of the original 86 telephone area codes of North America established in 1947, and currently serves the single rate centre of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has been split twice: the western portion of 416 became area code 519 in 1953, and in 1993 the remaining portion of 416 outside of what was then Metro Toronto became area code 905.

On 5 March 2001, 416 was overlaid with area code 647, Canada's first overlay code. All calls were required to be dialed with ten digits since the introduction of the overlay. A geographic split was not feasible because of the high population density and lack of a well-defined boundary along which to split. The success of the overlay made it standard in Canada for future relief, even in large rural areas.

The incumbent local exchange carrier in the 416 and 647 area codes is Bell Canada; the last independent company in the previous 416 area code region was acquired by Bell Canada around the year 1980. In more recent years, though, there has been competition from other companies such as Rogers.

Area code 437 will overlay the existing 416 and 647 area codes, and will commence operation on March 25, 2013. Area code 387 has been reserved for future use in the area.

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416 Area Code Demographic Information

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