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Northern Ireland Information

Northern Ireland (Irish: Tuaisceart Éireann) is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the north-east of the island of Ireland. It is variously described as a country, province or region of the United Kingdom, amongst other terms. Northern Ireland shares a border to the south and west with the Republic of Ireland. As of 2011, its population was 1,810,863, constituting about 30% of the island's total population and about 3% of the UK's population. Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, Northern Ireland is largely self-governing. According to the agreement, Northern Ireland co-operates with the Republic of Ireland on some policy areas, while other areas are reserved for the British Government, though the Republic of Ireland "may put forward views and proposals" with "determined efforts to resolve disagreements between [the two governments]".
This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Northern Ireland", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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Abocurragh, NIR
Abohill, NIR
Acres, NIR
Aghadowey, NIR
Aghafatten, NIR
Aghagallon, NIR
Aghaherrish, NIR
Aghahoorin, NIR
Aghalee, NIR
Aghamore, NIR
Aghanaglack, NIR
Aghannagh, NIR
Agharainey, NIR
Aghatirourke, NIR
Aghnahoo, NIR
Aghyaran, NIR
Ahoghill, NIR
Aldergrove, NIR
Altnagelvin, NIR
Altnamachin, NIR
Andersonstown, NIR
Annaclone, NIR
Annalong, NIR
Antrim, NIR
Ardgart, NIR
Ardglass, NIR
Ardkeen, NIR
Ardmore, NIR
Ardtonnagh, NIR
Armagh, NIR
Armoy, NIR
Articlave, NIR
Artigarvan, NIR
Ashwoods, NIR
Ashwoods or Woody Mullaghree, NIR
Aughafatten, NIR
Aughaward, NIR
Augher, NIR
Aughlish, NIR
Aughnacloy, NIR
Aughrim, NIR
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Ballaghmore, NIR
Ballee, NIR
Ballinamallard, NIR
Ballinaskeagh, NIR
Ballinderry Lower, NIR
Ballinderry Upper, NIR
Ballintoy, NIR
Ballybogy, NIR
Ballycarry, NIR
Ballycastle, NIR
Ballyclare, NIR
Ballydoolagh, NIR
Ballygally, NIR
Ballygarvey, NIR
Ballygawley, NIR
Ballygonnell, NIR
Ballygowan, NIR
Ballyhalbert, NIR
Ballyhornan, NIR
Ballyhose, NIR
Ballykelly, NIR
Ballykinler, NIR
Ballylucas, NIR
Ballymagorry, NIR
Ballymarlagh, NIR
Ballymartin, NIR
Ballymena, NIR
Ballymoney, NIR
Ballynagard, NIR
Ballynamore, NIR
Ballynure, NIR
Ballypatrick, NIR
Ballyronan, NIR
Ballyroney, NIR
Ballysillan, NIR
Ballysooragh, NIR
Ballyvelton, NIR
Ballyvoy, NIR
Ballywalter, NIR
Ballyward, NIR
Balnamore, NIR
Banagher, NIR
Banbridge, NIR
Bangor, NIR
Beagh Big, NIR
Beagh Little, NIR
Beihy, NIR
Belcoo, NIR
Belfast, NIR
Bellaghy, NIR
Bellanaleck, NIR
Bellany, NIR
Belleek, NIR
Belleeks, NIR
Benburb, NIR
Bendooragh, NIR
Bessbrook, NIR
Blackhill, NIR
Blackskull, NIR
Blackwatertown, NIR
Blaney East, NIR
Blaney West, NIR
Blunnick, NIR
Bodarra Big, NIR
Bodarra Little, NIR
Bohevny, NIR
Bowara, NIR
Brackagh, NIR
Bracky, NIR
Bready, NIR
Breagho, NIR
Breandrum, NIR
Brockagh, NIR
Brookeborough, NIR
Brookfield, NIR
Broughshane, NIR
Brughas, NIR
Bryansford, NIR
Burnquarter, NIR
Bush, NIR
Bushmills, NIR
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Cabra, NIR
Caledon, NIR
Calkill, NIR
Camlough, NIR
Campsie, NIR
Cape Castle, NIR
Cappagh, NIR
Cappog, NIR
Cappy, NIR
Cargacreevy, NIR
Cargan, NIR
Carn, NIR
Carneyhill, NIR
Carnlough, NIR
Carnteel, NIR
Carr, NIR
Carran, NIR
Carran East, NIR
Carrickabweehan, NIR
Carrickaheenan, NIR
Carrickbeg, NIR
Carrickfergus, NIR
Carrickmacsparrow, NIR
Carrickmore, NIR
Carricknaseer, NIR
Carrickreagh, NIR
Carrigan, NIR
Carrigan One, NIR
Carrigan Two, NIR
Carrowdore, NIR
Carrowmacmea, NIR
Carryduff, NIR
Cashel, NIR
Castlecatt, NIR
Castlecaulfield, NIR
Castledawson, NIR
Castlederg, NIR
Castlereagh, NIR
Castlerock, NIR
Castleroe, NIR
Castleward, NIR
Cavanakerry, NIR
Cavanaleck, NIR
Cavanreagh, NIR
Chanterhill, NIR
Clabby, NIR
Clady, NIR
Claragh, NIR
Clare, NIR
Claudy, NIR
Cleenish, NIR
Cleens New, NIR
Cleens Old, NIR
Cleggan, NIR
Cloghanagh, NIR
Cloghcor, NIR
Clogher, NIR
Cloghtate, NIR
Clonamullog, NIR
Clonbunniagh, NIR
Clondaval, NIR
Clonliff, NIR
Clontyferagh, NIR
Clontymore, NIR
Clontymullan, NIR
Clonursan Glebe, NIR
Cloonatreane, NIR
Cloonatrig, NIR
Cloonatumpher, NIR
Cloonaveel, NIR
Cloonavoan, NIR
Clough, NIR
Cloughey, NIR
Cloughmills, NIR
Cloughoge, NIR
Cloyfin, NIR
Clyhannagh, NIR
Coagh, NIR
Coaghan, NIR
Coalisland, NIR
Coleraine, NIR
Coles Hill, NIR
Collone, NIR
Comber, NIR
Concaroe, NIR
Conlig, NIR
Connor, NIR
Cookstown, NIR
Coolacrim, NIR
Coolarkan, NIR
Coolinfin Glebe, NIR
Coolnashanton, NIR
Coolyermer, NIR
Corbet, NIR
Cordarragh, NIR
Corkey, NIR
Cornagee, NIR
Cornahawla, NIR
Corracoash, NIR
Corradreenan East, NIR
Corradreenan West, NIR
Corraglass, NIR
Corralinnen, NIR
Corranaheen, NIR
Corrateskin, NIR
Corrawully, NIR
Correen, NIR
Cosbytown, NIR
Coshquin, NIR
Cossycon, NIR
Craigahullier, NIR
Craigavon, NIR
Craigywarren, NIR
Crawfords Hill, NIR
Crawfordsburn, NIR
Crebilly, NIR
Creggan, NIR
Croaghan, NIR
Croaghrim One, NIR
Croaghrim Two, NIR
Crockareddy, NIR
Crocknacreevy, NIR
Crocknakeeragh, NIR
Cromkill, NIR
Cross, NIR
Crossgar, NIR
Crossmaglen, NIR
Crossmurrin, NIR
Crossnacreevy, NIR
Crott, NIR
Crownhall, NIR
Crumlin, NIR
Crummer, NIR
Culky, NIR
Cullatagh, NIR
Cullen, NIR
Cullentragh, NIR
Culliagh, NIR
Cullion, NIR
Cullybackey, NIR
Cullyhanna, NIR
Cultiagh, NIR
Curragh, NIR
Cushendall, NIR
Cushendun, NIR
Cushrush Island, NIR
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Dairies Big, NIR
Dairies Little, NIR
Darkley, NIR
Deer Park, NIR
Deerfin, NIR
Deffrick, NIR
Dernashesk, NIR
Derreens East, NIR
Derreens West, NIR
Derriaghy, NIR
Derry, NIR
Derry Keighan, NIR
Derryadd, NIR
Derryaghna, NIR
Derryargon, NIR
Derrybeg, NIR
Derrybrusk, NIR
Derrychurra, NIR
Derrycormick, NIR
Derrygiff, NIR
Derrygonnelly, NIR
Derrygore, NIR
Derryhawlagh, NIR
Derryheeny, NIR
Derryhevlin Glebe, NIR
Derryhillagh, NIR
Derryhowlaght West, NIR
Derryinch One, NIR
Derryinch Two, NIR
Derrykeeghan, NIR
Derryleague, NIR
Derryleck, NIR
Derrylester, NIR
Derrylin, NIR
Derrymakeen, NIR
Derrynim, NIR
Derrynoose, NIR
Derryscobe, NIR
Derryshandra, NIR
Derrytrasna, NIR
Derryvogue, NIR
Derryvore, NIR
Derryvullan, NIR
Dervock, NIR
Desertmartin, NIR
Devenish, NIR
Dinnydoon, NIR
Doagh, NIR
Dollingstown, NIR
Donaghadee, NIR
Donaghcloney, NIR
Donaghmore, NIR
Donegall, NIR
Dooederney, NIR
Doohatty Glebe, NIR
Dooletter, NIR
Dooneen, NIR
Douglas Bridge, NIR
Downpatrick, NIR
Draperstown, NIR
Dromara, NIR
Dromore, NIR
Drumaa, NIR
Drumabest, NIR
Drumageever, NIR
Drumahiskey, NIR
Drumahoe, NIR
Drumalig, NIR
Drumane, NIR
Drumaness, NIR
Drumaran, NIR
Drumaraw, NIR
Drumard, NIR
Drumawill, NIR
Drumawillin, NIR
Drumbargy, NIR
Drumbeggan, NIR
Drumberny, NIR
Drumbo, NIR
Drumbockany, NIR
Drumboory, NIR
Drumboy, NIR
Drumbrughas, NIR
Drumcanon, NIR
Drumcard, NIR
Drumclay, NIR
Drumclounish, NIR
Drumcolgny, NIR
Drumconlan East, NIR
Drumconlan West, NIR
Drumconor, NIR
Drumcoo, NIR
Drumcorban, NIR
Drumcose, NIR
Drumcrin, NIR
Drumcrow East, NIR
Drumcullion, NIR
Drumderg, NIR
Drumduff, NIR
Drumee, NIR
Drumgague, NIR
Drumgallan, NIR
Drumgamph, NIR
Drumgarrow, NIR
Drumgask, NIR
Drumgay, NIR
Drumgor, NIR
Drumhack, NIR
Drumharriff, NIR
Drumhirk, NIR
Drumhirk Lower, NIR
Drumhirk Upper, NIR
Druminiskill, NIR
Drumkeen, NIR
Drumlaghy One, NIR
Drumlaghy Two, NIR
Drumlea, NIR
Drumlyon, NIR
Drummacabranagher, NIR
Drummacahan, NIR
Drummacoorin, NIR
Drummoan, NIR
Drummoghan, NIR
Drummuck, NIR
Drumnafivey, NIR
Drumnamalragh, NIR
Drumoghill, NIR
Drumquin, NIR
Drumrainy One, NIR
Drumrainy Two, NIR
Drumscollop, NIR
Drumsillagh One, NIR
Drumsillagh Three, NIR
Drumsillagh Two, NIR
Drumskew, NIR
Drumsna, NIR
Drumsroohil One, NIR
Drumsroohil Two, NIR
Dunadry, NIR
Dunaghy, NIR
Dunamanagh, NIR
Dundonald, NIR
Dundrod, NIR
Dundrum, NIR
Dungall, NIR
Dungannon, NIR
Dungiven, NIR
Dunloy, NIR
Dunmurry, NIR
Dunnyvadden, NIR
Dunseverick, NIR
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Edenmore, NIR
Ederney, NIR
Eglinton, NIR
Ely Island, NIR
Enaghan, NIR
Enniskillen, NIR
Erveny, NIR
Eskra, NIR
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Fardrum, NIR
Farnaconnell, NIR
Farnaght, NIR
Farnamullan, NIR
Fartagh, NIR
Faugher One, NIR
Faugher Two, NIR
Feeny, NIR
Finaghy, NIR
Finlane, NIR
Fintona, NIR
Fintonagh, NIR
Finvoy, NIR
Florence Court Demesne, NIR
Forkhill, NIR
Fyagh, NIR
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Galbally, NIR
Galgorm, NIR
Gallagh, NIR
Gardrum, NIR
Garrifly, NIR
Garrison, NIR
Garvagh, NIR
Garvaghy, NIR
Garvary, NIR
Garvary Leggs, NIR
Garvary One, NIR
Garvary Two, NIR
Garvetagh, NIR
Gawleys Gate, NIR
Gilford, NIR
Gillyholme Ely, NIR
Gillyholme L'estrange, NIR
Gilnahirk, NIR
Glarryford, NIR
Glasmullagh One, NIR
Glasmullagh Two, NIR
Glenanne, NIR
Glenariffe, NIR
Glenarm, NIR
Glenavy, NIR
Glencunny, NIR
Glengawna, NIR
Gleno, NIR
Glenshesk, NIR
Glenwherry, NIR
Glenwinny, NIR
Glynn, NIR
Gortacarn, NIR
Gortadrehid, NIR
Gortadrehid Big, NIR
Gortadrehid Little, NIR
Gortahurk East, NIR
Gortahurk West, NIR
Gortaloughan, NIR
Gortalughany, NIR
Gortaree, NIR
Gortatole One, NIR
Gortatole Two, NIR
Gortdonaghy, NIR
Gorteen, NIR
Gortermoan, NIR
Gortgall, NIR
Gortgonnell, NIR
Gortgullenan, NIR
Gortin, NIR
Gortmaconnell, NIR
Gortmessan, NIR
Gortnacally, NIR
Gortnagriffin, NIR
Graan, NIR
Gracehill, NIR
Granshagh Big, NIR
Granshagh Little, NIR
Greenisland, NIR
Greenwoodhill, NIR
Greyabbey, NIR
Greysteel, NIR
Greystone, NIR
Groomsport, NIR
Gubbacrock, NIR
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Hamiltonsbawn, NIR
Hannahstown, NIR
Helens Bay, NIR
Hilden, NIR
Hillhall, NIR
Hillsborough, NIR
Hilltown, NIR
Holywood, NIR
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Inishkeen, NIR
Inishmacsaint, NIR
Inisway, NIR
Irvinestown, NIR
Islandcarragh, NIR
Islandmagee, NIR
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Jonesborough, NIR
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Katesbridge, NIR
Keady, NIR
Keelaghan, NIR
Kells, NIR
Kesh, NIR
Kilafinta, NIR
Kilclief, NIR
Kilcoo, NIR
Kilkeel, NIR
Killaloo, NIR
Killard, NIR
Killeavy, NIR
Killeen, NIR
Killen, NIR
Killernam, NIR
Killesher, NIR
Killeter, NIR
Killinchy, NIR
Killins, NIR
Killough, NIR
Killybegs, NIR
Killyblane, NIR
Killybracken, NIR
Killybreed, NIR
Killycat, NIR
Killycolpy, NIR
Killygrania, NIR
Killyhevlin, NIR
Killyhommon, NIR
Killykeeghan, NIR
Killylea, NIR
Killyleagh, NIR
Killymaddy, NIR
Killynure, NIR
Killyreagh, NIR
Killytaggart, NIR
Killyvannan, NIR
Killyveagh Glebe, NIR
Killyvilly, NIR
Killywillin, NIR
Kilmalanophy, NIR
Kilmore, NIR
Kilnaloo, NIR
Kilnamaddoo, NIR
Kilnamaddy, NIR
Kilnameel, NIR
Kilraughts, NIR
Kilrea, NIR
Kilroot, NIR
Kilteen Glebe, NIR
Kilwaughter, NIR
Kinarla, NIR
Kinawley, NIR
Kinglass, NIR
Kircubbin, NIR
Knock, NIR
Knockageehan, NIR
Knockalough, NIR
Knockbreda, NIR
Knockloughrim, NIR
Knockmenagh, NIR
Knocknabrattoge, NIR
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Lack, NIR
Lackaghboy, NIR
Lambeg, NIR
Lanaghran, NIR
Landhead, NIR
Lankill, NIR
Lanmore, NIR
Laragh, NIR
Larganacarran, NIR
Largandarragh Big, NIR
Larne, NIR
Laurencetown, NIR
Leam Beg, NIR
Leam More, NIR
Leanamoyle, NIR
Leeffa, NIR
Legaduff, NIR
Legahory, NIR
Legg, NIR
Leggs, NIR
Legnabrocky, NIR
Legnagay Beg, NIR
Legnagay More, NIR
Legnahorna, NIR
Legnavea, NIR
Lehill, NIR
Leighan, NIR
Leitrim, NIR
Lenaderg, NIR
Lenaghan, NIR
Lesky, NIR
Letterbreen, NIR
Levaghy, NIR
Levally Lower, NIR
Levally Upper, NIR
Limavady, NIR
Lisbellaw, NIR
Lisblake, NIR
Lisbofin, NIR
Lisburn, NIR
Liscolman, NIR
Lisderry, NIR
Lisdivrick, NIR
Lisgally, NIR
Lisglass, NIR
Lisgoole, NIR
Lislagan Upper, NIR
Lislea, NIR
Lismoonly, NIR
Lisnadurk Middle, NIR
Lisnamuck, NIR
Lisnaskea, NIR
Lisroddy, NIR
Lissan, NIR
Lockard Big, NIR
Lockard Little, NIR
Londonderry, NIR
Loughbrickland, NIR
Loughgall, NIR
Loughgiel, NIR
Loughgilly, NIR
Loughinisland, NIR
Loughmacrory, NIR
Lurgan, NIR
Lurgandarragh Big, NIR
Lurgandarragh Little, NIR
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Macfin, NIR
Mackan Glebe, NIR
Macosquin, NIR
Madden, NIR
Madoydoo Upper, NIR
Maghera, NIR
Magheradunbar, NIR
Magherafelt, NIR
Magheragannon, NIR
Magheralin, NIR
Magheramason, NIR
Magheramorne, NIR
Magheranageeragh, NIR
Maghercashel, NIR
Maghernahar, NIR
Maguiresbridge, NIR
Malone, NIR
Markethill, NIR
Marlbank, NIR
Martinstown, NIR
Maydown, NIR
Mayobridge, NIR
Middletown, NIR
Milford, NIR
Millbrook, NIR
Millisle, NIR
Milltown Blaney, NIR
Moher (Killesher), NIR
Moira, NIR
Monaghan, NIR
Monbrief, NIR
Monea, NIR
Moneen, NIR
Moneenbane, NIR
Moneymore, NIR
Moneynoe Glebe, NIR
Moneyouragan, NIR
Moneyrea, NIR
Moorfields, NIR
Mosside, NIR
Mossley, NIR
Mountfield, NIR
Mountnorris, NIR
Mournebeg, NIR
Mowhan, NIR
Moy, NIR
Moyarget, NIR
Moybane, NIR
Moybrone, NIR
Moygashel, NIR
Moyglass, NIR
Moykeel, NIR
Moylehid, NIR
Moyraverty, NIR
Muckamore, NIR
Muckanagh, NIR
Mullaghbane, NIR
Mullaghbawn, NIR
Mullaghdun, NIR
Mullaghlevin, NIR
Mullaghmaddy, NIR
Mullaghmore, NIR
Mullaghree, NIR
Mullaghy, NIR
Mullan, NIR
Mullanaskea, NIR
Mullanavehy, NIR
Mullans, NIR
Mullyardlougher, NIR
Mullygarry, NIR
Mullylogan, NIR
Mullymesker, NIR
Mullynahunshin, NIR
Mulrod, NIR
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Newbuildings, NIR
Newcastle, NIR
Newry, NIR
Newtown Crommelin, NIR
Newtownabbey, NIR
Newtownards, NIR
Newtownbreda, NIR
Newtownbutler, NIR
Newtownhamilton, NIR
Newtownstewart, NIR
Nutts Corner, NIR
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Oakfield, NIR
Old Leggs, NIR
Omagh, NIR
Ormeau, NIR
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Park, NIR
Parkgate, NIR
Pharis, NIR
Plumbridge, NIR
Point, NIR
Pomeroy, NIR
Portadown, NIR
Portaferry, NIR
Portavogie, NIR
Portballintrae, NIR
Portbeg, NIR
Portglenone, NIR
Portmush, NIR
Portnasnow Glebe, NIR
Portora, NIR
Portreagh, NIR
Portrush, NIR
Portstewart, NIR
Poyntzpass, NIR
Prehen Park, NIR
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Rabron, NIR
Raceview, NIR
Rahallan, NIR
Rahalton, NIR
Rakeelan Glebe, NIR
Randalshough, NIR
Randalstown, NIR
Rasharkin, NIR
Rathfriland, NIR
Rathkenny, NIR
Ratona, NIR
Relagh, NIR
Reyfad, NIR
Richhill, NIR
Rigg, NIR
Ring, NIR
Ring (Derryvullan), NIR
Ringsend, NIR
Rock, NIR
Rooskagh South, NIR
Roosky One, NIR
Roosky Two, NIR
Rosemount, NIR
Roseyards, NIR
Rosnamuck, NIR
Rosnashane, NIR
Ross Inner, NIR
Ross One, NIR
Ross Outer, NIR
Ross Two, NIR
Rossaa, NIR
Rossavally, NIR
Rosscarn, NIR
Rosscoltan, NIR
Rossdagamph, NIR
Rossdanean, NIR
Rossdoney, NIR
Rosslea, NIR
Rossmacawinny, NIR
Rossnafarsan, NIR
Rossorry, NIR
Rosspoint, NIR
Rossyvullan, NIR
Rostrevor, NIR
Rushin, NIR
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Saintfield, NIR
Sallysgrove, NIR
Samsonagh, NIR
Scaffog, NIR
Scarva, NIR
Seacon, NIR
Seaforde, NIR
Seapatrick, NIR
Seskanore, NIR
Seskilgreen, NIR
Sessiagh West, NIR
Shankbridge, NIR
Shankill One, NIR
Shankill Two, NIR
Shanmullagh, NIR
Sheskinshule, NIR
Silverbridge, NIR
Silverhill, NIR
Sion Mills, NIR
Sixmilecross, NIR
Skea, NIR
Skreen One, NIR
Skreen Two, NIR
Slaght, NIR
Slaghtmanus, NIR
Slee, NIR
Spamount, NIR
Springfield, NIR
Stewartstown, NIR
Stoneyford, NIR
Strabane, NIR
Straid, NIR
Stralahan, NIR
Strangford, NIR
Stranmillis, NIR
Stranocum, NIR
Strathfoyle, NIR
Swatragh, NIR
Sydenham, NIR
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Tabagh, NIR
Tamlaght, NIR
Tandragee, NIR
Tassagh, NIR
Tattenamona, NIR
Tattygare Glebe, NIR
Tawnybrack, NIR
Tawnyreagh, NIR
Teeshan, NIR
Teesnaghtan, NIR
Templepatrick, NIR
Tempo, NIR
Tents, NIR
The Collon, NIR
Thomastown, NIR
Tiravally Glebe, NIR
Tirconnell, NIR
Tobermore, NIR
Tobradan, NIR
Toneel North, NIR
Toneel South, NIR
Toney, NIR
Tonlisderritt, NIR
Tonyloman, NIR
Tonyteige, NIR
Toomebridge, NIR
Torr, NIR
Toye, NIR
Treel, NIR
Trien, NIR
Trillick, NIR
Tromogagh, NIR
Trustan Glebe, NIR
Tullaghgarley, NIR
Tully One, NIR
Tully Two, NIR
Tullyally, NIR
Tullycreevy, NIR
Tullydevenish, NIR
Tullygally, NIR
Tullyharney, NIR
Tullyhogue, NIR
Tullyholvin Lower, NIR
Tullyholvin Upper, NIR
Tullyhona, NIR
Tullykelter, NIR
Tullymacarath, NIR
Tullymargy, NIR
Tullynadall East, NIR
Tullynadall West, NIR
Tynan, NIR
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Umgola, NIR
Upperlands, NIR
Urbalreagh, NIR
Urros, NIR
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Victoria Bridge, NIR
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Waringstown, NIR
Warrenpoint, NIR
Waterside, NIR
Wheathill, NIR
Whinnigan Glebe, NIR
Whitecross, NIR
Whitehead, NIR
Woaghternerry, NIR
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