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Scotland Information

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Occupying the northern third of the island of Great Britain, Scotland shares a border with England to the south, and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean; with the North Sea to the east, and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the south-west. In addition to the mainland, the country is made up of more than 790 islands, including the Northern Isles and the Hebrides. Edinburgh, the country's capital and second-largest city, was the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, which transformed Scotland into one of the commercial, intellectual, and industrial powerhouses of Europe.
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Abbotsinch, SCT
Aberarder, SCT
Aberargie, SCT
Aberchirder, SCT
Abercrombie, SCT
Aberdalgie, SCT
Aberdeen, SCT
Aberdour, SCT
Aberfeldy, SCT
Aberfoyle, SCT
Aberlady, SCT
Aberlemno, SCT
Aberlour, SCT
Abernethy, SCT
Abernyte, SCT
Aberuthven, SCT
Abington, SCT
Aboyne, SCT
Abriachan, SCT
Achachork, SCT
Achahoish, SCT
Achanalt, SCT
Achaphubil, SCT
Acharacle, SCT
Acharn, SCT
Achateny, SCT
Achavandra Muir, SCT
Achfary, SCT
Achiltibuie, SCT
Achilty, SCT
Achmore, SCT
Achnacarry, SCT
Achnacloich, SCT
Achnagarron, SCT
Achnahanaid, SCT
Achnamara, SCT
Achnasheen, SCT
Achrimsdale, SCT
Ackergill, SCT
Adabrock, SCT
Addiewell, SCT
Advie, SCT
Ahmor, SCT
Aigas, SCT
Aignish, SCT
Ailsa Hospital, SCT
Airdrie, SCT
Airds Bay, SCT
Airidhantuim, SCT
Airlie, SCT
Airth, SCT
Aldbar, SCT
Aldourie, SCT
Alexandria, SCT
Alford, SCT
Allandale, SCT
Allanfearn, SCT
Allanton, SCT
Allasdale, SCT
Alligin, SCT
Alloa, SCT
Alloa Park, SCT
Alloway, SCT
Almondbank, SCT
Alness, SCT
Altamount, SCT
Altens, SCT
Altnabreac, SCT
Altnaharra, SCT
Alva, SCT
Alvah, SCT
Alves, SCT
Alyth, SCT
Amhuinnsuidh, SCT
Amisfield, SCT
Amulree, SCT
Ancrum, SCT
Annan, SCT
Annan Water, SCT
Annandale, SCT
Annat, SCT
Annathill, SCT
Annbank, SCT
Annfield Muir, SCT
Anstruther, SCT
Appin, SCT
Applecross, SCT
Arabella, SCT
Arbirlot, SCT
Arbroath, SCT
Arbuthnott, SCT
Archiestown, SCT
Ardallie, SCT
Ardbeg, SCT
Ardbrecknish, SCT
Ardchattan, SCT
Ardchung, SCT
Ardeer, SCT
Ardelve, SCT
Arden, SCT
Ardentallen, SCT
Ardentinny, SCT
Ardeonaig, SCT
Ardersier, SCT
Ardfern, SCT
Ardgay, SCT
Ardgour, SCT
Ardhasaig, SCT
Ardheisker, SCT
Ardinashaig, SCT
Ardivachair, SCT
Ardler, SCT
Ardlui, SCT
Ardlussa, SCT
Ardmaddy, SCT
Ardmair, SCT
Ardmhor, SCT
Ardmore, SCT
Ardnakille, SCT
Ardnamonie, SCT
Ardnarff, SCT
Ardoe, SCT
Ardpatrick, SCT
Ardrishaig, SCT
Ardroil, SCT
Ardross, SCT
Ardrossan, SCT
Ardslave, SCT
Ardtoe, SCT
Arduaine, SCT
Ardvannie, SCT
Ardvasar, SCT
Ardveenish, SCT
Ardvourlie, SCT
Ardwell, SCT
Argaty, SCT
Arinagour, SCT
Arisaig, SCT
Arivegaig, SCT
Arivruaich, SCT
Armadale, SCT
Arncroach, SCT
Arnisdale, SCT
Arnol, SCT
Arnprior, SCT
Aros, SCT
Arradoul, SCT
Arrina, SCT
Arrochar, SCT
Arthrath, SCT
Ascog, SCT
Ashfield, SCT
Ashgill, SCT
Ashkirk, SCT
Askernish, SCT
Athelstaneford, SCT
Auchaleek, SCT
Auchattie, SCT
Auchenblae, SCT
Auchenbowie, SCT
Auchencairn, SCT
Auchencrow, SCT
Auchendinny, SCT
Auchengate, SCT
Auchenheath, SCT
Auchincruive, SCT
Auchindoun, SCT
Auchinlay, SCT
Auchinleck, SCT
Auchleuchries, SCT
Auchleven, SCT
Auchmacoy, SCT
Auchmithie, SCT
Auchmore, SCT
Auchnagatt, SCT
Auchnarrow, SCT
Auchterarder, SCT
Auchterawe, SCT
Auchterforfar, SCT
Auchterhouse, SCT
Auchterless, SCT
Auchtermuchty, SCT
Auchtertool, SCT
Auchtubh, SCT
Auckengill, SCT
Auldearn, SCT
Auldgirth, SCT
Aultbea, SCT
Auskerry, SCT
Aviemore, SCT
Avoch, SCT
Avochie, SCT
Avonbridge, SCT
Ayr, SCT
Ayr Central, SCT
Ayton, SCT
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Back, SCT
Back of the Hill, SCT
Backdamgate, SCT
Backmuir of Liff, SCT
Badachro, SCT
Baillieston, SCT
Bainsford, SCT
Bainshole, SCT
Baintown, SCT
Balado, SCT
Balallan, SCT
Balbeggie, SCT
Balblair, SCT
Balcurvie, SCT
Baldovie, SCT
Baleloch, SCT
Balemartin, SCT
Balemartine, SCT
Balemore, SCT
Balephetrish, SCT
Balephuil, SCT
Balerno, SCT
Baleshare, SCT
Balevullin, SCT
Balfarg, SCT
Balfour, SCT
Balfron, SCT
Balfron Station, SCT
Balgarva, SCT
Balgavies, SCT
Balinoe, SCT
Balintore, SCT
Balivanich, SCT
Ballachulish, SCT
Ballantrae, SCT
Ballantrushal, SCT
Ballater, SCT
Ballindalloch, SCT
Ballingry, SCT
Ballinluig, SCT
Ballinshoe, SCT
Ballintuim, SCT
Balloch, SCT
Ballogie, SCT
Ballumbie, SCT
Ballygrant, SCT
Ballyoukan, SCT
Balmacara, SCT
Balmaclellan, SCT
Balmaghie, SCT
Balmaha, SCT
Balmalcolm, SCT
Balmaqueen, SCT
Balmedie, SCT
Balmerino, SCT
Balmirmer, SCT
Balmoral, SCT
Balmullo, SCT
Balnabodach, SCT
Balnagown, SCT
Balnaguard, SCT
Balquhidder, SCT
Balquhidder Station, SCT
Balranald, SCT
Balvicar, SCT
Banavie, SCT
Banchory, SCT
Banchory Devenick, SCT
Bandley, SCT
Banff, SCT
Bankend, SCT
Bankfoot, SCT
Banknock, SCT
Bankshill, SCT
Bannockburn, SCT
Barbaraville, SCT
Barbreck, SCT
Barcaldine, SCT
Bargrennan, SCT
Barnbarroch, SCT
Barns of Claverhouse, SCT
Barns of Wedderburn, SCT
Barnyards, SCT
Barr, SCT
Barrapoll, SCT
Barrhead, SCT
Barrhill, SCT
Barrmill, SCT
Barrock, SCT
Barry, SCT
Barthol Chapel, SCT
Barvas, SCT
Barvennan, SCT
Bathgate, SCT
Battlehill, SCT
Baugh, SCT
Bayhead, SCT
Bayherivagh, SCT
Bearsden, SCT
Beattock, SCT
Beauly, SCT
Beckrivig, SCT
Bedersaig, SCT
Beeswing, SCT
Beith, SCT
Beley Bridge, SCT
Belhaven, SCT
Belhelvie, SCT
Bellanoch, SCT
Bellochantuy, SCT
Bellshill, SCT
Bellsquarry, SCT
Benbecula, SCT
Benderloch, SCT
Benholm, SCT
Benmore, SCT
Bentangaval, SCT
Bentpath, SCT
Bernera, SCT
Berneray, SCT
Berriedale, SCT
Bettyhill, SCT
Bieldside, SCT
Big Sand, SCT
Biggar, SCT
Bigton, SCT
Bilbster, SCT
Bilston, SCT
Birgham, SCT
Birkenshaw, SCT
Birkhall, SCT
Birkhill, SCT
Birnam, SCT
Birnie, SCT
Birsay, SCT
Birse, SCT
Bishopbriggs, SCT
Bishopmill, SCT
Bishopton, SCT
Bixter, SCT
Blackburn, SCT
Blackcraig, SCT
Blackerne, SCT
Blackford, SCT
Blackhall, SCT
Blackhills, SCT
Blacklunans, SCT
Blackness, SCT
Blackpark, SCT
Blackridge, SCT
Blacksboat, SCT
Blackshiels, SCT
Blackwaterfoot, SCT
Blaich, SCT
Blainslie, SCT
Blair Atholl, SCT
Blairadam, SCT
Blairdaff, SCT
Blairdrummond, SCT
Blairforge, SCT
Blairgowrie, SCT
Blairhall, SCT
Blairingone, SCT
Blairlogie, SCT
Blairmore, SCT
Blairs, SCT
Blanefield, SCT
Blantyre, SCT
Blashaval, SCT
Blebo Craigs, SCT
Blyth Bridge, SCT
Bo'ness, SCT
Boarhills, SCT
Boat of Garten, SCT
Boddam, SCT
Bogach, SCT
Bogindollo, SCT
Bogroy, SCT
Bogside, SCT
Boltachan, SCT
Bonar Bridge, SCT
Bonawe, SCT
Bonchester Bridge, SCT
Bonhill, SCT
Bonnybank, SCT
Bonnybridge, SCT
Bonnykelly, SCT
Bonnyrigg, SCT
Boquhan, SCT
Boreland, SCT
Borgue, SCT
Bornish, SCT
Borrisdale, SCT
Borrowfield, SCT
Borrowston, SCT
Borsam, SCT
Borve, SCT
Bothkennar, SCT
Bothwell, SCT
Botriphnie, SCT
Bourtreehill North, SCT
Bourtreehill South, SCT
Bow of Fife, SCT
Bowden, SCT
Bower, SCT
Bowglass, SCT
Bowhill, SCT
Bowling, SCT
Bowmore, SCT
Bowriefauld, SCT
Boyndie, SCT
Boyndlie, SCT
Braco, SCT
Brae, SCT
Braemar, SCT
Braemore, SCT
Bragar, SCT
Braidwood, SCT
Branahuie, SCT
Brasswell, SCT
Breakish, SCT
Breanish, SCT
Breasclete, SCT
Brechin, SCT
Brecklet, SCT
Breich, SCT
Bressay, SCT
Brettabister, SCT
Brevig, SCT
Bridge End, SCT
Bridge of Alford, SCT
Bridge of Allan, SCT
Bridge of Cally, SCT
Bridge of Canny, SCT
Bridge of Dee, SCT
Bridge of Don, SCT
Bridge of Earn, SCT
Bridge of Gairn, SCT
Bridge of Marnoch, SCT
Bridge of Muchalls, SCT
Bridge of Orchy, SCT
Bridge of Tilt, SCT
Bridge of Urr, SCT
Bridge of Walls, SCT
Bridge of Weir, SCT
Bridgefoot, SCT
Bridgend, SCT
Brig O'turk, SCT
Brightons, SCT
Brighty, SCT
Broadford, SCT
Broallan, SCT
Brodick, SCT
Brodie, SCT
Broker, SCT
Brookfield, SCT
Broomlands, SCT
Brora, SCT
Brough, SCT
Broughton, SCT
Broughty Ferry, SCT
Broxburn, SCT
Brucklay, SCT
Brue, SCT
Bruernish, SCT
Bruichdhu, SCT
Bruichladdich, SCT
Brunton, SCT
Brydekirk, SCT
Bualadubh, SCT
Buchanhaven, SCT
Buchany, SCT
Buchlyvie, SCT
Buckhaven, SCT
Buckie, SCT
Buckpool, SCT
Bucksburn, SCT
Bunachton, SCT
Bunanuisg, SCT
Bunavoneader, SCT
Bunchrew, SCT
Bunessan, SCT
Bunnahabhain, SCT
Burghead, SCT
Burnhaven, SCT
Burnhervie, SCT
Burnhouse, SCT
Burnmouth, SCT
Burnside, SCT
Burray, SCT
Burrelton, SCT
Butterstone, SCT
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Cabrach, SCT
Cadboll Wood, SCT
Cadham, SCT
Caerlaverock, SCT
Caigenhouse, SCT
Cairnbaan, SCT
Cairnbulg, SCT
Cairndow, SCT
Cairness, SCT
Cairneyhill, SCT
Cairnie, SCT
Cairnryan, SCT
Cairston, SCT
Calbost, SCT
Calcots, SCT
Calderbank, SCT
Caldercruix, SCT
California, SCT
Callander, SCT
Callanish, SCT
Callendar Park, SCT
Calvine, SCT
Camaghael, SCT
Camas Inas, SCT
Cambus, SCT
Cambus O'may, SCT
Cambusbarron, SCT
Cambuslang, SCT
Cambusmore, SCT
Camelon, SCT
Cameron, SCT
Cameron Bridge, SCT
Cammachmore, SCT
Campbeltown, SCT
Cample, SCT
Campsie Glen, SCT
Camserney, SCT
Camusluinie, SCT
Camustianavaig, SCT
Canisbay, SCT
Cannich, SCT
Canonbie, SCT
Cantsdam, SCT
Canty Bay, SCT
Caol, SCT
Caolila, SCT
Caolis, SCT
Caprington, SCT
Caputh, SCT
Carberry, SCT
Carbost, SCT
Cardenden, SCT
Cardrona, SCT
Cardross, SCT
Careston, SCT
Carfin, SCT
Cargenbridge, SCT
Cargill, SCT
Carinish, SCT
Carishader, SCT
Carlops, SCT
Carloway, SCT
Carluke, SCT
Carmichael, SCT
Carmyle, SCT
Carmyllie, SCT
Carnbee, SCT
Carnbo, SCT
Carnish, SCT
Carnock, SCT
Carnousie, SCT
Carnoustie, SCT
Carnwath, SCT
Carradale, SCT
Carradale East, SCT
Carrbridge, SCT
Carriden, SCT
Carrigreich, SCT
Carrington, SCT
Carroch, SCT
Carron, SCT
Carronbridge, SCT
Carronshore, SCT
Carrutherstown, SCT
Carse, SCT
Carsethorn, SCT
Carsie, SCT
Carsluith, SCT
Carsphairn, SCT
Carstairs, SCT
Carstairs Junction, SCT
Cartland, SCT
Carty, SCT
Castle Douglas, SCT
Castle Fraser, SCT
Castle Kennedy, SCT
Castlebay, SCT
Castlecary, SCT
Castlehead, SCT
Castlemilk, SCT
Castlepark, SCT
Castleton, SCT
Castletown, SCT
Catrine, SCT
Catterline, SCT
Causewayhead, SCT
Caversta, SCT
Caw, SCT
Cawdor, SCT
Cellardyke, SCT
Ceres, SCT
Challoch, SCT
Chance Inn, SCT
Chapel, SCT
Chapel of Garioch, SCT
Chapelhall, SCT
Chapelknowe, SCT
Chapelton, SCT
Chapeltown, SCT
Charleston, SCT
Charlestown, SCT
Charlottetown, SCT
Chartershall, SCT
Cheesebay, SCT
Chesters, SCT
Chirnside, SCT
Chryston, SCT
Clachaig, SCT
Clachan, SCT
Clachan Sands, SCT
Clachan Seil, SCT
Clachnaharry, SCT
Clackmannan, SCT
Claddach Baleshare, SCT
Claddach Carinish, SCT
Claddach Illeray, SCT
Claddach Kirkibost, SCT
Claddach Kyles, SCT
Claddach Vallay, SCT
Cladich, SCT
Clarebrand, SCT
Claredon, SCT
Clarencefield, SCT
Clarkston, SCT
Clashmore, SCT
Clatt, SCT
Claverhouse Industrial Park, SCT
Claygate, SCT
Clayton, SCT
Cleghorn, SCT
Cleish, SCT
Cleland, SCT
Clentry, SCT
Cliasmol, SCT
Cliff, SCT
Clochan, SCT
Clocksbriggs, SCT
Clola, SCT
Closeburn, SCT
Clovenfords, SCT
Cluer, SCT
Clunas, SCT
Clunie, SCT
Cluny, SCT
Cluny Castle, SCT
Clydebank, SCT
Clynder, SCT
Coalburn, SCT
Coaledge, SCT
Coalhall, SCT
Coalsnaughton, SCT
Coaltown, SCT
Coaltown of Burnturk, SCT
Coaltown of Wemyss, SCT
Coatbridge, SCT
Cobairdy, SCT
Cockburnspath, SCT
Cockenzie, SCT
Coldingham, SCT
Coldstream, SCT
Colfin, SCT
Colinsburgh, SCT
Coll, SCT
Collace, SCT
Collessie, SCT
Collieston, SCT
Collin, SCT
Colliston, SCT
Colmonell, SCT
Colpy, SCT
Colvend, SCT
Comrie, SCT
Conicavel, SCT
Conista, SCT
Connel, SCT
Conon Bridge, SCT
Contin, SCT
Corehouse, SCT
Corgarff, SCT
Cormiston, SCT
Cornaigbeg, SCT
Cornaigmore, SCT
Cornhill, SCT
Corpach, SCT
Corrie, SCT
Corriegills, SCT
Corrour, SCT
Corse, SCT
Corsock, SCT
Cortachy, SCT
Coull, SCT
Coulter, SCT
Coupar Angus, SCT
Courance, SCT
Cousland, SCT
Cove, SCT
Cove Bay, SCT
Cowdenbeath, SCT
Cowie, SCT
Cowie Park, SCT
Cowstrandburn, SCT
Coylton, SCT
Cradlehall, SCT
Craggan, SCT
Craichie, SCT
Craig, SCT
Craig Dunain, SCT
Craigellachie, SCT
Craigend, SCT
Craigenquarroch, SCT
Craigesk, SCT
Craigforth, SCT
Craighouse, SCT
Craigie, SCT
Craigiehall, SCT
Craigievar, SCT
Craigmill, SCT
Craignish, SCT
Craignure, SCT
Craigo, SCT
Craigrothie, SCT
Craigston, SCT
Craigstrome, SCT
Craigton, SCT
Crail, SCT
Craobh Haven, SCT
Crarae Furnace, SCT
Crathes, SCT
Crathie, SCT
Crawford, SCT
Crawfordjohn, SCT
Crawick, SCT
Creagorry, SCT
Creca, SCT
Creebridge, SCT
Creetown, SCT
Crianlarich, SCT
Crieff, SCT
Crimond, SCT
Crinan, SCT
Croachy, SCT
Crocketford, SCT
Croftamie, SCT
Croftinloan, SCT
Croggan, SCT
Croir, SCT
Cromarty, SCT
Crombie, SCT
Cromdale, SCT
Cromlix, SCT
Cromore, SCT
Cronberry, SCT
Crook of Devon, SCT
Crookedholm, SCT
Cross, SCT
Crossapol, SCT
Crossbost, SCT
Crossford, SCT
Crossgates, SCT
Crosshill, SCT
Crosshouse, SCT
Crosslee, SCT
Crossmichael, SCT
Crossroads, SCT
Crowlista, SCT
Croy, SCT
Cruden Bay, SCT
Crudie, SCT
Crulivig, SCT
Cuan Ferry, SCT
Cuddy Point, SCT
Culbokie, SCT
Culduthel, SCT
Cullen, SCT
Cullerlie, SCT
Cullipool, SCT
Culloden, SCT
Culloden Moor, SCT
Culnacnock, SCT
Culrain, SCT
Culross, SCT
Culsalmond, SCT
Cults, SCT
Culzean, SCT
Cumbernauld, SCT
Cuminestown, SCT
Cummertrees, SCT
Cumnock, SCT
Cunninghamhead, SCT
Cunningsburgh, SCT
Cupar, SCT
Cupar Muir, SCT
Currie, SCT
Cushnie, SCT
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Dailly, SCT
Dairsie, SCT
Dalavich, SCT
Dalbeattie, SCT
Dalbeg, SCT
Dalchalm, SCT
Dalcross, SCT
Dalgety Bay, SCT
Dalguise, SCT
Daliburgh, SCT
Dalintober, SCT
Dalkeith, SCT
Dallas, SCT
Dalmally, SCT
Dalmellington, SCT
Dalmeny, SCT
Dalmore, SCT
Dalmuir, SCT
Dalnaspidal, SCT
Dalry, SCT
Dalrymple, SCT
Dalserf, SCT
Dalshian, SCT
Dalswinton, SCT
Dalswinton Village, SCT
Dalton, SCT
Dalwhinnie, SCT
Danderhall, SCT
Danestone, SCT
Darnaway, SCT
Darnick, SCT
Darvel, SCT
Davidsons Mains, SCT
Davidston, SCT
Daviot, SCT
Deans, SCT
Deanston, SCT
Dechmont, SCT
Deerness, SCT
Deiraclete, SCT
Delgaty, SCT
Delmore, SCT
Delny, SCT
Den of Lindores, SCT
Denhead, SCT
Denholm, SCT
Denny, SCT
Dennyloanhead, SCT
Deskford, SCT
Dess, SCT
Devonside, SCT
Dewartown, SCT
Dingwall, SCT
Dinnet, SCT
Dippen, SCT
Dirleton, SCT
Dochfour, SCT
Dochgarroch, SCT
Dollar, SCT
Dollarfield, SCT
Dolphinton, SCT
Donavourd, SCT
Donibristle, SCT
Doonfoot, SCT
Dores, SCT
Dornie, SCT
Dornoch, SCT
Dornock, SCT
Douglas, SCT
Douglas Hall, SCT
Douglas Water, SCT
Douglas West, SCT
Douglastown, SCT
Dounby, SCT
Doune, SCT
Dounreay, SCT
Dreghorn, SCT
Drem, SCT
Drimarben, SCT
Drimisdale, SCT
Drinishader, SCT
Drip Bridge, SCT
Drongan, SCT
Dronley, SCT
Drum, SCT
Drumbeg, SCT
Drumblade, SCT
Drumbuie, SCT
Drumchapel, SCT
Drumclog, SCT
Drumclune, SCT
Drumlemble, SCT
Drumlithie, SCT
Drummore, SCT
Drummuir, SCT
Drumnadrochit, SCT
Drumoak, SCT
Drumore, SCT
Drumsleet, SCT
Drumuie, SCT
Drumvaich, SCT
Drumwhindle, SCT
Drybridge, SCT
Dryfeholm, SCT
Drymen, SCT
Dufftown, SCT
Duffus, SCT
Duirinish, SCT
Dullatur, SCT
Dulnain Bridge, SCT
Dumbarton, SCT
Dumfries, SCT
Dumgoyne, SCT
Dumpston, SCT
Dunach, SCT
Dunalastair, SCT
Dunbar, SCT
Dunbeath, SCT
Dunbeg, SCT
Dunblane, SCT
Duncanston, SCT
Duncanstone, SCT
Duncow, SCT
Dundee, SCT
Dundee Technology Park, SCT
Dundonald, SCT
Dundonnell, SCT
Dundrennan, SCT
Dunduff, SCT
Dunecht, SCT
Dunfermline, SCT
Dunganachy, SCT
Dungavel, SCT
Dunino, SCT
Dunkeld, SCT
Dunlop, SCT
Dunlugas, SCT
Dunmaglass, SCT
Dunmore, SCT
Dunnet, SCT
Dunnikier Park, SCT
Dunning, SCT
Dunning Glen, SCT
Dunoon, SCT
Dunphail, SCT
Dunragit, SCT
Dunrobin, SCT
Dunrossness, SCT
Duns, SCT
Dunscore, SCT
Dunshalt, SCT
Duntocher, SCT
Duntrune, SCT
Dunure, SCT
Dunvegan, SCT
Dura Den, SCT
Durisdeer, SCT
Durisdeer Mill, SCT
Durness, SCT
Durno, SCT
Duror, SCT
Durris, SCT
Dyce, SCT
Dyke, SCT
Dysart, SCT
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Eaglesfield, SCT
Eaglesham, SCT
Eagleton, SCT
Earlish, SCT
Earlsferry, SCT
Earlston, SCT
Earsary, SCT
Earshader, SCT
Easdale, SCT
Easdale Island, SCT
Eassie, SCT
East Calder, SCT
East Cluden Village, SCT
East Clyne, SCT
East Fortune, SCT
East Gerinish, SCT
East Haugh, SCT
East Kilbride, SCT
East Kinwhirrie, SCT
East Linton, SCT
East Sands, SCT
East Tarbert, SCT
East Wemyss, SCT
East Whitburn, SCT
East Yell, SCT
Easter Balgedie, SCT
Easter Howgate, SCT
Easter Sheardale, SCT
Easthaven, SCT
Easthouses, SCT
Eastriggs, SCT
Ecclefechan, SCT
Eccles, SCT
Ecclesmachan, SCT
Echt, SCT
Eday, SCT
Edderton, SCT
Eddleston, SCT
Edenside, SCT
Edentown, SCT
Edinbane, SCT
Edinburgh, SCT
Edinchip, SCT
Edingham, SCT
Ednam, SCT
Edzell, SCT
Egilsay, SCT
Eilanreach, SCT
Eildon, SCT
Eilean Ban, SCT
Eilean Shona, SCT
Eilean-Anabuich, SCT
Eishken, SCT
Elderslie, SCT
Elgin, SCT
Elgol, SCT
Elie, SCT
Eliock, SCT
Elliot, SCT
Ellon, SCT
Elphin, SCT
Elphinstone, SCT
Elrick, SCT
Elrig, SCT
Elsrickle, SCT
Elvanfoot, SCT
Embo, SCT
Emerivale, SCT
Eneclate, SCT
Enochdhu, SCT
Enterkinfoot, SCT
Enzie, SCT
Eochar, SCT
Eoligarry, SCT
Eorodale, SCT
Eoropie, SCT
Eredine, SCT
Eriskay, SCT
Errogie, SCT
Errol, SCT
Erskine, SCT
Erskine Hospital, SCT
Ervie, SCT
Eshaness, SCT
Eskdalemuir, SCT
Esslemont, SCT
Ettrickbridge, SCT
Evanton, SCT
Evelix, SCT
Evertown, SCT
Evie, SCT
Eyemouth, SCT
Eyre, SCT
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Fair Isle, SCT
Fairburn, SCT
Fairlie, SCT
Fala Dam, SCT
Fala Village, SCT
Falkirk, SCT
Falkland, SCT
Fallin, SCT
Fanagmore, SCT
Fankerton, SCT
Farnell, SCT
Farr, SCT
Faslane, SCT
Fasnacloich, SCT
Faucheldean, SCT
Fauldhouse, SCT
Fearn, SCT
Fearnan, SCT
Fendom, SCT
Fenwick, SCT
Fern, SCT
Ferness, SCT
Ferniegair, SCT
Ferryden, SCT
Feshie Bridge, SCT
Fetlar, SCT
Fetterangus, SCT
Fettercairn, SCT
Fetteresso, SCT
Fetternear, SCT
Finavon, SCT
Fincastle, SCT
Findhorn, SCT
Findochty, SCT
Finsbay, SCT
Finstown, SCT
Fintray, SCT
Fintry, SCT
Finzean, SCT
Fionnphort, SCT
Fishcross, SCT
Fisherford, SCT
Fisherie, SCT
Fisherton, SCT
Flesherin, SCT
Flichity, SCT
Flodabay, SCT
Flodigarry, SCT
Flotta, SCT
Fochabers, SCT
Fogwatt, SCT
Foindle, SCT
Folda, SCT
Foodieash, SCT
Forbes, SCT
Ford, SCT
Fordell, SCT
Fordoun, SCT
Fordyce, SCT
Forestmill, SCT
Forfar, SCT
Forgandenny, SCT
Forglen, SCT
Forgue, SCT
Forneth, SCT
Forres, SCT
Forsinard, SCT
Forss, SCT
Fort Augustus, SCT
Fort George, SCT
Fort William, SCT
Forteviot, SCT
Forth, SCT
Fortingall, SCT
Fortrie, SCT
Fossoway, SCT
Foula, SCT
Foulden, SCT
Fountainhall, SCT
Foveran, SCT
Fowlis, SCT
Fowlis Easter, SCT
Fowlis Wester, SCT
Foyers, SCT
Fraserburgh, SCT
Freswick, SCT
Freuchie, SCT
Friockheim, SCT
Frobost, SCT
Fruix, SCT
Furnace, SCT
Fyvie, SCT
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Gagie, SCT
Gairloch, SCT
Gairlochy, SCT
Gairney Bank, SCT
Galashiels, SCT
Gamrie, SCT
Gardenstown, SCT
Garderhouse, SCT
Garelochhead, SCT
Garenin, SCT
Gargunnock, SCT
Garguston, SCT
Garlieston, SCT
Garmond, SCT
Garmouth, SCT
Garrabost, SCT
Garrygall, SCT
Garryheillie, SCT
Garrynamonie, SCT
Gartcosh, SCT
Gartly, SCT
Gartmore, SCT
Gartnatra, SCT
Gartocharn, SCT
Gartymore, SCT
Garvald, SCT
Garve, SCT
Garynahine, SCT
Garyvard, SCT
Gasstown, SCT
Gatehead, SCT
Gatehouse of Fleet, SCT
Gatelawbridge, SCT
Gateside, SCT
Gattonside, SCT
Gauldry, SCT
Gavinton, SCT
Geanies, SCT
Gellyhill, SCT
Gelston, SCT
Geocrab, SCT
Georgetown, SCT
Geshader, SCT
Giffnock, SCT
Gifford, SCT
Giffordtown, SCT
Gight, SCT
Gillock, SCT
Gilmerton, SCT
Girdle Toll, SCT
Girlsta, SCT
Girvan, SCT
Gisla, SCT
Gladsmuir, SCT
Glaik, SCT
Glamis, SCT
Glasgow, SCT
Glasgow East, SCT
Glasgow Prestwick, SCT
Glass, SCT
Glassard, SCT
Glassel, SCT
Glassford, SCT
Glassingall, SCT
Glen, SCT
Glen Caladh, SCT
Glen Kyles, SCT
Glen Massan, SCT
Glen Morangie, SCT
Glen Nevis, SCT
Glen Tanar, SCT
Glen Village, SCT
Glenachulish, SCT
Glenallachie, SCT
Glenalmond, SCT
Glenbarr, SCT
Glenbervie, SCT
Glenboig, SCT
Glenborrodale, SCT
Glenbuchat, SCT
Glenbuck, SCT
Glencaple, SCT
Glencarse, SCT
Glenclova, SCT
Glencoe, SCT
Glencraig, SCT
Glencraigs, SCT
Glencruitten, SCT
Glendale, SCT
Glendaruel, SCT
Glendaveny, SCT
Glendevon, SCT
Gleneagles Village, SCT
Glenegedale, SCT
Glenelg, SCT
Glenesk, SCT
Glenetive, SCT
Glenfarg, SCT
Glenferness, SCT
Glenfinnan, SCT
Glengarnock, SCT
Glengolly, SCT
Glenhinnisdal, SCT
Glenisla, SCT
Glenkindie, SCT
Glenlivet, SCT
Glenlochar, SCT
Glenlochay, SCT
Glenlomond, SCT
Glenlonan, SCT
Glenluce, SCT
Glenlyon, SCT
Glenmavis, SCT
Glenmore, SCT
Glenmoriston, SCT
Glenmoy, SCT
Glenmuick, SCT
Glenochil Village, SCT
Glenogil, SCT
Glenogilvy, SCT
Glenogle, SCT
Glenprosen, SCT
Glenquiech, SCT
Glenramskill, SCT
Glenrinnes, SCT
Glenrothes, SCT
Glens of Foudland, SCT
Glensburgh, SCT
Glenshee, SCT
Glenshiel, SCT
Glentrool, SCT
Glenuig, SCT
Glespin, SCT
Gollanfield, SCT
Golspie, SCT
Gordonstown, SCT
Gorebridge, SCT
Gorstan, SCT
Gorthleck, SCT
Gott, SCT
Gourdon, SCT
Gourock, SCT
Govig, SCT
Gowanbank, SCT
Gowkhall, SCT
Gowkshill, SCT
Graemsay, SCT
Gramsdale, SCT
Grandholm, SCT
Grandtully, SCT
Grange, SCT
Grange of Lindores, SCT
Grangemouth, SCT
Grantown-on-Spey, SCT
Grantshouse, SCT
Gravir, SCT
Grean, SCT
Greengairs, SCT
Greenhill, SCT
Greenlaw, SCT
Greenloaning, SCT
Greenock, SCT
Greens, SCT
Grenitote, SCT
Gress, SCT
Gretna, SCT
Gretna Green, SCT
Gribun, SCT
Grimbister, SCT
Grimersta, SCT
Griminish, SCT
Grimsay, SCT
Grimsay Island, SCT
Grimshader, SCT
Grogarry, SCT
Grosebay, SCT
Gruinart, SCT
Gruline, SCT
Guardbridge, SCT
Guershader, SCT
Guildtown, SCT
Gulberwick, SCT
Gullane, SCT
Guthrie, SCT
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Hacklete, SCT
Hacklett, SCT
Haddington, SCT
Haggs, SCT
Halbeath, SCT
Halfpennyburn, SCT
Halkirk, SCT
Halleaths, SCT
Hallin, SCT
Hamar, SCT
Hamilton, SCT
Hamnavoe, SCT
Hardgate, SCT
Harelaw, SCT
Hareshaw, SCT
Harray, SCT
Harthill, SCT
Hartmount Holdings, SCT
Hartwood, SCT
Haster, SCT
Hatston, SCT
Hatton, SCT
Haugh, SCT
Haugh of Urr, SCT
Hawick, SCT
Hazelbank, SCT
Heanish, SCT
Heathhall, SCT
Heck, SCT
Heiton, SCT
Helensburgh, SCT
Helensfield, SCT
Helmsdale, SCT
Heriot, SCT
Hermiston, SCT
Heylipol, SCT
Heylor, SCT
High Bonnybridge, SCT
High Borve, SCT
High Valleyfield, SCT
Hightae, SCT
Hill of Beath, SCT
Hillend, SCT
Hillhead, SCT
Hillington Park, SCT
Hillside, SCT
Hillswick, SCT
Hilton, SCT
Hoddom, SCT
Hoebeg, SCT
Hollybush, SCT
Holm, SCT
Holmar, SCT
Holytown, SCT
Holywood, SCT
Hopeman, SCT
Horgabost, SCT
Horndean, SCT
Horsaclete, SCT
Horve, SCT
Hosta, SCT
Hough, SCT
Hougharry, SCT
Houston, SCT
Howbeg, SCT
Howes, SCT
Howgate, SCT
Howmore, SCT
Howwood, SCT
Hoy, SCT
Humbie, SCT
Hume, SCT
Huna, SCT
Hunters Quay, SCT
Huntingtowerfield, SCT
Huntly, SCT
Hurlford, SCT
Hushinish, SCT
Hutton, SCT
Hynish, SCT
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Idvies, SCT
Inchbare, SCT
Inchinnan, SCT
Inchmarlo, SCT
Inchture, SCT
Inglewood, SCT
Inglismaldie, SCT
Ingliston, SCT
Innellan, SCT
Innerleith, SCT
Innerleithen, SCT
Innermessan, SCT
Innerwick, SCT
Insch, SCT
Insh, SCT
Inshes, SCT
Inshes Wood, SCT
Inver, SCT
Inverallochy, SCT
Inveran, SCT
Inveraray, SCT
Inverarity, SCT
Inverarnie, SCT
Inverawe, SCT
Inverbervie, SCT
Inverboyndie, SCT
Invereighty, SCT
Inveresk, SCT
Inverfarigaig, SCT
Invergarry, SCT
Invergordon, SCT
Invergowrie, SCT
Inverinan, SCT
Inverinate, SCT
Inverkeilor, SCT
Inverkeithing, SCT
Inverkeithny, SCT
Inverkip, SCT
Inverlochy, SCT
Inverlussa, SCT
Invermoriston, SCT
Inverness, SCT
Invershin, SCT
Inversnaid, SCT
Invertrossachs, SCT
Inverugie, SCT
Inverurie, SCT
Irongray, SCT
Irvine, SCT
Island Flodda, SCT
Isle of Arran, SCT
Isle of Benbecula, SCT
Isle of Bute, SCT
Isle of Canna, SCT
Isle of Coll, SCT
Isle of Colonsay, SCT
Isle of Eigg, SCT
Isle of Gigha, SCT
Isle of Harris, SCT
Isle of Iona, SCT
Isle of Islay, SCT
Isle of Lewis, SCT
Isle of Muck, SCT
Isle of North Uist, SCT
Isle of Raasay, SCT
Isle of Rum, SCT
Isle of Skye, SCT
Isle of South Uist, SCT
Isle of Whithorn, SCT
Isle Ornsay, SCT
Islesteps, SCT
Islivig, SCT
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Jamestown, SCT
Janetstown, SCT
Jedburgh, SCT
Jemimaville, SCT
John O' Groats, SCT
Johnshaven, SCT
Johnstone, SCT
Johnstonebridge, SCT
Juniper Green, SCT
Justinhaugh, SCT
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Kames, SCT
Keig, SCT
Keills, SCT
Keir, SCT
Keir Mill, SCT
Keiss, SCT
Keith, SCT
Keith Hall, SCT
Kelhead, SCT
Kellas, SCT
Kelloholm, SCT
Kelso, SCT
Keltie Bridge, SCT
Keltneyburn, SCT
Kelton, SCT
Kelty, SCT
Kemback, SCT
Kemnay, SCT
Kendebig, SCT
Kenmore, SCT
Kennet, SCT
Kennethmont, SCT
Kennoway, SCT
Kenovay, SCT
Kensaleyre, SCT
Kentallen, SCT
Kentangaval, SCT
Kentra, SCT
Keose, SCT
Keose Glebe, SCT
Kerrera, SCT
Kersemill, SCT
Kershader, SCT
Kettins, SCT
Kettlebridge, SCT
Kettlehill, SCT
Kettleholm, SCT
Kilaulay, SCT
Kilbagie, SCT
Kilbarchan, SCT
Kilberry, SCT
Kilbirnie, SCT
Kilbryde, SCT
Kilbucho, SCT
Kilchattan Bay, SCT
Kilchoan, SCT
Kilchoman, SCT
Kilchrenan, SCT
Kilconquhar, SCT
Kilcreggan, SCT
Kildalton, SCT
Kildary, SCT
Kildonan, SCT
Kildrochat, SCT
Kildrummy, SCT
Kilerivagh, SCT
Kilfinan, SCT
Kilkenneth, SCT
Kilkenzie, SCT
Kilkerran, SCT
Killearn, SCT
Killen, SCT
Killiecrankie, SCT
Killilan, SCT
Killin, SCT
Kilmacolm, SCT
Kilmahog, SCT
Kilmaluag, SCT
Kilmaluaig, SCT
Kilmany, SCT
Kilmarnock, SCT
Kilmartin, SCT
Kilmaurs, SCT
Kilmelford, SCT
Kilmichael Glassary, SCT
Kilmorack, SCT
Kilmore, SCT
Kilmory, SCT
Kilmuir, SCT
Kilmun, SCT
Kilncadzow, SCT
Kilninver, SCT
Kilpheder, SCT
Kilquhanity, SCT
Kilrenny, SCT
Kilry, SCT
Kilsyth, SCT
Kiltarlity, SCT
Kilwhipnach, SCT
Kilwinning, SCT
Kinbrace, SCT
Kinbuck, SCT
Kincaldrum, SCT
Kincaple, SCT
Kincardine, SCT
Kincardine O'neil, SCT
Kincraig, SCT
Kindallachan, SCT
Kinellar, SCT
Kinfauns, SCT
King Edward, SCT
King's Cross, SCT
Kingarth, SCT
Kingholm Quay, SCT
Kinghorn, SCT
Kinglassie, SCT
Kingoldrum, SCT
Kingsbarns, SCT
Kingseat, SCT
Kingskettle, SCT
Kingsmuir, SCT
Kingston, SCT
Kingswells, SCT
Kingussie, SCT
Kinharrachie, SCT
Kininmonth, SCT
Kinkell, SCT
Kinloch, SCT
Kinloch Laggan, SCT
Kinloch Rannoch, SCT
Kinlochard, SCT
Kinlochbervie, SCT
Kinlocheil, SCT
Kinlochewe, SCT
Kinlochleven, SCT
Kinlochmoidart, SCT
Kinlochroag, SCT
Kinloss, SCT
Kinmuck, SCT
Kinnaird, SCT
Kinneff, SCT
Kinnell, SCT
Kinnermit, SCT
Kinnesswood, SCT
Kinnettles, SCT
Kinnoir, SCT
Kinnordy, SCT
Kinross, SCT
Kinrossie, SCT
Kintessack, SCT
Kintore, SCT
Kintulavig, SCT
Kippen, SCT
Kippenross, SCT
Kippford, SCT
Kirk, SCT
Kirk Yetholm, SCT
Kirkapol, SCT
Kirkbean, SCT
Kirkbuddo, SCT
Kirkcaldy, SCT
Kirkcolm, SCT
Kirkconnel, SCT
Kirkcowan, SCT
Kirkcudbright, SCT
Kirkfieldbank, SCT
Kirkgunzeon, SCT
Kirkhill, SCT
Kirkibost, SCT
Kirkinner, SCT
Kirkintilloch, SCT
Kirkliston, SCT
Kirkmahoe, SCT
Kirkmichael, SCT
Kirkmuirhill, SCT
Kirknewton, SCT
Kirkoswald, SCT
Kirkpatrick, SCT
Kirkpatrick Durham, SCT
Kirkpatrick Fleming, SCT
Kirkton, SCT
Kirkton of Balmerino, SCT
Kirkton of Bourtie, SCT
Kirkton of Durris, SCT
Kirkton of Logie Buchan, SCT
Kirkton of Rayne, SCT
Kirkton of Skene, SCT
Kirkton of Tough, SCT
Kirkwall, SCT
Kirkwall Aerodrome, SCT
Kirn, SCT
Kirriemuir, SCT
Kirtlebridge, SCT
Kirvick, SCT
Kishorn, SCT
Kneep, SCT
Knipoch, SCT
Knock, SCT
Knockaird, SCT
Knockally, SCT
Knockando, SCT
Knockbain, SCT
Knockentiber, SCT
Knockfarrel, SCT
Knockintorran, SCT
Knockline, SCT
Knockquien, SCT
Knockvennie, SCT
Knott, SCT
Knowe, SCT
Knoydart, SCT
Kyle, SCT
Kyleakin, SCT
Kyles Flodda, SCT
Kyles Harris, SCT
Kyles Morar, SCT
Kyles Paible, SCT
Kylesku, SCT
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Ladybank, SCT
Ladykirk, SCT
Laga, SCT
Lagavulin, SCT
Lagg, SCT
Laggan, SCT
Laggandoin, SCT
Laide, SCT
Lairg, SCT
Lambholm, SCT
Lamington, SCT
Lamlash, SCT
Lanark, SCT
Langass, SCT
Langbank, SCT
Langholm, SCT
Lanton, SCT
Laphroaig, SCT
Larbert, SCT
Largoward, SCT
Largs, SCT
Larkhall, SCT
Lassodie, SCT
Lasswade, SCT
Latheron, SCT
Latheronwheel, SCT
Laurencekirk, SCT
Laurieston, SCT
Law, SCT
Lawers, SCT
Lawthorn, SCT
Laxay, SCT
Laxdale, SCT
Leachin, SCT
Leachkin, SCT
Leacklea, SCT
Leadburn, SCT
Leadhills, SCT
Leanish, SCT
Lecknasaide, SCT
Ledaig, SCT
Ledgowan, SCT
Leith Docks, SCT
Leitholm, SCT
Lemreway, SCT
Lendalfoot, SCT
Lennel, SCT
Lennoxtown, SCT
Lentran, SCT
Lerags, SCT
Lerwick, SCT
Leslie, SCT
Lesmahagow, SCT
Lessendrum, SCT
Leswalt, SCT
Letham, SCT
Letham Grange, SCT
Lethangie, SCT
Letterfearn, SCT
Letterfinlay, SCT
Lettermore, SCT
Leuchars, SCT
Leurbost, SCT
Leven, SCT
Levenwick, SCT
Leverburgh, SCT
Lews Castle Grounds, SCT
Lhanbryde, SCT
Lickisto, SCT
Liff, SCT
Lilliesleaf, SCT
Limekilns, SCT
Lindores, SCT
Lingerbay, SCT
Liniclate, SCT
Linicro, SCT
Linique, SCT
Linlithgow, SCT
Linlithgow Bridge, SCT
Linshader, SCT
Lintmill, SCT
Lintrathen, SCT
Linwood, SCT
Lionel, SCT
Lismore, SCT
Little Brechin, SCT
Little Dunkeld, SCT
Livingston, SCT
Livingston Village, SCT
Loans, SCT
Loch Eck, SCT
Loch Eriboll, SCT
Loch Flemington, SCT
Loch Katrine, SCT
Loch Nevis, SCT
Lochailort, SCT
Lochanhead, SCT
Lochans, SCT
Locharbriggs, SCT
Lochavich, SCT
Lochawe, SCT
Lochboisdale, SCT
Lochbroom, SCT
Lochbuie, SCT
Lochcarnan, SCT
Lochcarron, SCT
Lochcroistean, SCT
Lochdon, SCT
Lochearnhead, SCT
Lochee, SCT
Lochend, SCT
Locheport, SCT
Lochetive, SCT
Locheynort, SCT
Lochfoot, SCT
Lochgair, SCT
Lochganvich, SCT
Lochgelly, SCT
Lochgilphead, SCT
Lochgoilhead, SCT
Lochhills, SCT
Lochinver, SCT
Lochluichart, SCT
Lochmaben, SCT
Lochmaddy, SCT
Lochmaree, SCT
Lochnaw, SCT
Lochore, SCT
Lochportan, SCT
Lochranza, SCT
Lochrosque, SCT
Lochrutton, SCT
Lochs, SCT
Lochside, SCT
Lochskipport, SCT
Lochwinnoch, SCT
Lochyside, SCT
Lockerbie, SCT
Logan, SCT
Logie, SCT
Logie Coldstone, SCT
Logie Pert, SCT
Logiealmond, SCT
Logierait, SCT
Logierieve, SCT
Longannet, SCT
Longcroft, SCT
Longforgan, SCT
Longformacus, SCT
Longhaven, SCT
Longhill, SCT
Longhope, SCT
Longmanhill, SCT
Longmorn, SCT
Longniddry, SCT
Longridge, SCT
Longriggend, SCT
Longside, SCT
Lonmay, SCT
Lossiemouth, SCT
Loth, SCT
Lotts, SCT
Lour, SCT
Low Valleyfield, SCT
Lower Ardelve, SCT
Lower Barvas, SCT
Lower Bayble, SCT
Lower Cabrach, SCT
Lower Largo, SCT
Lower Mains, SCT
Lower Shader, SCT
Lowthertown, SCT
Lugar, SCT
Lugton, SCT
Luib, SCT
Lumphanan, SCT
Lumphinnans, SCT
Lumsden, SCT
Lunan, SCT
Lunanhead, SCT
Luncarty, SCT
Lundale, SCT
Lundie, SCT
Lundin Links, SCT
Luskentyre, SCT
Luss, SCT
Lussagiven, SCT
Luthermuir, SCT
Luthrie, SCT
Lybster, SCT
Lynchat, SCT
Lyne of Skene, SCT
Lyness, SCT
Lyth, SCT
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Mabie, SCT
Macbiehill, SCT
Macduff, SCT
Machrie, SCT
Machrihanish, SCT
Macmerry, SCT
Madderty, SCT
Maddiston, SCT
Maidens, SCT
Mainholm, SCT
Mainsriddle, SCT
Malaglate, SCT
Mallaig, SCT
Mangersta, SCT
Manish, SCT
Mannal, SCT
Marig, SCT
Markinch, SCT
Marnoch, SCT
Marrel, SCT
Marvig, SCT
Marybank, SCT
Maryburgh, SCT
Maryculter, SCT
Maryhill, SCT
Marykirk, SCT
Marypark, SCT
Maryton, SCT
Mauchline, SCT
Maud, SCT
Mawcarse, SCT
Maxton, SCT
Maxwelltown, SCT
Maybole, SCT
Mayfield, SCT
Meavaig North, SCT
Meavaig South, SCT
Meigle, SCT
Meikle Ferry, SCT
Meikle Wartle, SCT
Meikleour, SCT
Melrose, SCT
Melvaig, SCT
Melvich, SCT
Memsie, SCT
Menmuir, SCT
Mennock, SCT
Menstrie, SCT
Methil, SCT
Methilhill, SCT
Methlick, SCT
Methven, SCT
Mey, SCT
Miavaig, SCT
Mid Calder, SCT
Mid Yell, SCT
Midclyth, SCT
Middlebie, SCT
Middlequarter, SCT
Middleshaw, SCT
Middleton, SCT
Midlem, SCT
Midmar, SCT
Milesmark, SCT
Millarston, SCT
Millerston, SCT
Millhall, SCT
Millhouse, SCT
Millhousebridge, SCT
Millport, SCT
Milltimber, SCT
Milltown of Edinvillie, SCT
Milnathort, SCT
Milngavie, SCT
Milton, SCT
Milton Bridge, SCT
Milton of Balgonie, SCT
Milton of Campsie, SCT
Milton of Culloden, SCT
Miltonduff, SCT
Minard, SCT
Minish, SCT
Minishant, SCT
Minnigaff, SCT
Mintlaw, SCT
Mintlaw Station, SCT
Minto, SCT
Moathill, SCT
Mochrum, SCT
Moffat, SCT
Moniaive, SCT
Monifieth, SCT
Monimail, SCT
Monkton, SCT
Monktonhall, SCT
Monreith, SCT
Montgarrie, SCT
Montrave, SCT
Montrose, SCT
Monymusk, SCT
Moodiesburn, SCT
Moonzie, SCT
Morar, SCT
Morebattle, SCT
Morefield, SCT
Morningside, SCT
Morrinton, SCT
Morsgail, SCT
Moscow, SCT
Moss, SCT
Moss Side, SCT
Mossat, SCT
Mossbank, SCT
Mossblown, SCT
Mossdale, SCT
Mossmorran, SCT
Mosstodloch, SCT
Mosstowie, SCT
Motherwell, SCT
Moulin, SCT
Mount Melville, SCT
Mount Stuart, SCT
Mount Vernon, SCT
Mountblairy, SCT
Mouswald, SCT
Muasdale, SCT
Muchalls, SCT
Muckhart, SCT
Muir of Fowlis, SCT
Muir of Ord, SCT
Muirdrum, SCT
Muirend, SCT
Muirhead, SCT
Muirkirk, SCT
Muirton, SCT
Muirton Mains, SCT
Muirtown, SCT
Muiryknowes, SCT
Mulben, SCT
Mundole, SCT
Munlochy, SCT
Murieston, SCT
Murkle, SCT
Murlaggan, SCT
Murroes, SCT
Murthly, SCT
Musselburgh, SCT
Muthill, SCT
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Nairn, SCT
Nairnside, SCT
Navidale, SCT
Neilston, SCT
Nemphlar, SCT
Ness, SCT
Nether Careston, SCT
Nether Kinmundy, SCT
Netherburn, SCT
Netherley, SCT
Nethy Bridge, SCT
Nevis Bridge, SCT
New Abbey, SCT
New Aberdour, SCT
New Alloa, SCT
New Alyth, SCT
New Byth, SCT
New Cumnock, SCT
New Deer, SCT
New Elgin, SCT
New Galloway, SCT
New Garrabost, SCT
New Gilston, SCT
New Leeds, SCT
New Luce, SCT
New Pitsligo, SCT
New Shawbost, SCT
New Stevenston, SCT
New Tolsta, SCT
New Winton, SCT
Newarthill, SCT
Newbattle, SCT
Newbie, SCT
Newbridge, SCT
Newburgh, SCT
Newcastleton, SCT
Newcraighall, SCT
Newhouse, SCT
Newmachar, SCT
Newmains, SCT
Newmarket, SCT
Newmill, SCT
Newmill on Teviot, SCT
Newmills, SCT
Newmilns, SCT
Newmore, SCT
Newport-on-Tay, SCT
Newstead, SCT
Newton, SCT
Newton Mearns, SCT
Newton of Belltrees, SCT
Newton of Falkland, SCT
Newton of Ferintosh, SCT
Newton Stewart, SCT
Newtonairds, SCT
Newtongrange, SCT
Newtonhill, SCT
Newtonmore, SCT
Newtown, SCT
Newtown St Boswells, SCT
Newtyle, SCT
Newvalley, SCT
Nigg, SCT
Nine Mile Burn, SCT
North Berwick, SCT
North Boisdale, SCT
North Bragar, SCT
North Connel, SCT
North Dell, SCT
North Erradale, SCT
North Galson, SCT
North Glendale, SCT
North Kessock, SCT
North Ledaig, SCT
North Locheynort, SCT
North Middleton, SCT
North Queensferry, SCT
North Roe, SCT
North Ronaldsay, SCT
North Shawbost, SCT
North Tolsta, SCT
Northbay, SCT
Northbay Inn, SCT
Northmuir, SCT
Northton, SCT
Northwaterbridge, SCT
Novar Toll, SCT
Nunton, SCT
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Oakley, SCT
Oathlaw, SCT
Oban, SCT
Occumster, SCT
Ochiltree, SCT
Old Aberdeen, SCT
Old Bridge of Tilt, SCT
Old Craighall, SCT
Old Dailly, SCT
Old Deer, SCT
Old Kilpatrick, SCT
Old Largoward, SCT
Old Minnigaff, SCT
Old Perceton, SCT
Old Plean, SCT
Old Rayne, SCT
Old Scone, SCT
Old Toll, SCT
Oldhamstocks, SCT
Oldmeldrum, SCT
Ollaberry, SCT
Onich, SCT
Opinan, SCT
Orbiston, SCT
Orchardbank, SCT
Ord, SCT
Ordhead, SCT
Ordie, SCT
Orinsay, SCT
Orkney, SCT
Ormiclate, SCT
Ormiston, SCT
Ormsary, SCT
Orphir, SCT
Orton, SCT
Ose, SCT
Otter Ferry, SCT
Out Skerries, SCT
Outend, SCT
Ovenstone, SCT
Overtown, SCT
Oxenfoord, SCT
Oxton, SCT
Oyne, SCT
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Padanaram, SCT
Paiblesgarry, SCT
Paisley, SCT
Palnackie, SCT
Palnure, SCT
Panbride, SCT
Panmure, SCT
Papa Stour, SCT
Papa Westray, SCT
Papdale, SCT
Papigoe, SCT
Park, SCT
Parkgate, SCT
Parton, SCT
Pathhead, SCT
Patna, SCT
Pattiesmuir, SCT
Paxton, SCT
Pearsie, SCT
Peat Inn, SCT
Peebles, SCT
Peinachorran, SCT
Peiness, SCT
Pencaitland, SCT
Penicuik, SCT
Penifiler, SCT
Peninerine, SCT
Peninver, SCT
Pennan, SCT
Penninghame, SCT
Pennyghael, SCT
Penpont, SCT
Perceton, SCT
Persley, SCT
Perth, SCT
Peterculter, SCT
Peterhead, SCT
Peters Port, SCT
Pettinain, SCT
Philpstoun, SCT
Pickletillum, SCT
Pinmore, SCT
Pinwherry, SCT
Piperhill, SCT
Pirnmill, SCT
Pitcairnfield, SCT
Pitcairngreen, SCT
Pitcalnie, SCT
Pitcaple, SCT
Pitkennedy, SCT
Pitlessie, SCT
Pitlochry, SCT
Pitmaduthy, SCT
Pitmedden, SCT
Pitreavie Castle, SCT
Pitroddie, SCT
Pitscandly, SCT
Pitscottie, SCT
Pittenweem, SCT
Plains, SCT
Plasterfield, SCT
Plean, SCT
Plockropool, SCT
Plockton, SCT
Pluscarden, SCT
Point, SCT
Polbeth, SCT
Poles, SCT
Polloch, SCT
Polmont, SCT
Poolewe, SCT
Port Ann, SCT
Port Appin, SCT
Port Askaig, SCT
Port Bannatyne, SCT
Port Charlotte, SCT
Port Dundas, SCT
Port Edgar, SCT
Port Ellen, SCT
Port Elphinstone, SCT
Port Glasgow, SCT
Port Henderson, SCT
Port Logan, SCT
Port of Menteith, SCT
Port of Ness, SCT
Port Riddell, SCT
Port Seton, SCT
Port Wemyss, SCT
Port William, SCT
Portencross, SCT
Portessie, SCT
Portgordon, SCT
Portgower, SCT
Portknockie, SCT
Portlethen, SCT
Portling, SCT
Portmahomack, SCT
Portnaguran, SCT
Portnahaven, SCT
Portpatrick, SCT
Portree, SCT
Portsonachan, SCT
Portsoy, SCT
Portvoller, SCT
Potarch, SCT
Potterton, SCT
Powfoot, SCT
Powmill, SCT
Poyntzfield, SCT
Premnay, SCT
Preston, SCT
Prestonhall, SCT
Prestonpans, SCT
Prestwick, SCT
Priestland, SCT
Prior Muir, SCT
Proncycroy, SCT
Pumpherston, SCT
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Quarff, SCT
Quarrier's Village, SCT
Quarter, SCT
Queen Victoria School, SCT
Quendale, SCT
Quidinish, SCT
Quothquan, SCT
Quoyloo, SCT
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Racks, SCT
Radernie, SCT
Raemoir, SCT
Rafford, SCT
Rahane, SCT
Raigmore, SCT
Rait, SCT
Ramoyle, SCT
Ranish, SCT
Rankinston, SCT
Rannoch, SCT
Rarnish, SCT
Rashfield, SCT
Rathen, SCT
Rathillet, SCT
Ratho, SCT
Ratho Station, SCT
Rathven, SCT
Rattray, SCT
Ravenstruther, SCT
Rayne, SCT
Reawick, SCT
Reay, SCT
Red Point, SCT
Redding, SCT
Reddingmuirhead, SCT
Redford, SCT
Redgorton, SCT
Redpath, SCT
Redstone, SCT
Reef, SCT
Reiss, SCT
Rendall, SCT
Renfrew, SCT
Renton, SCT
Resaurie, SCT
Reston, SCT
Rhanich, SCT
Rhenigidale, SCT
Rhiconich, SCT
Rhonehouse, SCT
Rhu, SCT
Rhue, SCT
Rhugashinish, SCT
Rhynd, SCT
Rhynie, SCT
Riccarton, SCT
Rickarton, SCT
Rigg, SCT
Riggend, SCT
Rigside, SCT
Ringford, SCT
Riverside, SCT
Roberton, SCT
Rockcliffe, SCT
Rockfield, SCT
Rodel, SCT
Rogart, SCT
Romanno Bridge, SCT
Rora, SCT
Rosebank, SCT
Rosehall, SCT
Rosehaugh, SCT
Rosehearty, SCT
Roseisle, SCT
Rosemarkie, SCT
Rosewell, SCT
Roslin, SCT
Rosneath, SCT
Rossie, SCT
Rosskeen Bridge, SCT
Rosslynlee, SCT
Rosyth, SCT
Rothes, SCT
Rothesay, SCT
Rothiemay, SCT
Rothiemurchus, SCT
Rothienorman, SCT
Roundstonefoot, SCT
Roundyhill, SCT
Rousay, SCT
Rowanburn, SCT
Rowardennan, SCT
Roxburgh, SCT
Roy Bridge, SCT
Ruaig, SCT
Ruisaurie, SCT
Rumbling Bridge, SCT
Rumford, SCT
Ruskie, SCT
Rutherglen, SCT
Ruthven, SCT
Ruthvenfield, SCT
Ruthwell, SCT
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Saddell, SCT
Salen, SCT
Saline, SCT
Salsburgh, SCT
Saltburn, SCT
Saltcoats, SCT
Sand Laide, SCT
Sandaig, SCT
Sanday, SCT
Sandbank, SCT
Sandend, SCT
Sandford, SCT
Sandhaven, SCT
Sandhead, SCT
Sandilands, SCT
Sandness, SCT
Sandwick, SCT
Sandyhills, SCT
Sannox, SCT
Sanquhar, SCT
Sarkbridge, SCT
Sauchen, SCT
Sauchie, SCT
Sauchieburn, SCT
Scadabay, SCT
Scaladale, SCT
Scalasaig, SCT
Scaliscro, SCT
Scalloway, SCT
Scalpay, SCT
Scaniport, SCT
Scarfskerry, SCT
Scarinish, SCT
Scarista, SCT
Scolpaig, SCT
Scone, SCT
Sconser, SCT
Scorguie, SCT
Scotlandwell, SCT
Scotscalder, SCT
Scotscraig, SCT
Scourie, SCT
Scousburgh, SCT
Scrabster, SCT
Scurdie Ness, SCT
Seafield, SCT
Seaforth Head, SCT
Seamill, SCT
Seilebost, SCT
Selkirk, SCT
Shandon, SCT
Shandwick, SCT
Shannochie, SCT
Shawbost, SCT
Shawhead, SCT
Shawsburn, SCT
Sheardale, SCT
Shearington, SCT
Shebster, SCT
Sheriffmuir, SCT
Sheshader, SCT
Shetland, SCT
Shieldaig, SCT
Shieldhill, SCT
Shieldinish, SCT
Shiskine, SCT
Shotts, SCT
Shulishader, SCT
Shuna Island, SCT
Sibbaldbie, SCT
Silverburn, SCT
Silverglades, SCT
Skallary, SCT
Skares, SCT
Skeabost Bridge, SCT
Skelbo, SCT
Skelbo Muir, SCT
Skellister, SCT
Skelmorlie, SCT
Skene, SCT
Skerray, SCT
Skigersta, SCT
Skinflats, SCT
Skipness, SCT
Skirling, SCT
Slamannan, SCT
Slattadale, SCT
Sliddery, SCT
Sluggans, SCT
Smailholm, SCT
Smerclate, SCT
Smithton, SCT
Snishival, SCT
Snizort, SCT
Soay, SCT
Solitote, SCT
Sollas, SCT
Solsgirth, SCT
Sorbie, SCT
Sorn, SCT
Soroba, SCT
South Alloa, SCT
South Boisdale, SCT
South Bragar, SCT
South Cuan, SCT
South Dell, SCT
South Duntulm, SCT
South Erradale, SCT
South Galson, SCT
South Glendale, SCT
South Laggan, SCT
South Lochboisdale, SCT
South Locheynort, SCT
South Queensferry, SCT
South Shawbost, SCT
Southend, SCT
Southerness, SCT
Southwick, SCT
Spean Bridge, SCT
Speddoch, SCT
Spey Bay, SCT
Spinningdale, SCT
Spittal, SCT
Spittalfield, SCT
Sponish, SCT
Spott, SCT
Springboig, SCT
Springfield, SCT
Springholm, SCT
Springside, SCT
Sprouston, SCT
St Abbs, SCT
St Andrews, SCT
St Anns, SCT
St Boswells, SCT
St Catherines, SCT
St Combs, SCT
St Cyrus, SCT
St Fergus, SCT
St Fillans, SCT
St Katherines, SCT
St Margarets Hope, SCT
St Martins, SCT
St Mary's Isle, SCT
St Michaels, SCT
St Monans, SCT
St Mungo, SCT
St Ninians, SCT
St Ola, SCT
St Phillans, SCT
St Quivox, SCT
St Rollox, SCT
St Vigeans, SCT
Staffin, SCT
Stair, SCT
Stand, SCT
Standburn, SCT
Stanecastle, SCT
Stanley, SCT
Star, SCT
Staxigoe, SCT
Steelend, SCT
Steinish, SCT
Stenhousemuir, SCT
Stenness, SCT
Stenton, SCT
Stepps, SCT
Stevenston, SCT
Stewarton, SCT
Stichill, SCT
Stilligarry, SCT
Stirling, SCT
Stockinish, SCT
Stonebyres, SCT
Stonefield, SCT
Stonehaven, SCT
Stonehouse, SCT
Stoneybridge, SCT
Stoneyburn, SCT
Stoneykirk, SCT
Stoneywood, SCT
Stormontfield, SCT
Stornoway, SCT
Stow, SCT
Stracathro, SCT
Strachan, SCT
Strachur, SCT
Straiton, SCT
Stranraer, SCT
Strath, SCT
Strath Tummel, SCT
Strathaven, SCT
Strathblane, SCT
Strathcarron, SCT
Strathclyde, SCT
Strathconon, SCT
Strathdon, SCT
Strathenry, SCT
Strathkanaird, SCT
Strathkinness, SCT
Strathlachlan, SCT
Strathmartine, SCT
Strathmiglo, SCT
Strathnaver, SCT
Strathore, SCT
Strathpeffer, SCT
Strathrusdale, SCT
Strathtay, SCT
Strathy, SCT
Strathyre, SCT
Stravithie, SCT
Strichen, SCT
Strombane, SCT
Strome Ferry, SCT
Stromness, SCT
Stronachlachar, SCT
Strond, SCT
Strone, SCT
Stronsay, SCT
Strontian, SCT
Struan, SCT
Strumore, SCT
Struy, SCT
Stuartfield, SCT
Succoth, SCT
Suladale, SCT
Sullom, SCT
Sundrum, SCT
Swainbost, SCT
Swannay, SCT
Swinton, SCT
Swordale, SCT
Symington, SCT
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Tain, SCT
Talmine, SCT
Tangasdale, SCT
Tankerness, SCT
Tannadice, SCT
Tarbert, SCT
Tarbet, SCT
Tarbolton, SCT
Tarbrax, SCT
Tarfside, SCT
Tarland, SCT
Tarlogie, SCT
Tarryblake, SCT
Tarskavaig, SCT
Tarves, SCT
Tarvie, SCT
Tayinloan, SCT
Taynuilt, SCT
Tayport, SCT
Tayvallich, SCT
Tealing, SCT
Teangue, SCT
Teaninich, SCT
Teasses Mill, SCT
Templand, SCT
Temple, SCT
Terregles, SCT
Thankerton, SCT
The Braes, SCT
The Camps, SCT
The Haugh, SCT
The Mound, SCT
The Oa, SCT
The Stell, SCT
Thomshill, SCT
Thornhill, SCT
Thornliebank, SCT
Thornton, SCT
Thorntonhall, SCT
Throsk, SCT
Thrumster, SCT
Thurso, SCT
Thurso East, SCT
Tibbermore, SCT
Tigh A' Phuirt, SCT
Tigharry, SCT
Tighnabruaich, SCT
Tillicoultry, SCT
Tillyfourie, SCT
Tillymorgan, SCT
Timsgarry, SCT
Tinwald, SCT
Tipperty, SCT
Tiroran, SCT
Tirryside, SCT
Tobermory, SCT
Toberonochy, SCT
Tobson, SCT
Tolstachaolais, SCT
Tomatin, SCT
Tomich, SCT
Tomintoul, SCT
Tomnavoulin, SCT
Tong, SCT
Tong Allotments, SCT
Tongland, SCT
Tongue, SCT
Tore, SCT
Torgormack, SCT
Torloisk, SCT
Torlum, SCT
Torlundy, SCT
Torness, SCT
Torphichen, SCT
Torphins, SCT
Torrance, SCT
Torridon, SCT
Torrin, SCT
Torrisdale, SCT
Torry, SCT
Torryburn, SCT
Torthorwald, SCT
Torvaig, SCT
Torwood, SCT
Totescore, SCT
Touch, SCT
Tough, SCT
Toulvaddie, SCT
Toward, SCT
Town Yetholm, SCT
Townend, SCT
Townhead, SCT
Townhead of Greenlaw, SCT
Townhill, SCT
Trabboch, SCT
Tranent, SCT
Transy, SCT
Traquair, SCT
Treaslane, SCT
Treslaig, SCT
Tresta, SCT
Trinafour, SCT
Trinity, SCT
Trochry, SCT
Troon, SCT
Troqueer, SCT
Trosairidh, SCT
Trossachs, SCT
Tulliallan, SCT
Tullibody, SCT
Tulliemet, SCT
Tulloch, SCT
Tullynessle, SCT
Tummel Bridge, SCT
Tundergarth, SCT
Turin, SCT
Turnberry, SCT
Turriff, SCT
Twatt, SCT
Tweedbank, SCT
Tweedsmuir, SCT
Twynholm, SCT
Tyndrum, SCT
Tynehead, SCT
Tyninghame, SCT
Tynron, SCT
Tyrie, SCT
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Uachdar, SCT
Uddingston, SCT
Udny, SCT
Udny Green, SCT
Udny Station, SCT
Uig, SCT
Uigen, SCT
Ulbster, SCT
Ullapool, SCT
Ulva Ferry, SCT
Ungshader, SCT
University of Stirling, SCT
Unst, SCT
Uphall, SCT
Uphall Station, SCT
Uplawmoor, SCT
Upper Anguston, SCT
Upper Ardelve, SCT
Upper Barvas, SCT
Upper Bayble, SCT
Upper Carloway, SCT
Upper Coll, SCT
Upper Houndlaw, SCT
Upper Ingleston, SCT
Upper Largo, SCT
Upper Myrtlefield, SCT
Upper Shader, SCT
Upper Steelend, SCT
Upper Yetts, SCT
Upperton, SCT
Urgha, SCT
Urquhart, SCT
Urray, SCT
Uskavagh, SCT
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Valasay, SCT
Vatersay, SCT
Vatisker, SCT
Vaul, SCT
Vidlin, SCT
Viewhill, SCT
Virkie, SCT
Voe, SCT
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Walkerburn, SCT
Wallacestone, SCT
Walls, SCT
Wallyford, SCT
Wamphray, SCT
Wanlockhead, SCT
Wardhouse, SCT
Waterbeck, SCT
Waterloo, SCT
Waterloo Bankfoot, SCT
Waternish, SCT
Waterside, SCT
Watten, SCT
Weem, SCT
Weisdale, SCT
Wellwood, SCT
Wemyss Bay, SCT
West Barns, SCT
West Calder, SCT
West Fenton, SCT
West Ferry, SCT
West Freugh, SCT
West Gerinish, SCT
West Helmsdale, SCT
West Huntingtower, SCT
West Hynish, SCT
West Kilbride, SCT
West Laroch, SCT
West Linton, SCT
West Tarbert, SCT
West Wemyss, SCT
Wester Alligin, SCT
Wester Balblair, SCT
Wester Balgedie, SCT
Wester Essendy, SCT
Wester Moy, SCT
Wester Quarff, SCT
Westerdale, SCT
Westerkirk, SCT
Westerskeld, SCT
Westfield, SCT
Westhaven, SCT
Westhill, SCT
Westmuir, SCT
Westquarter, SCT
Westray, SCT
Westruther, SCT
Westway, SCT
Westwood, SCT
Weydale, SCT
Whalsay, SCT
Whauphill, SCT
Whinnyhill, SCT
Whins of Milton, SCT
Whitburn, SCT
Whitebridge, SCT
Whitecairns, SCT
Whitechapel, SCT
Whitecraig, SCT
Whitecross, SCT
Whiteface, SCT
Whitehill, SCT
Whitehills, SCT
Whitehouse, SCT
Whiteinch, SCT
Whitekirk, SCT
Whitemire, SCT
Whiteness, SCT
Whiterashes, SCT
Whithorn, SCT
Whiting Bay, SCT
Whitsome, SCT
Wick, SCT
Wigtown, SCT
Wilkieston, SCT
Wilton Dean, SCT
Winchburgh, SCT
Windygates, SCT
Wishaw, SCT
Wiston, SCT
Wolfhill, SCT
Woodend, SCT
Woodhead, SCT
Woodlands of Durris, SCT
Woodside, SCT
Woodville, SCT
Woolfords, SCT
Woolmet, SCT
Wormit, SCT
Wyre, SCT
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Yarrow, SCT
Yell, SCT
Yeskett, SCT
Yetts of Muckhart, SCT
Ythanbank, SCT
Ythanwells, SCT
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