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New Brunswick Postal Codes

New Brunswick Flag

New Brunswick Coat of Arms
Largest City:
Saint John
Entered Confederation:
Area Land:
Area Water:
Area Total:
Official Lanuages:
English, French
Commons Seats:
New Brunswick Map

New Brunswick Information


New Brunswick is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces and is the only province in the federation that is constitutionally bilingual (English–French).Fredericton is the capital and Saint John is the most populous city. Greater Moncton is the province's largest Census Metropolitan Area. Through the 2011 nation wide census, Statistics Canada estimates the provincial population in 2011 to have been 751,171; a majority of the population is English-speaking, but there is also a large Francophone minority (33%), chiefly of Acadian origin.

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New Brunswick Area Codes

506 Area Code

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Acadie Siding, NB
Acadieville, NB
Adams Gulch, NB
Adamsville, NB
Albert Mines, NB
Albrights Corner, NB
Alcida, NB
Alderwood, NB
Aldouane, NB
Allainville, NB
Allardville, NB
Allison, NB
Alma, NB
Ammon, NB
Anagance, NB
Anderson Road, NB
Anderson Settlement, NB
Andersonville, NB
Anfield, NB
Anse-Bleue, NB
Apohaqui, NB
Arbeau Settlement, NB
Armond, NB
Aroostook, NB
Aroostook Junction, NB
Arthurette, NB
Ashland, NB
Astle, NB
Atholville, NB
Aulac, NB
Avondale, NB
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Back Bay, NB
Baie de Bouctouche, NB
Baie de Petit-Pokemouche, NB
Baie Verte, NB
Baie-Sainte-Anne, NB
Baillie, NB
Bains Corner, NB
Bairdsville, NB
Baker Brook, NB
Balla Philip, NB
Balmoral, NB
Balmoral Est, NB
Balmoral Sud, NB
Baltimore, NB
Bannon, NB
Barnaby, NB
Barnesville, NB
Barnettville, NB
Barony, NB
Barryville, NB
Barter Settlement, NB
Bartholomew, NB
Bartibog, NB
Bartibog Bridge, NB
Bartletts Mills, NB
Bas-Cap-Pele, NB
Bas-Caraquet, NB
Bas-Paquetville, NB
Bass River, NB
Basswood Ridge, NB
Bath, NB
Bathurst, NB
Baxters Corner, NB
Bay du Vin, NB
Bay View, NB
Bayfield, NB
Bayside, NB
Bayswater, NB
Beaconsfield, NB
Bear Island, NB
Beardsley, NB
Beaver Dam, NB
Beaver Harbour, NB
Beaverbrook, NB
Beaverbrook Albert Co, NB
Beckim Settlement, NB
Bedell, NB
Beechwood, NB
Beersville, NB
Belledune, NB
Bellefond, NB
Belleisle Creek, NB
Belleville, NB
Benjamin River, NB
Benoit, NB
Benton, NB
Beresford, NB
Berry Mills, NB
Berryton, NB
Bertrand, NB
Berwick, NB
Bethel, NB
Bettsburg, NB
Big Cove Queens Co, NB
Big Hole, NB
Big River, NB
Birch Ridge, NB
Birdton, NB
Black Point, NB
Black River, NB
Black River Bridge, NB
Black Rock, NB
Blackland Restigouche Co, NB
Blacks Harbour, NB
Blackville, NB
Blair Athol, NB
Blissfield, NB
Bloomfield Carleton Co, NB
Bloomfield Kings Co, NB
Bloomfield Ridge, NB
Blue Bell, NB
Blue Mountain Bend, NB
Bocabec, NB
Boiestown, NB
Bois-Blanc, NB
Bois-Gagnon, NB
Bon Accord, NB
Bonny River, NB
Boom Road, NB
Bouctouche, NB
Bouctouche Cove, NB
Bouctouche Reserve, NB
Bouctouche Sud, NB
Boudreau-Ouest, NB
Boundary Creek, NB
Brantville, NB
Breadalbane, NB
Brewers Mill, NB
Briggs Corner Queens Co, NB
Bristol Junction, NB
British Settlement, NB
Brockway, NB
Bronson Settlement, NB
Brookville, NB
Browns Flat, NB
Browns Yard, NB
Brunswick Mines, NB
Bryenton, NB
Bubartown, NB
Bull Lake, NB
Bulls Creek, NB
Burnsville, NB
Burnt Church, NB
Burnt Church First Nation, NB
Burnt Hill, NB
Burntland Brook, NB
Burpee, NB
Burton, NB
Burtts Corner, NB
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Cails Mills, NB
Cains River, NB
Caissie Road, NB
Caithness, NB
Calders Head, NB
Caledonia Mountain, NB
Calhoun, NB
California Settlement, NB
Cambridge-Narrows, NB
Campbell Settlement, NB
Campbell Settlement York Co, NB
Campbellton, NB
Canaan Forks, NB
Canaan Station, NB
Canal, NB
Canisto, NB
Canobie, NB
Canoose, NB
Canterbury, NB
Canton des Basques, NB
Cap-Bateau, NB
Cap-Pele, NB
Cape Enrage, NB
Cape Spear, NB
Cape Station, NB
Cape Tormentine, NB
Caraquet, NB
Cardigan, NB
Carlingford, NB
Carlisle, NB
Carlow, NB
Carrolls Crossing, NB
Carsonville, NB
Carters Point, NB
Cassidy Lake, NB
Cassilis, NB
Cedar Camp, NB
Central Blissville, NB
Central Greenwich, NB
Central Hainesville, NB
Central Hampstead, NB
Central Waterville, NB
Centre Village, NB
Centreville, NB
Chamberlain Settlement, NB
Chambers Settlement, NB
Chamcook, NB
Chance Harbour, NB
Chaplin Island Road, NB
Charleston, NB
Charlie Lake, NB
Charlo, NB
Charlo South, NB
Charters Settlement, NB
Chelmsford, NB
Cherry Burton, NB
Chiasson Office, NB
Childs Creek, NB
Chipman, NB
Chocolate Cove, NB
Clair, NB
Clairville, NB
Clarendon, NB
Clarks Corner, NB
Clarkville, NB
Clearview, NB
Clifton, NB
Clifton Royal, NB
Clover Hill, NB
Clover Valley, NB
Cloverdale, NB
Coal Branch, NB
Coal Creek, NB
Coburg, NB
Cocagne, NB
Codys, NB
Coldstream, NB
Coles Island Queens Co, NB
Collette, NB
Collina, NB
Colpitts Settlement, NB
Connell, NB
Cookville, NB
Cormier-Village, NB
Cornhill, NB
Coteau Road, NB
Craig Flats, NB
Crocker Hill, NB
Crombie Settlement, NB
Cross Creek, NB
Cumberland Bay, NB
Cummings Cove, NB
Currie Siding, NB
Currieburg, NB
Curryville, NB
Curventon, NB
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Dalhousie, NB
Dalhousie Junction, NB
Damascus, NB
Darlings Island, NB
Dauversiere, NB
Dawson Settlement, NB
Dawsonville, NB
Dead Creek, NB
Debec, NB
Deersdale, NB
Deerville, NB
Dennis Beach, NB
Derby, NB
Derby Junction, NB
Dewolfe, NB
Dieppe, NB
Digdeguash, NB
Dipper Harbour, NB
Divide, NB
Doaktown, NB
Dobson Corner, NB
Donegal, NB
Dorchester, NB
Dorchester Cape, NB
Dorrington Hill, NB
Douglas, NB
Douglas Harbour, NB
Dow Settlement, NB
Doyles Brook, NB
Drummond, NB
Drurys Cove, NB
DSL de Drummond, NB
DSL de Grand-Sault/Falls, NB
Dubee Settlement, NB
Dufferin Charlotte Co, NB
Dufferin Queens Co, NB
Dugas, NB
Duguayville, NB
Dumfries, NB
Dundas, NB
Dundee, NB
Dunlop, NB
Dunsinane, NB
Durham Bridge, NB
Dutch Valley, NB
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East Branch, NB
East Brighton, NB
East Centreville, NB
East Coldstream, NB
East Newbridge, NB
Edgetts Landing, NB
Edmundston, NB
Eel Ground, NB
Eel River Bar First Nation, NB
Eel River Cove, NB
Eel River Crossing, NB
Eel River Lake, NB
Elgin, NB
Elm Hill, NB
Elmsville, NB
Elmwood, NB
Elsipogtog First Nation, NB
English Settlement, NB
Enterprise, NB
Erb Settlement, NB
Erbs Cove, NB
Escuminac, NB
Estey's Bridge, NB
Evandale, NB
Evangeline, NB
Evans Road, NB
Everett, NB
Exmoor, NB
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Fairfield, NB
Fairfield Westmorland Co, NB
Fairhaven, NB
Fairisle, NB
Fawcett Hill, NB
Fielding, NB
Flatlands, NB
Flemington, NB
Florenceville-Bristol, NB
Flowers Cove, NB
Flume Ridge, NB
Ford Bank, NB
Fords Mills, NB
Forest City, NB
Forest Glen, NB
Fosterville, NB
Four Corners, NB
Four Falls, NB
Four Roads, NB
Fredericksburg, NB
Fredericton, NB
Fredericton Junction, NB
Free Grant, NB
French Lake, NB
French Village Kings Co, NB
French Village-York, NB
Frosty Hollow, NB
Fundy National Park, NB
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Gagetown, NB
Gallagher Ridge, NB
Galloway, NB
Gardiner Point, NB
Gardner Creek, NB
Garnett Settlement, NB
Gaspereau Forks, NB
Gauvreau, NB
Geary, NB
Germantown, NB
Giants Glen, NB
Gladeside, NB
Gladwyn, NB
Glassville, NB
Glencoe, NB
Glenlevit, NB
Glenvale, NB
Glenwood, NB
Glenwood Kings Co, NB
Gloucester Junction, NB
Good Corner, NB
Goodwin Mill, NB
Gordonsville, NB
Grafton, NB
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
Grand Falls, NB
Grand Lake Road, NB
Grand Manan, NB
Grand-Barachois, NB
Grand-Sault/Grand Falls, NB
Grande-Anse, NB
Grande-Digue, NB
Gravel Hill, NB
Gray Rapids, NB
Greater Lakeburn, NB
Green Hill, NB
Green Mountain, NB
Green Road, NB
Greenfield, NB
Greenhill Lake, NB
Gregg Settlement, NB
Grove Hill, NB
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Hacheyville, NB
Halcomb, NB
Hammondvale, NB
Hampstead, NB
Hampton, NB
Hamtown Corner, NB
Haneytown, NB
Hanford Brook, NB
Hanwell, NB
Harcourt, NB
Hardwicke, NB
Hardwood Ridge, NB
Harewood, NB
Hartfield, NB
Hartford, NB
Hartin Settlement, NB
Hartland, NB
Hartley Settlement, NB
Harvey Albert Co, NB
Harvey Station, NB
Harvey York Co, NB
Hatfield Point, NB
Haut-Lameque, NB
Haut-Paquetville, NB
Haut-Riviere-du-Portage, NB
Haut-Saint-Antoine, NB
Haut-Sheila, NB
Haut-Shippagan, NB
Haute-Aboujagane, NB
Havelock, NB
Hawkins Corner, NB
Hawkshaw, NB
Hay Settlement, NB
Hayesville, NB
Hayman Hill, NB
Hazeldean, NB
Hazelton, NB
Head of Millstream, NB
Heathland, NB
Hebert, NB
Hebron, NB
Henderson Settlement, NB
Hersonville, NB
Hibernia Cove, NB
Hicksville, NB
Highfield, NB
Hillandale, NB
Hillgrove, NB
Hillsborough, NB
Hillsborough West, NB
Hillsdale, NB
Hilltop, NB
Holmesville, NB
Holtville, NB
Honeydale, NB
Hopewell Cape, NB
Hopewell Hill, NB
Howard, NB
Howard Brook, NB
Howland Ridge, NB
Hoyt, NB
Hunters Home, NB
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Immigrant Road, NB
Indian Island, NB
Indian Mountain, NB
Inkerman, NB
Inkerman Ferry, NB
Intervale, NB
Irish Settlement, NB
Irishtown, NB
Iron Bound Cove, NB
Island View, NB
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Jackson Falls, NB
Jacksontown, NB
Jacksonville, NB
Janeville, NB
Jardineville, NB
Jeffries Corner, NB
Jemseg, NB
Jewetts Mills, NB
Johnson Settlement Charlotte C, NB
Johnson Settlement York Co, NB
Johnson's Mills, NB
Johnston Point, NB
Johnville, NB
Jolicure, NB
Jordan Mountain, NB
Juniper, NB
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Kars, NB
Kedgwick, NB
Kedgwick Nord, NB
Kedgwick Ouest, NB
Kedgwick River, NB
Kedgwick Sud, NB
Keenans, NB
Kent Junction, NB
Keswick, NB
Keswick Ridge, NB
Kierstead Mountain, NB
Kiersteadville, NB
Kilburn, NB
Killams Mills, NB
Killarney Road, NB
Killoween, NB
Kincardine, NB
Kings Landing Historical Settl, NB
Kingsclear First Nation, NB
Kingsley, NB
Kingston, NB
Kinnear Settlement, NB
Kirkland, NB
Knightville, NB
Knowlesville, NB
Kouchibouguac, NB
Kouchibouguac National Park, NB
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L'Etete, NB
Lac Baker, NB
Lagaceville, NB
Lake Edward, NB
Lake George, NB
Lakeside, NB
Laketon, NB
Lakeville Carleton Co, NB
Lakeville Corner, NB
Lakeville-Westmorland, NB
Lambert's Cove, NB
Lambertville, NB
Lameque, NB
Landry Office, NB
Lansdowne, NB
Laplante, NB
Lavillette, NB
Lawrence Station, NB
Le Goulet, NB
Lee Settlement, NB
Leech, NB
Leonard Colony, NB
Leonardville, NB
Lepreau, NB
Letang, NB
Leverville, NB
Lewis Mountain, NB
Limekiln, NB
Limestone, NB
Lincoln, NB
Lindsay, NB
Linton Corner, NB
Little Bartibog, NB
Little Lepreau, NB
Little Ridge, NB
Little River Albert Co, NB
Little River Gloucester Co, NB
Little River Hill, NB
Little Salmon River West, NB
Little Shemogue, NB
Lockstead, NB
Londonderry, NB
Long Creek, NB
Long Point, NB
Long Reach, NB
Long Settlement, NB
Long Settlement Kings Co, NB
Lord's Cove, NB
Lorne, NB
Losier Settlement, NB
Lower Brighton, NB
Lower Cambridge, NB
Lower Cape, NB
Lower Cove, NB
Lower Coverdale, NB
Lower Derby, NB
Lower Greenwich, NB
Lower Hainesville, NB
Lower Kingsclear, NB
Lower Kintore, NB
Lower Knoxford, NB
Lower Millstream, NB
Lower Newcastle, NB
Lower Norton, NB
Lower Queensbury, NB
Lower St Marys, NB
Lower Woodstock, NB
Ludlow, NB
Lugar, NB
Lutes Mountain, NB
Lynnfield, NB
Lyttleton, NB
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Macdougall Settlement, NB
Maces Bay, NB
Maclaggan Bridge, NB
Mactaquac, NB
Madawaska Maliseet Frst Nation, NB
Madran, NB
Main River, NB
Mainstream, NB
Maisonnette, NB
Malden, NB
Maltempec, NB
Mann's Mountain, NB
Mannhurst, NB
Maple Glen, NB
Maple Grove, NB
Maple Ridge, NB
Maple View, NB
Mapledale, NB
Maplehurst, NB
Maplewood, NB
Maquapit Lake, NB
Markhamville, NB
Marne, NB
Marrtown, NB
Mascarene, NB
Mates Corner, NB
Matthews Settlement, NB
Maugerville, NB
Maxwell, NB
Mayfield, NB
Mazerolle Settlement, NB
McAdam, NB
McGivney, NB
McIntosh Hill, NB
McKees Mills, NB
McKenna, NB
McKenzie Corner, NB
McKinleyville, NB
McLaughlin, NB
McLeod Hill, NB
McLeods, NB
McNamee, NB
McQuade, NB
Meadow Brook, NB
Mechanic Settlement, NB
Medford, NB
Meductic, NB
Melrose, NB
Memramcook, NB
Memramcook East, NB
Menneval, NB
Middle Hainesville, NB
Middle River, NB
Middle Sackville, NB
Middleton, NB
Midgic, NB
Midland Kings Co, NB
Midland Queens Co, NB
Midway, NB
Mill Brook, NB
Mill Cove, NB
Millerton, NB
Millville, NB
Ministers Island, NB
Minto, NB
Miramichi, NB
Miramichi Bay, NB
Miramichi Road, NB
Miscou, NB
Mispec, NB
Mohannes, NB
Moncton, NB
Monquart, NB
Monteagle, NB
Monument, NB
Moores Mills, NB
Moose Mountain, NB
Moosehorn Creek, NB
Morrell Siding, NB
Morrisdale, NB
Mount Delight, NB
Mount Hebron, NB
Mount Hope, NB
Mount Middleton, NB
Mount Pisgah, NB
Mount Pleasant, NB
Mundleville, NB
Muniac, NB
Murray Corner, NB
Murray Settlement, NB
Musquash, NB
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Nackawic, NB
Napadogan, NB
Napan, NB
Nash Creek, NB
Nashwaak Bridge, NB
Nashwaak Village, NB
Nasonworth, NB
Nauwigewauk, NB
Neguac, NB
Nelson Hollow, NB
Nepisiguit Falls, NB
Nerepis, NB
New Avon, NB
New Bandon Gloucester Co, NB
New Bandon Northumb Co, NB
New Canaan, NB
New Denmark, NB
New England Settlement, NB
New Horton, NB
New Jersey, NB
New Line, NB
New Market, NB
New Maryland, NB
New Mills, NB
New River Beach, NB
New Scotland, NB
New Zion, NB
Newbridge, NB
Newburg, NB
Newcastle Centre, NB
Newcastle Creek, NB
Newtown, NB
Nicholas Denys, NB
Nictau, NB
Nigadoo, NB
Noinville, NB
Noonan, NB
North Forks, NB
North Lake, NB
North Shannonvale, NB
North Tay, NB
North Tetagouche, NB
North View, NB
Northampton, NB
Northern Harbour, NB
Norton, NB
Nortondale, NB
Notre Dame de Lourdes, NB
Notre-Dame, NB
Notre-Dame-des-Erables, NB
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Oak Bay, NB
Oak Haven, NB
Oak Hill, NB
Oak Mountain, NB
Oak Point, NB
Oak Point Kings Co, NB
Oakland, NB
Oakville, NB
Odell, NB
Old Avon, NB
Old Ridge, NB
Orange Hill, NB
Oromocto, NB
Osborne Corner, NB
Otter Creek, NB
Oxbow, NB
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Pabineau Falls, NB
Pabineau First Nation, NB
Paquetville, NB
Parker Ridge, NB
Parker Road, NB
Parkindale, NB
Parlee Brook, NB
Parleeville, NB
Passekeag, NB
Pearsonville, NB
Peel, NB
Pelerin, NB
Peltoma Settlement, NB
Pemberton Ridge, NB
Pembroke, NB
Pennfield, NB
Penniac, NB
Penobsquis, NB
Perry Settlement, NB
Perth-Andover, NB
Petit-Cap, NB
Petit-Paquetville, NB
Petit-Rocher, NB
Petit-Rocher-Nord, NB
Petit-Rocher-Ouest, NB
Petit-Rocher-Sud, NB
Petit-Shippagan, NB
Petit-Tracadie, NB
Petitcodiac, NB
Petitcodiac East, NB
Petite-Lameque, NB
Petite-Riviere-de-l'Ile, NB
Picadilly, NB
Picketts Cove, NB
Piercemont, NB
Pigeon Hill, NB
Pine Glen, NB
Pine Ridge, NB
Pineville, NB
Plaster Rock, NB
Pleasant Ridge Char County, NB
Pleasant Ridge Kings Co, NB
Pleasant Villa, NB
Plumweseep, NB
Plymouth, NB
Pocologan, NB
Point de Bute, NB
Point la Nim, NB
Pointe A Bouleau, NB
Pointe Dixon Point, NB
Pointe-A-Tom, NB
Pointe-Alexandre, NB
Pointe-Brulee, NB
Pointe-Canot, NB
Pointe-Des-Robichaud, NB
Pointe-du-Chene, NB
Pointe-Sapin, NB
Pointe-Sauvage, NB
Pointe-Verte, NB
Poirier Subdivision, NB
Pokemouche, NB
Pokeshaw, NB
Pokesudie, NB
Pokiok, NB
Pole Hill, NB
Pollett River, NB
Pomeroy Ridge, NB
Pondstream, NB
Pont-LaFrance, NB
Pont-Landry, NB
Poodiac, NB
Port Elgin, NB
Portage, NB
Portage St-Louis, NB
Portage Vale, NB
Porter Cove, NB
Priceville, NB
Prince of Wales, NB
Prince William, NB
Princess Park, NB
Printz Cove, NB
Prosser Brook, NB
Public Landing, NB
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Quaker Brook, NB
Quarryville, NB
Queenstown, NB
Quispamsis, NB
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Rang-Saint-Georges, NB
Ratter Corner, NB
Red Bank, NB
Red Bank Queens Co, NB
Red Bank Reserve, NB
Red Bridge, NB
Red Rapids, NB
Red Rock, NB
Redmondville, NB
Renauds Mills, NB
Renous, NB
Rexton, NB
Riceville, NB
Richardson, NB
Richibouctou-Village, NB
Richibucto, NB
Richibucto Road, NB
Richmond Corner, NB
Richmond Settlement, NB
Riley Brook, NB
Rio Grande, NB
Ripples, NB
Ritchie, NB
River de Chute, NB
River Glade, NB
Riverbank Carleton Co, NB
Riverbank Kings Co, NB
Riverbank South, NB
Riverside-Albert, NB
Riverview, NB
Riviere du Nord, NB
Riviere-A-La-Truite, NB
Riviere-du-Portage, NB
Riviere-Verte, NB
Roachville, NB
Robertville, NB
Robichaud Settlement, NB
Robinsonville, NB
Rocheville, NB
Rockland, NB
Rockport, NB
Rogersville, NB
Rogersville-Est, NB
Rogersville-Ouest, NB
Rollingdam, NB
Rosaireville, NB
Rosedale, NB
Rosehill, NB
Rosevale, NB
Rossville, NB
Rothesay, NB
Rough Waters, NB
Rowena, NB
Rowley, NB
Royal Road, NB
Royalton, NB
Rusagonis, NB
Russellville, NB
Back to Top
Sackville, NB
Sackville Road, NB
Saint John, NB
Saint-Amateur, NB
Saint-Andre, NB
Saint-Andre-Leblanc, NB
Saint-Antoine, NB
Saint-Antoine Sud, NB
Saint-Antoine-de-Kent, NB
Saint-Arthur, NB
Saint-Basile, NB
Saint-Charles, NB
Saint-Damien, NB
Saint-Edouard-de-Kent, NB
Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska, NB
Saint-Gregoire, NB
Saint-Ignace, NB
Saint-Irenee, NB
Saint-Isidore, NB
Saint-Jacques, NB
Saint-Joseph-de-Kent, NB
Saint-Laurent, NB
Saint-Laurent Nord, NB
Saint-Leolin, NB
Saint-Leonard, NB
Saint-Leonard-Parent, NB
Saint-Louis, NB
Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB
Saint-Martin-de-Restigouche, NB
Saint-Maure, NB
Saint-Maurice, NB
Saint-Norbert, NB
Saint-Paul, NB
Saint-Philippe, NB
Saint-Pons, NB
Saint-Quentin, NB
Saint-Sauveur, NB
Saint-Simon, NB
Saint-Thomas-de-Kent, NB
Saint-Wilfred, NB
Sainte-Anne Gloucester Co, NB
Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, NB
Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB
Sainte-Cecile, NB
Sainte-Louise, NB
Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, NB
Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphael, NB
Sainte-Rose, NB
Sainte-Rosette, NB
Sainte-Therese Sud, NB
Salem, NB
Salisbury, NB
Salisbury West, NB
Salmon Beach, NB
Salmon Creek, NB
Salmon River, NB
Salmon River Road, NB
Salt Springs, NB
Saumarez, NB
Savoie Landing, NB
Scotch Lake, NB
Scotch Ridge, NB
Scotch Settlement, NB
Scotch Settlement York Co, NB
Scotchtown, NB
Scott Siding, NB
Scoudouc, NB
Scoudouc Road, NB
Sea Side, NB
Searsville, NB
Second Falls, NB
Second North River, NB
Seeleys Cove, NB
Sevogle, NB
Shanklin, NB
Shannon, NB
Shediac, NB
Shediac Bridge, NB
Shediac Bridge-Shediac River, NB
Shediac Cape, NB
Shediac River, NB
Sheffield, NB
Shemogue, NB
Shenstone, NB
Shepody Albert Co, NB
Shepody Kings Co, NB
Shippagan, NB
Siegas, NB
Sillikers, NB
Simonds, NB
Sisson Brook, NB
Sisson Ridge, NB
Six Roads, NB
Skiff Lake, NB
Slope, NB
Smith Crossing, NB
Smith's Corner, NB
Smithfield, NB
Smiths Creek, NB
Smithtown, NB
Snider Mountain, NB
Somerville, NB
Sormany, NB
South Branch Kent Co, NB
South Branch Kings Co, NB
South Canaan, NB
South Esk, NB
South Nelson, NB
South Oromocto Lake, NB
South Tetagouche, NB
Southampton, NB
Southfield, NB
Speerville, NB
Springdale, NB
Springfield Kings Co, NB
Springfield York Co, NB
Squaw Cap, NB
St Almo, NB
St Andrews, NB
St Croix, NB
St David Ridge, NB
St George, NB
St Margarets, NB
St Martins, NB
St Martins North, NB
St Stephen, NB
St Thomas, NB
St-Antoine Nord, NB
St-Hilaire, NB
St-Jean-Baptiste, NB
St-Joseph-de-Madawaska, NB
Stanley, NB
Staples Settlement, NB
Steeves Mountain, NB
Steeves Settlement, NB
Stickney, NB
Stilesville, NB
Stonehaven, NB
Stoney Creek, NB
Storeytown, NB
Strathadam, NB
Stuart Town, NB
Stymiest, NB
Summerfield Carleton Co, NB
Summerfield Kings Co, NB
Summerville, NB
Sunny Corner, NB
Sunnyside Beach, NB
Sussex, NB
Sussex Corner, NB
Sussex East, NB
Sussex South, NB
Swan Creek, NB
Sypher Cove, NB
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Tabusintac, NB
Targettville, NB
Taxis River, NB
Tay Creek, NB
Tay Falls, NB
Taylor Village, NB
Taymouth, NB
Teeds Mills, NB
Temperance Vale, NB
Temple, NB
Tetagouche Falls, NB
The Glades, NB
Three Brooks, NB
Three Tree Creek, NB
Tide Head, NB
Tilley, NB
Tilley Road, NB
Timber River, NB
Tinker, NB
Titusville, NB
Tobique First Nation, NB
Tobique Narrows, NB
Tower Hill, NB
Tracadie Beach, NB
Tracadie-Sheila, NB
Tracey Mills, NB
Tracy, NB
Tracyville, NB
Tremblay, NB
Trois-Ruisseaux, NB
Trout Brook, NB
Trudel, NB
Turtle Creek, NB
Two Brooks, NB
Tynemouth Creek, NB
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Union Corner, NB
Upham, NB
Upper Blackville, NB
Upper Brighton, NB
Upper Cape, NB
Upper Caverhill, NB
Upper Coverdale, NB
Upper Derby, NB
Upper Dorchester, NB
Upper Gagetown, NB
Upper Golden Grove, NB
Upper Hainesville, NB
Upper Hampstead, NB
Upper Kent, NB
Upper Keswick, NB
Upper Kingsclear, NB
Upper Kintore, NB
Upper Knoxford, NB
Upper Letang, NB
Upper Loch Lomond, NB
Upper Mills, NB
Upper Queensbury, NB
Upper Rexton, NB
Upper Rockport, NB
Upper Sackville, NB
Upper Salmon Creek, NB
Upper Tracy, NB
Upper Woodstock, NB
Upperton, NB
Upsalquitch, NB
Utopia, NB
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Val-Comeau, NB
Val-d'Amour, NB
Val-Doucet, NB
Valley Road, NB
Verret, NB
Vespra, NB
Victoria Corner, NB
Village Blanchard, NB
Village-des-Poirier, NB
Village-Saint-Laurent, NB
Vinegar Hill, NB
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Waasis, NB
Wakefield, NB
Walker Settlement, NB
Wapske, NB
Ward Settlement, NB
Wards Creek, NB
Warwick Settlement, NB
Waterborough, NB
Waterford, NB
Waterside, NB
Waterville Carleton Co, NB
Waterville-Sunbury, NB
Waweig, NB
Wayerton, NB
Weaver, NB
Weaver Siding, NB
Weldon, NB
Welsford, NB
Welshpool, NB
West Branch, NB
West Florenceville, NB
West Quaco, NB
West River, NB
Westcock, NB
Weston, NB
Wheaton Settlement, NB
White Head, NB
White Head Island, NB
White Rapids, NB
Whites Brook, NB
Whites Cove, NB
Whites Mountain, NB
Whitney, NB
Wickham, NB
Wicklow, NB
Wiggins Mill, NB
Williamsburg, NB
Williamstown, NB
Williamstown Carleton Co, NB
Willow Grove, NB
Wilmot, NB
Wilsons Beach, NB
Windsor, NB
Wirral, NB
Wood Point, NB
Woodlands, NB
Woodmans Point, NB
Woodside, NB
Woodstock, NB
Woodstock First Nation, NB
Wuhrs Beach, NB
Wyers Brook, NB
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Yoho, NB
Youngs Cove, NB
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Zealand, NB
Zionville, NB
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