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Saskatchewan Postal Codes

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Saskatchewan Coat of Arms
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Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Canada, which has an area of 588,276 square kilometres (227,100 sq mi). Saskatchewan is bordered on the west by Alberta, on the north by the Northwest Territories, on the east by Manitoba, and on the south by the U.S. states of Montana and North Dakota. As of April 2011, the population of Saskatchewan was estimated at 1,053,960. Residents primarily live in the southern half of the province. Of the total population, 257,300 live in the province's largest city, Saskatoon, while 210,000 live in the provincial capital, Regina. Other major cities include Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Swift Current and North Battleford.

Saskatchewan was first explored by Europeans in 1690 and settled in 1774, having also been inhabited for thousands of years by various indigenous groups. It became a province in 1905. Saskatchewan's current premier is Brad Wall and its lieutenant-governor is Vaughn Solomon Schofield. Its major industries are agriculture, mining, and energy. "In 1992, the federal and provincial governments signed a historic land claim agreement with Saskatchewan First Nations. Under the Agreement, the First Nations received money to buy land on the open market. As a result, about 761,000 acres have been turned into reserve land and many First Nations continue to invest their settlement dollars in urban areas", including Saskatoon. The province's name is derived from the Saskatchewan River. Earlier, the river was designated kisiskaciwani-sipiy ("swift flowing river") in the Cree language.

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Saskatchewan Area Codes

306 Area Code

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Abbey, SK
Aberdeen, SK
Abernethy, SK
Admiral, SK
Air Ronge, SK
Alameda, SK
Albertville, SK
Alida, SK
Allan, SK
Alsask, SK
Alticane, SK
Alvena, SK
Aneroid, SK
Annaheim, SK
Antler, SK
Arborfield, SK
Archerwill, SK
Arcola, SK
Ardath, SK
Ardill, SK
Arelee, SK
Arran, SK
Asquith, SK
Assiniboia, SK
Atwater, SK
Avonhurst, SK
Avonlea, SK
Aylesbury, SK
Aylsham, SK
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Balcarres, SK
Baldwinton, SK
Balgonie, SK
Bangor, SK
Bankend, SK
Barthel, SK
Bateman, SK
Battleford, SK
Beatty, SK
Beaubier, SK
Beauval, SK
Beaver Creek, SK
Beechy, SK
Belle Plaine, SK
Bellegarde, SK
Bengough, SK
Benson, SK
Bethune, SK
Bienfait, SK
Big Beaver, SK
Big River, SK
Biggar, SK
Birch Hills, SK
Birsay, SK
Bjorkdale, SK
Black Lake, SK
Bladworth, SK
Blaine Lake, SK
Blumenhof, SK
Borden, SK
Bracken, SK
Bradwell, SK
Bredenbury, SK
Briercrest, SK
Bright Sand, SK
Broadview, SK
Brock, SK
Brockington, SK
Broderick, SK
Bromhead, SK
Brooksby, SK
Brownlee, SK
Bruno, SK
Buchanan, SK
Buena Vista, SK
Buffalo Narrows, SK
Bulyea, SK
Burr, SK
Burstall, SK
Bushell Park, SK
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Cabri, SK
Cactus Lake, SK
Cadillac, SK
Calder, SK
Candiac, SK
Candle Lake, SK
Cando, SK
Canoe Narrows, SK
Canora, SK
Canwood, SK
Cardross, SK
Carievale, SK
Carlton, SK
Carlyle, SK
Carmel, SK
Carnduff, SK
Caron, SK
Caronport, SK
Carragana, SK
Carrot River, SK
Casa Rio, SK
Central Butte, SK
Ceylon, SK
Chamberlain, SK
Chaplin, SK
Chelan, SK
Chitek Lake, SK
Choiceland, SK
Christopher Lake, SK
Churchbridge, SK
Clair, SK
Clavet, SK
Claybank, SK
Claydon, SK
Clearwater River, SK
Climax, SK
Cochin, SK
Coderre, SK
Codette, SK
Cole Bay, SK
Coleville, SK
Colfax, SK
Colgate, SK
Colonsay, SK
Congress, SK
Conquest, SK
Consul, SK
Coppersands, SK
Corman Park, SK
Corning, SK
Coronach, SK
Courval, SK
Cowessess, SK
Craik, SK
Crane Valley, SK
Craven, SK
Creelman, SK
Creighton, SK
Crooked River, SK
Crystal Springs, SK
Cudworth, SK
Cumberland House, SK
Cupar, SK
Cut Knife, SK
Cymric, SK
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D'Arcy Station, SK
Dafoe, SK
Dalmeny, SK
Danbury, SK
Davidson, SK
Davin, SK
Debden, SK
Deer Valley, SK
Delisle, SK
Delmas, SK
Demaine, SK
Denare Beach, SK
Denholm, SK
Denzil, SK
Deschambault Lake, SK
Dilke, SK
Dillon, SK
Dinsmore, SK
Dodsland, SK
Dollard, SK
Domremy, SK
Dorintosh, SK
Drake, SK
Drinkwater, SK
Dubuc, SK
Duck Lake, SK
Duff, SK
Dummer, SK
Dundurn, SK
Duperow, SK
Duval, SK
Dysart, SK
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Eagle Ridge, SK
Earl Grey, SK
Eastend, SK
Eatonia, SK
Ebenezer, SK
Edam, SK
Edenwold, SK
Edgeley, SK
Elbow, SK
Elfros, SK
Elrose, SK
Elstow, SK
Emerald Park, SK
Endeavour, SK
Englefeld, SK
Ernfold, SK
Esterhazy, SK
Estevan, SK
Eston, SK
Evesham, SK
Eyebrow, SK
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Fairlight, SK
Fairy Glen, SK
Fenwood, SK
Ferland, SK
Fertile, SK
Fife Lake, SK
Fillmore, SK
Findlater, SK
Fir Mountain, SK
Fiske, SK
Flaxcombe, SK
Fleming, SK
Flintoft, SK
Foam Lake, SK
Fond du Lac, SK
Forget, SK
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
Fosston, SK
Fox Valley, SK
Foxford, SK
Francis, SK
Frenchman Butte, SK
Frobisher, SK
Frontier, SK
Fulda, SK
Furdale, SK
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Gainsborough, SK
Gallivan, SK
Garrick, SK
Gerald, SK
Gladmar, SK
Glaslyn, SK
Glasnevin, SK
Glen Ewen, SK
Glenavon, SK
Glenbain, SK
Glenbush, SK
Glenside, SK
Glentworth, SK
Glidden, SK
Golden Prairie, SK
Goodeve, SK
Goodsoil, SK
Goodwater, SK
Gouldtown, SK
Govan, SK
Grandora, SK
Grasswood, SK
Gravelbourg, SK
Gray, SK
Grayson, SK
Green Lake, SK
Grenfell, SK
Griffin, SK
Gronlid, SK
Guernsey, SK
Gull Lake, SK
Back to Top
Hafford, SK
Hagen, SK
Hague, SK
Halbrite, SK
Handel, SK
Hanley, SK
Harris, SK
Hawarden, SK
Hazel Dell, SK
Hazenmore, SK
Hazlet, SK
Hearne, SK
Hendon, SK
Henribourg, SK
Hepburn, SK
Herbert, SK
Herschel, SK
Heward, SK
Hodgeville, SK
Hoey, SK
Holbein, SK
Holdfast, SK
Hoosier, SK
Hubbard, SK
Hudson Bay, SK
Humboldt, SK
Hyas, SK
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Ile-a-la-Crosse, SK
Imperial, SK
Indian Head, SK
Insinger, SK
Invermay, SK
Island Lake, SK
Ituna, SK
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Jackfish Lake, SK
Jansen, SK
Jedburgh, SK
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Kamsack, SK
Kayville, SK
Keeler, SK
Kelfield, SK
Kelliher, SK
Kelvington, SK
Kenaston, SK
Kendal, SK
Kennedy, SK
Kenosee Lake, SK
Kerrobert, SK
Khedive, SK
Killaly, SK
Kincaid, SK
Kindersley, SK
Kinistino, SK
Kinley, SK
Kinoosao, SK
Kipling, SK
Kisbey, SK
Kronau, SK
Krydor, SK
Kuroki, SK
Kyle, SK
Kylemore, SK
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La Loche, SK
La Ronge, SK
Lac Vert, SK
Lacadena, SK
Lafleche, SK
Laird, SK
Lajord, SK
Lake Alma, SK
Lake Lenore, SK
Lampman, SK
Lancer, SK
Landis, SK
Lang, SK
Langbank, SK
Langenburg, SK
Langham, SK
Lanigan, SK
Laporte, SK
Lashburn, SK
Leader, SK
Leask, SK
Lebret, SK
Lemberg, SK
Leoville, SK
Leross, SK
Leroy, SK
Leslie, SK
Lestock, SK
Lewvan, SK
Liberty, SK
Liebenthal, SK
Limerick, SK
Lintlaw, SK
Lipton, SK
Lisieux, SK
Livelong, SK
Lloydminster, SK
Lockwood, SK
Lone Rock, SK
Loon Lake, SK
Loreburn, SK
Love, SK
Loverna, SK
Lucky Lake, SK
Lumsden, SK
Luseland, SK
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Macdowall, SK
Macklin, SK
Macnutt, SK
Macoun, SK
Macrorie, SK
Madison, SK
Maidstone, SK
Main Centre, SK
Major, SK
Makwa, SK
Manitou Beach, SK
Mankota, SK
Manor, SK
Mantario, SK
Maple Creek, SK
Marcelin, SK
Marengo, SK
Margo, SK
Markinch, SK
Marquis, SK
Marsden, SK
Marshall, SK
Martensville, SK
Maryfield, SK
Mayfair, SK
Maymont, SK
Mayview, SK
Mazenod, SK
McCord, SK
McLean, SK
McMahon, SK
McTaggart, SK
Meacham, SK
Meadow Lake, SK
Meath Park, SK
Medstead, SK
Melfort, SK
Melville, SK
Mendham, SK
Meota, SK
Mervin, SK
Meskanaw, SK
Meyronne, SK
Midale, SK
Middle Lake, SK
Mikado, SK
Milden, SK
Mildred, SK
Milestone, SK
Minton, SK
Mistatim, SK
Mont Nebo, SK
Montmartre, SK
Montreal Lake, SK
Moose Jaw, SK
Moosomin, SK
Morse, SK
Mortlach, SK
Mossbank, SK
Mozart, SK
Muenster, SK
Mullingar, SK
Muskoday, SK
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Naicam, SK
Neidpath, SK
Neilburg, SK
Netherhill, SK
Neudorf, SK
Neville, SK
Nipawin, SK
Nokomis, SK
Norquay, SK
North Battleford, SK
North Portal, SK
North Weyburn, SK
Nut Mountain, SK
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Odessa, SK
Ogema, SK
Okla, SK
Onion Lake, SK
Orkney, SK
Ormiston, SK
Osage, SK
Osler, SK
Oungre, SK
Outlook, SK
Oxbow, SK
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Paddockwood, SK
Pakwaw Lake, SK
Palmer, SK
Pambrun, SK
Pangman, SK
Paradise Hill, SK
Parkbeg, SK
Parkman, SK
Parkside, SK
Parry, SK
Pasqua, SK
Pathlow, SK
Patuanak, SK
Paynton, SK
Peebles, SK
Pelican Narrows, SK
Pelly, SK
Pennant Station, SK
Pense, SK
Penzance, SK
Perdue, SK
Phippen, SK
Piapot, SK
Pierceland, SK
Pilger, SK
Pilot Butte, SK
Pinehouse Lake, SK
Plato, SK
Pleasantdale, SK
Plenty, SK
Plunkett, SK
Ponteix, SK
Porcupine Plain, SK
Portreeve, SK
Prairie River, SK
Prairie View, SK
Preeceville, SK
Prelate, SK
Primate, SK
Prince Albert, SK
Prud'Homme, SK
Punnichy, SK
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Qu'Appelle, SK
Quill Lake, SK
Quinton, SK
Back to Top
Rabbit Lake, SK
Radisson, SK
Radville, SK
Rama, SK
Rapid View, SK
Raymore, SK
Red Earth, SK
Redvers, SK
Regina, SK
Regina Beach, SK
Reward, SK
Rhein, SK
Riceton, SK
Richard, SK
Richardson, SK
Richlea, SK
Richmound, SK
Ridgedale, SK
Riverhurst, SK
Riverside Estates, SK
Robsart, SK
Rocanville, SK
Rockglen, SK
Rockhaven, SK
Rokeby, SK
Rose Valley, SK
Rosetown, SK
Rosthern, SK
Rouleau, SK
Ruddell, SK
Runnymede, SK
Rush Lake, SK
Ruthilda, SK
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Saltcoats, SK
Sandy Bay, SK
Saskatoon, SK
Sceptre, SK
Scott, SK
Scout Lake, SK
Sedley, SK
Semans, SK
Senlac, SK
Shackleton, SK
Shamrock, SK
Shaunavon, SK
Sheho, SK
Shell Lake, SK
Shellbrook, SK
Shipman, SK
Silton, SK
Simmie, SK
Simpson, SK
Sintaluta, SK
Smeaton, SK
Smiley, SK
Snowden, SK
Sonningdale, SK
Southend, SK
Southey, SK
Sovereign, SK
Spalding, SK
Speers, SK
Spiritwood, SK
Spring Valley, SK
Springside, SK
Springwater, SK
Spruce Home, SK
Spruce Lake, SK
Spy Hill, SK
St Benedict, SK
St Brieux, SK
St Denis, SK
St Gregor, SK
St Isidore de Bellevue, SK
St Louis, SK
St Victor, SK
St Walburg, SK
Stalwart, SK
Stanley Mission, SK
Star City, SK
Steelman, SK
Stenen, SK
Stewart Valley, SK
Stockholm, SK
Stony Beach, SK
Stony Rapids, SK
Stornoway, SK
Storthoaks, SK
Stoughton, SK
Stranraer, SK
Strasbourg, SK
Strongfield, SK
Stump Lake, SK
Sturgeon Lake, SK
Sturgeon Landing, SK
Sturgis, SK
Success, SK
Summerberry, SK
Swift Current, SK
Sylvania, SK
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Tantallon, SK
Tessier, SK
Theodore, SK
Timber Bay, SK
Tisdale, SK
Togo, SK
Tompkins, SK
Torquay, SK
Tramping Lake, SK
Tribune, SK
Trossachs, SK
Truax, SK
Tuffnell, SK
Tugaske, SK
Turnor Lake, SK
Turtleford, SK
Tuxford, SK
Tway, SK
Tyner, SK
Tyvan, SK
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Unity, SK
Uranium City, SK
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Val Marie, SK
Vanguard, SK
Vanscoy, SK
Vawn, SK
Veregin, SK
Verwood, SK
Vibank, SK
Viceroy, SK
Victoire, SK
Vidora, SK
Viscount, SK
Vonda, SK
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Wadena, SK
Wakaw, SK
Waldeck, SK
Waldheim, SK
Waldron, SK
Wapella, SK
Warman, SK
Waseca, SK
Waskesiu Lake, SK
Waterhen Lake, SK
Watrous, SK
Watson, SK
Wauchope, SK
Wawota, SK
Webb, SK
Weekes, SK
Weirdale, SK
Weldon, SK
Welwyn, SK
West Bend, SK
Weyakwin, SK
Weyburn, SK
Whelan, SK
White Bear, SK
White City, SK
White Fox, SK
Whitecap, SK
Whitewood, SK
Wilcox, SK
Wilkie, SK
Willow Bunch, SK
Willowbrook, SK
Windthorst, SK
Wiseton, SK
Wishart, SK
Wollaston Lake, SK
Wolseley, SK
Wood Mountain, SK
Woodrow, SK
Wroxton, SK
Wymark, SK
Wynyard, SK
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Yarbo, SK
Yellow Creek, SK
Yellow Grass, SK
Yellow Quill, SK
Yorkton, SK
Young, SK
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Zealandia, SK
Zehner, SK
Zenon Park, SK
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