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Bayern (Bavaria) PLZ Postal Codes

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Bayern (Bavaria) Coat of Arms
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Bayern (Bavaria) Information

The Free State of Bavaria is a state of Germany, located in the southeast. With an area of 70,548 square kilometres (27,200 sq mi), it is the largest state by area, forming almost 20 percent of the total land area of Germany. Bavaria is Germany's second most populous state (after North Rhine-Westphalia), with 12.5 million inhabitants. Bavaria's capital and largest city is Munich, the third largest city in Germany. Bavaria is one of the oldest continuously existing states in Europe; it was established as a stem duchy in the year 907. In the 17th century, the Duke of Bavaria became a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
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Abenberg, BY
Abensberg, BY
Abraham, BY
Absberg, BY
Abtswind, BY
Achslach, BY
Adelschlag, BY
Adelsdorf, BY
Adelshofen, BY
Adelsried, BY
Adelzhausen, BY
Adligstadt, BY
Adlkofen, BY
Affing, BY
Aham, BY
Aholfing, BY
Aholming, BY
Ahorn, BY
Ahorntal, BY
Aicha vorm Wald, BY
Aichach, BY
Aichat, BY
Aichen, BY
Aidhausen, BY
Aiglsbach, BY
Aindling, BY
Ainring, BY
Aislingen, BY
Aiterhofen, BY
Aiteröd, BY
Aitrang, BY
Albaching, BY
Albertshofen, BY
Aldersbach, BY
Alerheim, BY
Alesheim, BY
Aletshausen, BY
Alfeld, BY
Algertshausen, BY
Allersberg, BY
Allershausen, BY
Alling, BY
Allmannshofen, BY
Altdorf, BY
Altdorf bei Nürnberg, BY
Alteglofsheim, BY
Altenbuch, BY
Altendorf, BY
Altenkunstadt, BY
Altenmarkt an der Alz, BY
Altenmünster, BY
Altenstadt, BY
Altenstadt an der Waldnaab, BY
Altenthann, BY
Altertheim, BY
Altfraunhofen, BY
Althegnenberg, BY
Altheimersberg, BY
Altmannstein, BY
Altomünster, BY
Altötting, BY
Altusried, BY
Alzenau, BY
Amberg, BY
Amerang, BY
Amerdingen, BY
Ammerndorf, BY
Ammerthal, BY
Amorbach, BY
Ampfing, BY
Andechs, BY
Anger, BY
Ansbach, BY
Antdorf, BY
Anzing, BY
Apfeldorf, BY
Apfeltrach, BY
Apperting, BY
Arberg, BY
Aresing, BY
Arnbruck, BY
Arnschwang, BY
Arnstein, BY
Arnstorf, BY
Arrach, BY
Arzberg, BY
Asbach-Bäumenheim, BY
Ascha, BY
Aschaffenburg, BY
Aschau am Inn, BY
Aschau im Chiemgau, BY
Aschheim, BY
Aßling, BY
Ast, BY
Attenhofen, BY
Attenkirchen, BY
Atting, BY
Atzlbach, BY
Au, BY
Au am Inn, BY
Au in der Hallertau, BY
Aub, BY
Aubstadt, BY
Auerbach, BY
Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, BY
Auerberg, BY
Aufhausen, BY
Aufseß, BY
Augsburg, BY
Auhausen, BY
Aura an der Saale, BY
Aura im Sinngrund, BY
Aurach, BY
Aurachtal, BY
Außernzell, BY
Auwies, BY
Aying, BY
Aystetten, BY
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Baar (Schwaben), BY
Baar-Ebenhausen, BY
Babenhausen, BY
Babensham, BY
Bach, BY
Bach an der Donau, BY
Bachhagel, BY
Bächingen an der Brenz, BY
Bachzelten, BY
Bad Abbach, BY
Bad Aibling, BY
Bad Alexandersbad, BY
Bad Bayersoien, BY
Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge, BY
Bad Birnbach, BY
Bad Bocklet, BY
Bad Brückenau, BY
Bad Endorf, BY
Bad Feilnbach, BY
Bad Füssing, BY
Bad Griesbach im Rottal, BY
Bad Grönenbach, BY
Bad Heilbrunn, BY
Bad Hindelang, BY
Bad Kissingen, BY
Bad Kohlgrub, BY
Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld, BY
Bad Kötzting, BY
Bad Neustadt an der Saale, BY
Bad Reichenhall, BY
Bad Rodach, BY
Bad Staffelstein, BY
Bad Steben, BY
Bad Tölz, BY
Bad Wiessee, BY
Bad Windsheim, BY
Bad Wörishofen, BY
Baierbach, BY
Baierbrunn, BY
Baiern, BY
Baiersdorf, BY
Baisweil, BY
Balderschwang, BY
Baldham, BY
Balzhausen, BY
Bamberg, BY
Barbing, BY
Bärnau, BY
Bastheim, BY
Baudenbach, BY
Baunach, BY
Bayerbach, BY
Bayerbach bei Ergoldsbach, BY
Bayerisch Eisenstein, BY
Bayerisch Gmain, BY
Bayreuth, BY
Bayrischzell, BY
Beblinstetten, BY
Bechhofen, BY
Bechtsrieth, BY
Beilngries, BY
Bellenberg, BY
Benediktbeuern, BY
Benningen, BY
Beratzhausen, BY
Berching, BY
Berchtesgaden, BY
Berg, BY
Berg bei Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, BY
Berg im Gau, BY
Bergen, BY
Bergheim, BY
Bergkirchen, BY
Berglern, BY
Bergrheinfeld, BY
Bergtheim, BY
Bernau am Chiemsee, BY
Bernbeuren, BY
Berngau, BY
Bernhardswald, BY
Bernried, BY
Bernried am Starnberger See, BY
Bessenbach, BY
Betzenhausen, BY
Betzenstein, BY
Betzigau, BY
Beutelsbach, BY
Biberbach, BY
Bibertal, BY
Biburg, BY
Bichl, BY
Bidingen, BY
Biebelried, BY
Bieberehren, BY
Biebing, BY
Biersackschlag, BY
Biessenhofen, BY
Bindlach, BY
Binswangen, BY
Birgland, BY
Birkenfeld, BY
Birnbach, BY
Bischberg, BY
Bischbrunn, BY
Bischofsgrün, BY
Bischofsheim an der Rhön, BY
Bischofsmais, BY
Bischofswiesen, BY
Bissingen, BY
Blaibach, BY
Blaichach, BY
Blankenbach, BY
Blaueishütte, BY
Blindheim, BY
Böbing, BY
Bobingen, BY
Böbrach, BY
Bockhorn, BY
Bodenkirchen, BY
Bodenmais, BY
Bodenwöhr, BY
Bodolz, BY
Bogen, BY
Böhen, BY
Böhmfeld, BY
Bolsterlang, BY
Bonstetten, BY
Boos, BY
Brand, BY
Brandfeld, BY
Brannenburg, BY
Breitbrunn, BY
Breitbrunn am Chiemsee, BY
Breitenberg, BY
Breitenbrunn, BY
Breitengüßbach, BY
Breitenthal, BY
Breitwies, BY
Brennberg, BY
Bronnerlehe, BY
Bruck, BY
Bruck in der Oberpfalz, BY
Bruckberg, BY
Bruckerhof, BY
Bruckmühl, BY
Brunn, BY
Brünndling-Alm, BY
Brunnen, BY
Brunnthal, BY
Bubenreuth, BY
Bubesheim, BY
Buch, BY
Buch am Buchrain, BY
Buch am Erlbach, BY
Buch am Wald, BY
Buchbach, BY
Buchbrunn, BY
Buchdorf, BY
Büchenbach, BY
Buchenberg, BY
Buchhofen, BY
Büchlberg, BY
Buchloe, BY
Buckenhof, BY
Bundorf, BY
Burgau, BY
Burgberg im Allgäu, BY
Burgbernheim, BY
Burgebrach, BY
Burggen, BY
Burghaslach, BY
Burghausen, BY
Burgheim, BY
Burgkirchen an der Alz, BY
Burgkunstadt, BY
Burglauer, BY
Burglengenfeld, BY
Burgoberbach, BY
Burgpreppach, BY
Burgsalach, BY
Burgsinn, BY
Bürgstadt, BY
Burgthann, BY
Burgwindheim, BY
Burk, BY
Burkardroth, BY
Burtenbach, BY
Buttenheim, BY
Buttenwiesen, BY
Bütthard, BY
Buxheim, BY
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Cadolzburg, BY
Castell, BY
Cham, BY
Chamerau, BY
Chieming, BY
Chiemsee, BY
Coburg, BY
Collenberg, BY
Colmberg, BY
Creußen, BY
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Dachau, BY
Dachsbach, BY
Dachsbergau, BY
Daiting, BY
Dammbach, BY
Dasing, BY
Deckelstein, BY
Deggendorf, BY
Deining, BY
Deiningen, BY
Deisenhausen, BY
Deisenhofen, BY
Denkendorf, BY
Denklingen, BY
Dentlein am Forst, BY
Dettelbach, BY
Deuerling, BY
Deutenried, BY
Diebach, BY
Diedorf, BY
Dießen am Ammersee, BY
Diespeck, BY
Dietenhofen, BY
Dietersburg, BY
Dietersheim, BY
Dieterskirchen, BY
Dietfurt an der Altmühl, BY
Dietmannsried, BY
Dietramszell, BY
Dillingen an der Donau, BY
Dingolfing, BY
Dingolshausen, BY
Dinkelsbühl, BY
Dinkelscherben, BY
Dirlewang, BY
Dittelbrunn, BY
Dittenheim, BY
Döhlau, BY
Dollnstein, BY
Dombühl, BY
Donaustauf, BY
Donauwörth, BY
Donnersdorf, BY
Dorfen, BY
Dörfles-Esbach, BY
Dorfprozelten, BY
Dormitz, BY
Dornhecken, BY
Drachselsried, BY
Dreifaltigkeitsberg, BY
Duggendorf, BY
Durach, BY
Dürnberg, BY
Dürrlauingen, BY
Dürrwangen, BY
Dutzenthal, BY
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Ebelsbach, BY
Ebenhausen, BY
Ebenheiderhof, BY
Ebensfeld, BY
Ebenwies, BY
Eberfing, BY
Ebermannsdorf, BY
Ebermannstadt, BY
Ebern, BY
Ebersberg, BY
Ebersdorf bei Coburg, BY
Ebershausen, BY
Ebing, BY
Ebnath, BY
Ebrach, BY
Eching, BY
Eching am Ammersee, BY
Eckental, BY
Eckersdorf, BY
Eckhütt, BY
Edelsfeld, BY
Ederheim, BY
Edling, BY
Effeltrich, BY
Egenhofen, BY
Egg an der Günz, BY
Eggenfelden, BY
Eggenthal, BY
Egglham, BY
Egglkofen, BY
Eggolsheim, BY
Eggstätt, BY
Eging am See, BY
Eglfing, BY
Egling, BY
Egling an der Paar, BY
Egloffstein, BY
Egmating, BY
Egweil, BY
Ehekirchen, BY
Ehingen, BY
Ehingen am Ries, BY
Ehrensberg, BY
Eibelstadt, BY
Eichbichl, BY
Eichenau, BY
Eichenbühl, BY
Eichendorf, BY
Eichstätt, BY
Einsbach, BY
Eiselfing, BY
Eisenberg, BY
Eisenheim, BY
Eisingen, BY
Eitensheim, BY
Eitting, BY
Elbrechting, BY
Elchingen, BY
Elfershausen, BY
Ellgau, BY
Ellingen, BY
Ellzee, BY
Elmau, BY
Elsendorf, BY
Elsenfeld, BY
Eltmann, BY
Emersacker, BY
Emmering, BY
Emmerting, BY
Emskirchen, BY
Emtmannsberg, BY
Engelsberg, BY
Engelthal, BY
Enklarn, BY
Ensdorf, BY
Entrischenbrunn, BY
Epfach, BY
Eppenschlag, BY
Eppishausen, BY
Erbendorf, BY
Erding, BY
Erdweg, BY
Eresing, BY
Ergersheim, BY
Ergolding, BY
Ergoldsbach, BY
Erharting, BY
Ering, BY
Erkheim, BY
Erlabrunn, BY
Erlachskirchen, BY
Erlangen, BY
Erlbach, BY
Erlenbach am Main, BY
Erlenbach bei Marktheidenfeld, BY
Erlenfurt, BY
Ermershausen, BY
Ernsgaden, BY
Eschau, BY
Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz, BY
Eschenlohe, BY
Eschlkam, BY
Eslarn, BY
Esselbach, BY
Essenbach, BY
Essing, BY
Estenfeld, BY
Ettal, BY
Ettenstatt, BY
Ettringen, BY
Etzelwang, BY
Etzenricht, BY
Euerbach, BY
Euerdorf, BY
Eurasburg, BY
Eußenheim, BY
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Fahrenzhausen, BY
Fahrnpoint, BY
Falkenberg, BY
Falkenfels, BY
Falkenstein, BY
Farchant, BY
Faulbach, BY
Feichten an der Alz, BY
Feilitzsch, BY
Feldafing, BY
Feldkirchen, BY
Feldkirchen-Westerham, BY
Feldmühle, BY
Fellen, BY
Fellheim, BY
Fels, BY
Fensterbach, BY
Feucht, BY
Feuchtwangen, BY
Fichtelberg, BY
Finning, BY
Finningen, BY
Finsing, BY
Fischach, BY
Fischbachau, BY
Fischen im Allgäu, BY
Flachslanden, BY
Fladungen, BY
Flintsbach am Inn, BY
Flohkraut, BY
Floß, BY
Flossenbürg, BY
Forchheim, BY
Forheim, BY
Forstern, BY
Forstinning, BY
Frammersbach, BY
Frankenwinheim, BY
Frasdorf, BY
Frauenau, BY
Frauenchiemsee, BY
Frauenneuharting, BY
Fraunberg, BY
Freihung, BY
Freilassing, BY
Freising, BY
Fremdingen, BY
Frensdorf, BY
Freudenberg, BY
Freudenheim, BY
Freystadt, BY
Freyung, BY
Frickenhausen am Main, BY
Fridolfing, BY
Friedberg, BY
Friedenfels, BY
Friedrichshof, BY
Friesenried, BY
Frimberg, BY
Frohnloh, BY
Frontenhausen, BY
Fuchsenmühle, BY
Fuchshof, BY
Fuchsmühl, BY
Fuchsstadt, BY
Fuchssteig, BY
Fuchstal, BY
Fünfstetten, BY
Fürnsbach, BY
Fürsteneck, BY
Fürstenfeldbruck, BY
Fürstenstein, BY
Fürstenzell, BY
Furth, BY
Furth im Wald, BY
Füssen, BY
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Gabermühle, BY
Gablingen, BY
Gachenbach, BY
Gädheim, BY
Gaimersheim, BY
Gaißach, BY
Gaisberg, BY
Gallmersgarten, BY
Gammelsdorf, BY
Gangkofen, BY
Gänsberg, BY
Garching an der Alz, BY
Garching bei München, BY
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, BY
Gars am Inn, BY
Gars Bahnhof, BY
Gattendorf, BY
Gaukönigshofen, BY
Gauting, BY
Gebenbach, BY
Gebsattel, BY
Gefrees, BY
Geiersthal, BY
Geigant, BY
Geiselbach, BY
Geiselhöring, BY
Geiselwind, BY
Geisenfeld, BY
Geisenhausen, BY
Gelchsheim, BY
Geldersheim, BY
Geltendorf, BY
Gemünden am Main, BY
Genderkingen, BY
Georgenberg, BY
Georgensgmünd, BY
Gerach, BY
Geratskirchen, BY
Gerblinghausen, BY
Gerbrunn, BY
Gerer, BY
Geretsried, BY
Gerhardshofen, BY
Germaringen, BY
Germering, BY
Geroda, BY
Gerold, BY
Geroldsgrün, BY
Geroldshausen, BY
Gerolfingen, BY
Gerolsbach, BY
Gerolzhofen, BY
Gersdorf, BY
Gersthofen, BY
Gerzen, BY
Gesees, BY
Geslau, BY
Gessertshausen, BY
Gestratz, BY
Giebelstadt, BY
Gierstling, BY
Giggenhausen, BY
Gilching, BY
Glashütte, BY
Glashütten, BY
Glattbach, BY
Gleiritsch, BY
Gleißenberg, BY
Glonn, BY
Glött, BY
Gmund am Tegernsee, BY
Gnotzheim, BY
Gochsheim, BY
Goldbach, BY
Goldkronach, BY
Gollhofen, BY
Görisried, BY
Gössenheim, BY
Gößweinstein, BY
Gotteszell, BY
Gottfrieding, BY
Graben, BY
Grabenhäusl, BY
Grabenstätt, BY
Grabenstoffl, BY
Gräfelfing, BY
Grafenanger, BY
Grafenau, BY
Gräfenberg, BY
Gräfendorf, BY
Grafengehaig, BY
Grafenrheinfeld, BY
Grafenwiesen, BY
Grafenwöhr, BY
Grafing bei München, BY
Grafling, BY
Grafrath, BY
Grainau, BY
Grainet, BY
Grasbrunn, BY
Grassau, BY
Grattersdorf, BY
Greding, BY
Greifenberg, BY
Greiling, BY
Gremsdorf, BY
Grettstadt, BY
Greußenheim, BY
Griesstätt, BY
Gröbenzell, BY
Großaitingen, BY
Großbardorf, BY
Großeibstadt, BY
Großenseebach, BY
Großhabersdorf, BY
Großheirath, BY
Großheubach, BY
Großkarolinenfeld, BY
Großlangheim, BY
Großmehring, BY
Großostheim, BY
Großwallstadt, BY
Großweil, BY
Großwiesenhof, BY
Grub, BY
Grub am Forst, BY
Grünenbach, BY
Grünwald, BY
Gschwend, BY
Gstadt am Chiemsee, BY
Gumpenweiler, BY
Gundelfingen an der Donau, BY
Gundelsheim, BY
Gundremmingen, BY
Güntersleben, BY
Günzach, BY
Günzburg, BY
Gunzenhausen, BY
Guteneck, BY
Gutenstetten, BY
Guttenberg, BY
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Haag, BY
Haag an der Amper, BY
Haag in Oberbayern, BY
Haar, BY
Haarbach, BY
Habach, BY
Habaching, BY
Hachtsee, BY
Hackermoos, BY
Hafenlohr, BY
Hagelstadt, BY
Hagenberg, BY
Hagenbüchach, BY
Hahnbach, BY
Haibach, BY
Haiden, BY
Haidmühle, BY
Haimhausen, BY
Haiming, BY
Hainsfarth, BY
Halblech, BY
Haldenwang, BY
Halfing, BY
Hallbergmoos, BY
Hallerndorf, BY
Hallstadt, BY
Halsbach, BY
Hammelburg, BY
Happurg, BY
Harburg (Schwaben), BY
Hardt, BY
Harres, BY
Harsdorf, BY
Hartenstein, BY
Harthof, BY
Haselbach, BY
Haßfurt, BY
Hasloch, BY
Hattenhofen, BY
Haundorf, BY
Haunsheim, BY
Hausen, BY
Hausen bei Würzburg, BY
Hausham, BY
Hauzenberg, BY
Hawangen, BY
Hebertsfelden, BY
Hebertshausen, BY
Heideck, BY
Heidenheim, BY
Heigenbrücken, BY
Heiligenstadt in Oberfranken, BY
Heilsbronn, BY
Heimbuchenthal, BY
Heimenkirch, BY
Heimertingen, BY
Heimgarten, BY
Heinersreuth, BY
Heinrichsthal, BY
Heldenstein, BY
Helmbrechts, BY
Helmstadt, BY
Hemau, BY
Hemhofen, BY
Hemmersheim, BY
Hendungen, BY
Henfenfeld, BY
Hengersberg, BY
Hepberg, BY
Herbstadt, BY
Heretsried, BY
Hergatz, BY
Hergensweiler, BY
Hergolding, BY
Heroldsbach, BY
Heroldsberg, BY
Herrenchiemsee, BY
Herrieden, BY
Herrngiersdorf, BY
Herrsching am Ammersee, BY
Hersbruck, BY
Herzogenaurach, BY
Herzogstand, BY
Heßdorf, BY
Hessenmühle, BY
Hettenshausen, BY
Hettstadt, BY
Hetzenhausen, BY
Hetzles, BY
Heubelsburg, BY
Heustreu, BY
Heuwinkl, BY
Hilgertshausen-Tandern, BY
Hilpoltstein, BY
Hiltenfingen, BY
Hiltpoltstein, BY
Himmelkron, BY
Himmelstadt, BY
Hinterbug, BY
Hinterleiten, BY
Hinterloh, BY
Hinterschmiding, BY
Hirschaid, BY
Hirschau, BY
Hirschbach, BY
Hirschegg, BY
Hitzhofen, BY
Höchberg, BY
Hochbuch, BY
Hochfellnhaus, BY
Hochgernhaus, BY
Höchheim, BY
Hochhorn, BY
Hochstadt am Main, BY
Höchstadt an der Aisch, BY
Höchstädt an der Donau, BY
Höchstädt im Fichtelgebirge, BY
Hochstraß, BY
Hof, BY
Hofheim, BY
Hofheim in Unterfranken, BY
Hofkirchen, BY
Hofstetten, BY
Hohenaltheim, BY
Hohenau, BY
Hohenberg an der Eger, BY
Hohenbrunn, BY
Hohenburg, BY
Hohenfels, BY
Hohenfurch, BY
Hohenkammer, BY
Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, BY
Hohenlinden, BY
Hohenpeißenberg, BY
Hohenpolding, BY
Hohenroth, BY
Hohenschäftlarn, BY
Höhenstein, BY
Hohenthann, BY
Hohenwart, BY
Hohenwarth, BY
Hollenbach, BY
Hollfeld, BY
Höllhammer, BY
Hollstadt, BY
Höllthal, BY
Holzgünz, BY
Holzhauser Eck, BY
Holzheim, BY
Holzheim am Forst, BY
Holzkirchen, BY
Holzmühle, BY
Hopferau, BY
Hopfgarten, BY
Hörbering, BY
Horgau, BY
Hörgertshausen, BY
Horn, BY
Hösbach, BY
Höslwang, BY
Höttingen, BY
Huglfing, BY
Huisheim, BY
Hüll, BY
Hummeltal, BY
Hunderdorf, BY
Hunding, BY
Hundsrück, BY
Hurlach, BY
Hurtingöd, BY
Hutthurm, BY
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Ichenhausen, BY
Icking, BY
Iffeldorf, BY
Igensdorf, BY
Iggensbach, BY
Igling, BY
Ihrlerstein, BY
Illertissen, BY
Illesheim, BY
Illschwang, BY
Ilmmünster, BY
Immenreuth, BY
Immenstadt im Allgäu, BY
Inchenhofen, BY
Ingenried, BY
Ingolstadt, BY
Innernzell, BY
Inning am Ammersee, BY
Inning am Holz, BY
Insingen, BY
Inzell, BY
Iphofen, BY
Ippesheim, BY
Ipsheim, BY
Irchenrieth, BY
Irlbach, BY
Irschenberg, BY
Irsee, BY
Isen, BY
Ismaning, BY
Issigau, BY
Itzgrund, BY
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Jachenau, BY
Jagdschloß Thiergarten, BY
Jahnhöhe, BY
Jandelsbrunn, BY
Jengen, BY
Jesenwang, BY
Jettenbach, BY
Jettenhausen, BY
Jettingen-Scheppach, BY
Jetzendorf, BY
Johannesberg, BY
Johanniskirchen, BY
Julbach, BY
Jungholz, BY
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Kahl am Main, BY
Kaisheim, BY
Kalchreuth, BY
Kallmünz, BY
Kaltbuch, BY
Kaltenbrunn, BY
Kaltental, BY
Kammeltal, BY
Kammerstein, BY
Kammlach, BY
Karbach, BY
Kärlingerhaus, BY
Karlsfeld, BY
Karlshof, BY
Karlshöhe, BY
Karlshuld, BY
Karlskron, BY
Karlstadt, BY
Karlstein am Main, BY
Karsbach, BY
Karthause Grünau, BY
Kasendorf, BY
Kasten, BY
Kastl, BY
Kaufbeuren, BY
Kaufering, BY
Kelheim, BY
Kellmünz an der Iller, BY
Kemmern, BY
Kemnath, BY
Kempten, BY
Kendl, BY
Kettershausen, BY
Kiefersfelden, BY
Kienberg, BY
Kinding, BY
Kinsau, BY
Kipfenberg, BY
Kirchanschöring, BY
Kirchberg, BY
Kirchberg im Wald, BY
Kirchdorf, BY
Kirchdorf am Inn, BY
Kirchdorf an der Amper, BY
Kirchdorf im Wald, BY
Kirchehrenbach, BY
Kirchendemenreuth, BY
Kirchenlamitz, BY
Kirchenpingarten, BY
Kirchensittenbach, BY
Kirchenthumbach, BY
Kirchham, BY
Kirchhaslach, BY
Kirchheim, BY
Kirchheim bei München, BY
Kirchheim in Schwaben, BY
Kirchlauter, BY
Kirchroth, BY
Kirchseeon, BY
Kirchweidach, BY
Kirchzell, BY
Kirschfurt, BY
Kissing, BY
Kist, BY
Kitzingen, BY
Klais, BY
Klaubmühle, BY
Kleinaitingen, BY
Kleinaschau, BY
Kleinheubach, BY
Kleinkahl, BY
Kleinlangheim, BY
Kleinostheim, BY
Kleinrinderfeld, BY
Kleinsendelbach, BY
Kleinwallstadt, BY
Klingenberg am Main, BY
Kloster Schäftlarn, BY
Kloster St Ludwig, BY
Klosterlechfeld, BY
Knetzgau, BY
Kochel am See, BY
Köditz, BY
Ködnitz, BY
Köfering, BY
Kohlberg, BY
Kohlmühle, BY
Kolbermoor, BY
Kolitzheim, BY
Kollnburg, BY
Königsberg in Bayern, BY
Königsbrunn, BY
Königsdorf, BY
Königsfeld, BY
Königsmoos, BY
Königstein, BY
Konnersreuth, BY
Konradsreuth, BY
Konzell, BY
Köppelmühle, BY
Kösching, BY
Köschinger Waldhaus, BY
Kößlarn, BY
Kottgeisering, BY
Kötz, BY
Kraftisried, BY
Kraiburg am Inn, BY
Krailling, BY
Krainwinkl, BY
Kranzbach, BY
Kranzberg, BY
Krautenberg, BY
Kreut, BY
Kreuth, BY
Kreuzpullach, BY
Kreuzwertheim, BY
Krombach, BY
Kronach, BY
Kronberg, BY
Kronburg, BY
Kröning, BY
Krücklham, BY
Krumbach (Schwaben), BY
Krummennaab, BY
Krün, BY
Kühbach, BY
Kühlenthal, BY
Kulmain, BY
Kulmbach, BY
Kumhausen, BY
Kümmersbruck, BY
Kunreuth, BY
Künzing, BY
Kupferberg, BY
Küps, BY
Kürnach, BY
Kutzenhausen, BY
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Laaber, BY
Laberweinting, BY
Lachen, BY
Lalling, BY
Lam, BY
Lamerdingen, BY
Landau an der Isar, BY
Landensberg, BY
Landsberg am Lech, BY
Landsberied, BY
Landshut, BY
Langdorf, BY
Langenaltheim, BY
Langenbach, BY
Langenfeld, BY
Langenmosen, BY
Langenneufnach, BY
Langenpreising, BY
Langensendelbach, BY
Langenzenn, BY
Langerringen, BY
Langfurth, BY
Langquaid, BY
Langweid am Lech, BY
Lappersdorf, BY
Lauben, BY
Laudenbach, BY
Lauf an der Pegnitz, BY
Laufach, BY
Laufen, BY
Laufzorn, BY
Laugna, BY
Lauingen (Donau), BY
Lauter, BY
Lauterhofen, BY
Lautertal, BY
Lautrach, BY
Lechbruck am See, BY
Legau, BY
Lehmberg, BY
Lehner, BY
Lehrberg, BY
Leiblfing, BY
Leidersbach, BY
Leinach, BY
Leinburg, BY
Leipheim, BY
Leiten, BY
Lengdorf, BY
Lengenwang, BY
Lengersau, BY
Lenggries, BY
Lenting, BY
Leonberg, BY
Leuchtenberg, BY
Leupoldsgrün, BY
Leutenbach, BY
Leutershausen, BY
Lichtenau, BY
Lichtenberg, BY
Lichtenfels, BY
Lindau (Bodensee), BY
Lindberg, BY
Linden, BY
Lindenberg im Allgäu, BY
Lindenhof, BY
Linkersbaindt, BY
Lisberg, BY
Litzendorf, BY
Loch, BY
Lohberg, BY
Lohen, BY
Lohkirchen, BY
Lohr am Main, BY
Loiching, BY
Loitzendorf, BY
Lonnerstadt, BY
Ludwigschorgast, BY
Ludwigsstadt, BY
Lug, BY
Luhe-Wildenau, BY
Lülsfeld, BY
Lupburg, BY
Lutzingen, BY
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Mähring, BY
Maierhöfen, BY
Maihingen, BY
Mailham, BY
Mainaschaff, BY
Mainbernheim, BY
Mainburg, BY
Mainleus, BY
Mainstockheim, BY
Mairing, BY
Maisach, BY
Maitenbeth, BY
Malching, BY
Malgersdorf, BY
Malleichen, BY
Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, BY
Mammendorf, BY
Mamming, BY
Manching, BY
Mantel, BY
Margetshöchheim, BY
Mariaposching, BY
Markertsgrün, BY
Marklkofen, BY
Markt Berolzheim, BY
Markt Bibart, BY
Markt Einersheim, BY
Markt Erlbach, BY
Markt Indersdorf, BY
Markt Nordheim, BY
Markt Rettenbach, BY
Markt Schwaben, BY
Markt Taschendorf, BY
Markt Wald, BY
Marktbergel, BY
Marktbreit, BY
Marktgraitz, BY
Marktheidenfeld, BY
Marktl, BY
Marktleugast, BY
Marktleuthen, BY
Marktoberdorf, BY
Marktoffingen, BY
Marktredwitz, BY
Marktrodach, BY
Marktschellenberg, BY
Marktschorgast, BY
Marktsteft, BY
Marktzeuln, BY
Marloffstein, BY
Maroldsweisach, BY
Marquartstein, BY
Martinsheim, BY
Marxheim, BY
Marzling, BY
Maßbach, BY
Massenhausen, BY
Massing, BY
Mauern, BY
Mauerreuten, BY
Mauerstetten, BY
Mauth, BY
Mauthaus, BY
Maxberg, BY
Maxhütte-Haidhof, BY
Medlingen, BY
Meeder, BY
Megesheim, BY
Mehlmeisel, BY
Mehring, BY
Meinheim, BY
Meitingen, BY
Mellrichstadt, BY
Memmelsdorf, BY
Memmingen, BY
Memmingerberg, BY
Mengkofen, BY
Merching, BY
Mering, BY
Merkendorf, BY
Mertingen, BY
Mespelbrunn, BY
Metten, BY
Mettenheim, BY
Michelau im Steigerwald, BY
Michelau in Oberfranken, BY
Michelsneukirchen, BY
Mickhausen, BY
Miesbach, BY
Miltach, BY
Miltenberg, BY
Mindelheim, BY
Mindelstetten, BY
Minderleinsmühle, BY
Mintraching, BY
Missen-Wilhams, BY
Mistelbach, BY
Mistelgau, BY
Mittelberg, BY
Mitteleschenbach, BY
Mittelneufnach, BY
Mittelschieda, BY
Mittelsinn, BY
Mittelstetten, BY
Mittenwald, BY
Mitterfels, BY
Mittergars, BY
Mitterleiten, BY
Mitterskirchen, BY
Mitterstatt, BY
Mitterteich, BY
Mitwitz, BY
Mödingen, BY
Möhrendorf, BY
Mömbris, BY
Mömlingen, BY
Mönchberg, BY
Mönchsdeggingen, BY
Mönchsroth, BY
Monheim, BY
Moorenweis, BY
Moos, BY
Moosach, BY
Moosbach, BY
Moosburg an der Isar, BY
Moosen, BY
Moosinning, BY
Moosmühle, BY
Moosthenning, BY
Mörnsheim, BY
Motten, BY
Möttingen, BY
Mötzing, BY
Mühldorf am Inn, BY
Mühlhausen, BY
Mühlpoint, BY
Muhr am See, BY
Münchberg, BY
München, BY
München-Flughafen, BY
Münchsmünster, BY
Münchsteinach, BY
Münnerstadt, BY
Munningen, BY
Münsing, BY
Münster, BY
Münsterhausen, BY
Murnau am Staffelsee, BY
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Nabburg, BY
Nagel, BY
Naila, BY
Nandlstadt, BY
Nassenfels, BY
Nennslingen, BY
Nersingen, BY
Nesselwang, BY
Neu-Ulm, BY
Neualbenreuth, BY
Neubeuern, BY
Neubiberg, BY
Neubrunn, BY
Neuburg am Inn, BY
Neuburg an der Donau, BY
Neuburg an der Kammel, BY
Neuching, BY
Neudrossenfeld, BY
Neuendettelsau, BY
Neuendorf, BY
Neuenmarkt, BY
Neufahrn bei Freising, BY
Neufahrn in Niederbayern, BY
Neufarn, BY
Neufraunhofen, BY
Neuhaus am Inn, BY
Neuhaus an der Pegnitz, BY
Neuhof an der Zenn, BY
Neuhütten, BY
Neukirchen, BY
Neukirchen am Teisenberg, BY
Neukirchen bei Heiligen Blut, BY
Neukirchen bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg, BY
Neukirchen vorm Wald, BY
Neukirchen-Balbini, BY
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, BY
Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, BY
Neunburg vorm Wald, BY
Neunkirchen, BY
Neunkirchen am Brand, BY
Neunkirchen am Sand, BY
Neuötting, BY
Neureichenau, BY
Neuried, BY
Neusäß, BY
Neuschönau, BY
Neusitz, BY
Neusorg, BY
Neustadt am Kulm, BY
Neustadt am Main, BY
Neustadt an der Aisch, BY
Neustadt an der Donau, BY
Neustadt an der Waldnaab, BY
Neustadt bei Coburg, BY
Neutraubling, BY
Niederaichbach, BY
Niederalteich, BY
Niederbergkirchen, BY
Niederfüllbach, BY
Niederlauer, BY
Niedermurach, BY
Niedernberg, BY
Niederrieden, BY
Niederschönenfeld, BY
Niedertaufkirchen, BY
Niederviehbach, BY
Niederwerrn, BY
Niederwinkling, BY
Nittenau, BY
Nittendorf, BY
Nonnenhorn, BY
Nordendorf, BY
Nordhalben, BY
Nordheim am Main, BY
Nordheim vor der Rhön, BY
Nördlingen, BY
Nüdlingen, BY
Nürnberg, BY
Nußdorf, BY
Nußdorf am Inn, BY
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Oberachthal, BY
Oberammergau, BY
Oberasbach, BY
Oberau, BY
Oberaudorf, BY
Oberaurach, BY
Oberbergkirchen, BY
Oberbiberg, BY
Oberdachstetten, BY
Oberdill, BY
Oberding, BY
Oberdolling, BY
Obereinöd, BY
Oberelsbach, BY
Obergriesbach, BY
Obergünzburg, BY
Oberhaching, BY
Oberhaid, BY
Oberhausen, BY
Oberhof, BY
Oberholzhäuseln, BY
Oberickelsheim, BY
Oberkotzau, BY
Oberleichtersbach, BY
Oberlindberg, BY
Obermaiselstein, BY
Obermeitingen, BY
Obermichelbach, BY
Obernach, BY
Obernbreit, BY
Obernburg am Main, BY
Oberndorf am Lech, BY
Oberneukirchen, BY
Obernzell, BY
Obernzenn, BY
Oberostendorf, BY
Oberottmarshausen, BY
Oberpframmern, BY
Oberpleichfeld, BY
Oberpöring, BY
Oberreichenbach, BY
Oberreut, BY
Oberreute, BY
Oberrieden, BY
Oberroth, BY
Oberscheinfeld, BY
Oberschleißheim, BY
Oberschneiding, BY
Oberschönegg, BY
Oberschwarzach, BY
Oberschweinbach, BY
Obersinn, BY
Obersöchering, BY
Oberstaufen, BY
Oberstdorf, BY
Oberstreu, BY
Obersüßbach, BY
Obertaufkirchen, BY
Oberthulba, BY
Obertraubling, BY
Obertrubach, BY
Oberviechtach, BY
Obing, BY
Ochsenfurt, BY
Odelzhausen, BY
Ödenbach, BY
Ödenpullach, BY
Oed, BY
Oerlenbach, BY
Oettingen in Bayern, BY
Offenberg, BY
Offenhausen, BY
Offingen, BY
Ofterschwang, BY
Ohlstadt, BY
Ohrenbach, BY
Olching, BY
Opfenbach, BY
Ornbau, BY
Ortenburg, BY
Osterberg, BY
Osterhofen, BY
Osterwald, BY
Osterzell, BY
Ostheim vor der Rhön, BY
Ottenhofen, BY
Ottensoos, BY
Otterfing, BY
Otting, BY
Ottobeuren, BY
Ottobrunn, BY
Otzing, BY
Oy-Mittelberg, BY
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Pähl, BY
Painten, BY
Palling, BY
Pappenheim, BY
Parkstein, BY
Parkstetten, BY
Parsberg, BY
Parschall, BY
Parsdorf, BY
Partenstein, BY
Passau, BY
Pastetten, BY
Patersdorf, BY
Paunzhausen, BY
Pechbrunn, BY
Pegnitz, BY
Peißenberg, BY
Peiting, BY
Pemfling, BY
Pentenried, BY
Pentling, BY
Penzberg, BY
Penzing, BY
Perach, BY
Perasdorf, BY
Perkam, BY
Perlesreut, BY
Peterhof, BY
Petersaurach, BY
Petersdorf, BY
Petershausen, BY
Pettendorf, BY
Petting, BY
Pettstadt, BY
Pfaffenhausen, BY
Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn, BY
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, BY
Pfaffenhofen an der Roth, BY
Pfaffing, BY
Pfakofen, BY
Pfarrkirchen, BY
Pfarrweisach, BY
Pfatter, BY
Pfeffenhausen, BY
Pfenninghof, BY
Pflaumdorf, BY
Pfofeld, BY
Pförring, BY
Pforzen, BY
Pfreimd, BY
Pfronten, BY
Philippsreut, BY
Piding, BY
Pielenhofen, BY
Pilsach, BY
Pilsting, BY
Pinzberg, BY
Pirk, BY
Pittenhart, BY
Planegg, BY
Plankenfels, BY
Plattele, BY
Plattling, BY
Plech, BY
Pleinfeld, BY
Pleiskirchen, BY
Pleß, BY
Pleystein, BY
Pliening, BY
Plößberg, BY
Pöcking, BY
Poing, BY
Point, BY
Pollenfeld, BY
Polling, BY
Polsingen, BY
Pommelsbrunn, BY
Pommersfelden, BY
Poppenhausen, BY
Poppenricht, BY
Pörnbach, BY
Pösing, BY
Postau, BY
Postbauer-Heng, BY
Posthof, BY
Postmünster, BY
Pottenstein, BY
Pöttmes, BY
Poxdorf, BY
Prackenbach, BY
Prambach, BY
Prebitz, BY
Prem, BY
Pressath, BY
Presseck, BY
Pressig, BY
Pretzfeld, BY
Prichsenstadt, BY
Prien am Chiemsee, BY
Priesendorf, BY
Prittriching, BY
Prosselsheim, BY
Prutting, BY
Püchersreuth, BY
Puchheim, BY
Pullach im Isartal, BY
Pullenreuth, BY
Purfing, BY
Pürgen, BY
Purtschellerhaus, BY
Puschendorf, BY
Putzbrunn, BY
Pyrbaum, BY
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Rain, BY
Rainer, BY
Raisting, BY
Raitenbuch, BY
Ramerberg, BY
Rammingen, BY
Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, BY
Ramsthal, BY
Randersacker, BY
Rannungen, BY
Rattelsdorf, BY
Rattenberg, BY
Rattenkirchen, BY
Rattiszell, BY
Raubling, BY
Rauhenebrach, BY
Realsmühle, BY
Rechtenbach, BY
Rechtmehring, BY
Reckendorf, BY
Rednitzhembach, BY
Redwitz an der Rodach, BY
Regen, BY
Regensburg, BY
Regenstauf, BY
Regnitzlosau, BY
Rehau, BY
Rehbruck, BY
Rehling, BY
Reichelshof, BY
Reichenbach, BY
Reichenberg, BY
Reichenschwand, BY
Reichersbeuern, BY
Reichertshausen, BY
Reichertsheim, BY
Reichertshofen, BY
Reichling, BY
Reigersberg, BY
Reimlingen, BY
Reinhardswinden, BY
Reinthal, BY
Reisbach, BY
Reischach, BY
Reiser, BY
Reisgang, BY
Reisleite, BY
Reit im Winkl, BY
Reitmehring, BY
Reitrain, BY
Remlingen, BY
Rennertshofen, BY
Rentweinsdorf, BY
Rettenbach, BY
Rettenbach am Auerberg, BY
Rettenberg, BY
Retzstadt, BY
Reut, BY
Reuth bei Erbendorf, BY
Ried, BY
Riedbach, BY
Rieden, BY
Rieden am Forggensee, BY
Riedenberg, BY
Riedenburg, BY
Riedenheim, BY
Riedering, BY
Riedlhütte, BY
Riegsee, BY
Riekofen, BY
Riemerling, BY
Rieneck, BY
Riezlern, BY
Rimbach, BY
Rimpar, BY
Rimsting, BY
Rinchnach, BY
Ringelai, BY
Ringsee, BY
Röckingen, BY
Rödelmaier, BY
Rödelsee, BY
Roden, BY
Rödental, BY
Roding, BY
Röfingen, BY
Roggenburg, BY
Roggenstein, BY
Rögling, BY
Rohr, BY
Rohr in Niederbayern, BY
Rohrbach, BY
Rohrdorf, BY
Rohrenfels, BY
Röhrmoos, BY
Röhrnbach, BY
Roll, BY
Röllbach, BY
Rollhäusl, BY
Ronsberg, BY
Roßbach, BY
Rosenheim, BY
Roßhaupten, BY
Roßlaich, BY
Röslau, BY
Roßtal, BY
Roth, BY
Röthenbach, BY
Röthenbach an der Pegnitz, BY
Rothenbuch, BY
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, BY
Rothenfels, BY
Röthlein, BY
Rott, BY
Rott am Inn, BY
Rottach-Egern, BY
Röttenbach, BY
Rottenbuch, BY
Rottenburg an der Laaber, BY
Rottendorf, BY
Rotthalmünster, BY
Röttingen, BY
Rotwandhaus, BY
Rötz, BY
Rückersdorf, BY
Rückholz, BY
Rudelzhausen, BY
Rüdenau, BY
Rüdenhausen, BY
Ruderatshofen, BY
Ruderting, BY
Rugendorf, BY
Rügland, BY
Ruhmannsfelden, BY
Ruhpolding, BY
Ruhstorf an der Rott, BY
Runding, BY
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Saal an der Donau, BY
Saal an der Saale, BY
Saaldorf-Surheim, BY
Sachsen bei Ansbach, BY
Sachsenkam, BY
Sailauf, BY
Salching, BY
Saldenburg, BY
Salgen, BY
Salz, BY
Salzburg, BY
Salzweg, BY
Samerberg, BY
Sand am Main, BY
Sandberg, BY
Sansenhof, BY
Sattlthambach, BY
Sauerlach, BY
Saulgrub, BY
Schachahof, BY
Schachen, BY
Schäftlarn, BY
Schaibmaierhof, BY
Schaidenhausen, BY
Schalkham, BY
Schauenstein, BY
Schaufling, BY
Schaurach, BY
Schechen, BY
Scheidegg, BY
Scheinfeld, BY
Schernfeld, BY
Scherstetten, BY
Scheßlitz, BY
Scheuring, BY
Scheyern, BY
Schierling, BY
Schillingsfürst, BY
Schiltberg, BY
Schirmitz, BY
Schirnding, BY
Schlammersdorf, BY
Schleching, BY
Schlehdorf, BY
Schleifmühle, BY
Schleifthor, BY
Schliersee, BY
Schlüsselfeld, BY
Schmidgaden, BY
Schmidmühlen, BY
Schmiechen, BY
Schmölz, BY
Schnabelwaid, BY
Schnackenwöhr, BY
Schnaidt, BY
Schnaitsee, BY
Schnaittach, BY
Schnaittenbach, BY
Schneckenlohe, BY
Schneeberg, BY
Schneefernerhaus, BY
Schneizlreuth, BY
Schnelldorf, BY
Schochen, BY
Schöchleinsmühle, BY
Schöfweg, BY
Schollbrunn, BY
Schöllkrippen, BY
Schöllnach, BY
Schönau, BY
Schönau am Königssee, BY
Schönau an der Brend, BY
Schönberg, BY
Schönbrunn im Steigerwald, BY
Schondorf am Ammersee, BY
Schondra, BY
Schongau, BY
Schöngeising, BY
Schönsee, BY
Schonstett, BY
Schönthal, BY
Schonungen, BY
Schönwald, BY
Schopfloch, BY
Schörghof, BY
Schorndorf, BY
Schottersmühle, BY
Schrobenhausen, BY
Schuhegg, BY
Schütz, BY
Schwabach, BY
Schwabbruck, BY
Schwabhausen, BY
Schwabmünchen, BY
Schwabsoien, BY
Schwaig bei Nürnberg, BY
Schwaigen, BY
Schwammgraben, BY
Schwandorf, BY
Schwanfeld, BY
Schwangau, BY
Schwanstetten, BY
Schwarzach, BY
Schwarzach am Main, BY
Schwarzach bei Nabburg, BY
Schwarzenbach, BY
Schwarzenbach am Wald, BY
Schwarzenbach an der Saale, BY
Schwarzenberg, BY
Schwarzenbruck, BY
Schwarzenfeld, BY
Schwarzhofen, BY
Schwebheim, BY
Schweinfurt, BY
Schweinfurter Haus, BY
Schweitenkirchen, BY
Schwellhäusl, BY
Schwenningen, BY
Schwifting, BY
Schwindegg, BY
Seebruck, BY
Seefeld, BY
Seeg, BY
Seehausen am Staffelsee, BY
Seeon, BY
Seeshaupt, BY
Seewiesen, BY
Segnitz, BY
Seinsheim, BY
Selb, BY
Selbitz, BY
Seligweiler, BY
Senden, BY
Sengenthal, BY
Sennfeld, BY
Seßlach, BY
Seubersdorf in der Oberpfalz, BY
Seukendorf, BY
Seybothenreuth, BY
Siegenburg, BY
Siegsdorf, BY
Sielenbach, BY
Sigmarszell, BY
Simbach, BY
Simbach am Inn, BY
Simmelsdorf, BY
Simmershofen, BY
Sindelsdorf, BY
Sinzing, BY
Söchtenau, BY
Solnhofen, BY
Sommerach, BY
Sommerhausen, BY
Sommerkahl, BY
Sonderhof, BY
Sonderhofen, BY
Sondheim vor der Rhön, BY
Sonnefeld, BY
Sonnen, BY
Sontheim, BY
Sonthofen, BY
Soyen, BY
Spalt, BY
Spardorf, BY
Sparneck, BY
Spatzenhausen, BY
Speichersdorf, BY
Speinshart, BY
Spiegelau, BY
Spitalhaus, BY
Spittenreut, BY
Spitzau, BY
Sprung, BY
St. Englmar, BY
St. Georgen, BY
St. Oswald, BY
St. Ottilien, BY
St. Wolfgang, BY
Stadelhofen, BY
Stadl, BY
Stadlern, BY
Stadtbergen, BY
Stadtlauringen, BY
Stadtprozelten, BY
Stadtsteinach, BY
Stallwang, BY
Stammbach, BY
Stammham, BY
Stampfl, BY
Stamsried, BY
Starnberg, BY
Staudach-Egerndach, BY
Stegaurach, BY
Stein, BY
Stein an der Traun, BY
Steinach, BY
Steinau, BY
Steinbach am Wald, BY
Steinberg am See, BY
Steindorf, BY
Steinfeld, BY
Steingaden, BY
Steingraben, BY
Steinhöring, BY
Steinkirchen, BY
Steinrab, BY
Steinsfeld, BY
Steinwiesen, BY
Stephanskirchen, BY
Stephansposching, BY
Stetten, BY
Stettfeld, BY
Stiefenhofen, BY
Stockdorf, BY
Stockheim, BY
Stockstadt am Main, BY
Stöhrhaus, BY
Störnstein, BY
Stötten am Auerberg, BY
Stöttwang, BY
Strahlungen, BY
Straßkirchen, BY
Straßlach-Dingharting, BY
Straubing, BY
Streitberg, BY
Strullendorf, BY
Strußberg, BY
Stubenberg, BY
Stulln, BY
Sugenheim, BY
Sulzbach am Main, BY
Sulzbach-Rosenberg, BY
Sulzberg, BY
Sulzdorf an der Lederhecke, BY
Sulzemoos, BY
Sulzfeld, BY
Sulzfeld am Main, BY
Sulzheim, BY
Sulzthal, BY
Sünching, BY
Surberg, BY
Syrgenstein, BY
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Tacherting, BY
Taching am See, BY
Tagmersheim, BY
Tann, BY
Tännesberg, BY
Tanzenhaid, BY
Tapfheim, BY
Tauberrettersheim, BY
Taufkirchen, BY
Taufkirchen (Vils), BY
Tegernau, BY
Tegernheim, BY
Tegernsee, BY
Teisendorf, BY
Teising, BY
Teisnach, BY
Tettau, BY
Tettenweis, BY
Teublitz, BY
Teugn, BY
Teunz, BY
Teuschnitz, BY
Thaining, BY
Thal, BY
Thalhofen, BY
Thalmassing, BY
Thannhausen, BY
Thanstein, BY
Theilenhofen, BY
Theilheim, BY
Theisseil, BY
Theres, BY
Thierhaupten, BY
Thiersheim, BY
Thierstein, BY
Thundorf in Unterfranken, BY
Thüngen, BY
Thüngersheim, BY
Thüringer Hütte, BY
Thurmansbang, BY
Thurnau, BY
Thyrnau, BY
Tiefenbach, BY
Tiefenweg, BY
Tirschenreuth, BY
Titting, BY
Tittling, BY
Tittmoning, BY
Todtenweis, BY
Töging am Inn, BY
Töpen, BY
Trabitz, BY
Tradlenz, BY
Train, BY
Traitsching, BY
Trappstadt, BY
Traunreut, BY
Traunstein, BY
Traunwalchen, BY
Trausnitz, BY
Trautskirchen, BY
Trebgast, BY
Treffelstein, BY
Trescherberg, BY
Treuchtlingen, BY
Triefenstein, BY
Triftern, BY
Trogen, BY
Tröstau, BY
Trostberg, BY
Truchtlaching, BY
Trunkelsberg, BY
Tschirn, BY
Tuchenbach, BY
Tuntenhausen, BY
Türkenfeld, BY
Türkheim, BY
Tüßling, BY
Tussenhausen, BY
Tutzing, BY
Tyrlaching, BY
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Übersee, BY
Üchtelhausen, BY
Uehlfeld, BY
Uettingen, BY
Uffenheim, BY
Uffing am Staffelsee, BY
Ungerhausen, BY
Unsleben, BY
Unterammergau, BY
Unterdießen, BY
Unterdietfurt, BY
Unteregg, BY
Untereinöd, BY
Unterföhring, BY
Untergriesbach, BY
Unterhaching, BY
Unterholzen, BY
Unterleinleiter, BY
Untermeitingen, BY
Untermerzbach, BY
Untermödling, BY
Unterneukirchen, BY
Unterpleichfeld, BY
Unterreit, BY
Unterroth, BY
Unterschleißheim, BY
Unterschwaningen, BY
Untersiemau, BY
Untersteinach, BY
Unterthingau, BY
Unterwössen, BY
Untrasried, BY
Urfeld, BY
Ursberg, BY
Ursensollen, BY
Urspringen, BY
Ustersbach, BY
Uttenreuth, BY
Utting am Ammersee, BY
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Vachendorf, BY
Valley, BY
Vaterstetten, BY
Veitsbronn, BY
Veitshöchheim, BY
Velburg, BY
Velden, BY
Vestenbergsgreuth, BY
Viechtach, BY
Viereth-Trunstadt, BY
Vierkirchen, BY
Vilgertshofen, BY
Villenbach, BY
Vilsbiburg, BY
Vilseck, BY
Vilsheim, BY
Vilshofen an der Donau, BY
Vogtareuth, BY
Vohburg an der Donau, BY
Vohenstrauß, BY
Vöhringen, BY
Volkach, BY
Volkenschwand, BY
Vorbach, BY
Vorderleiten, BY
Vorderloh, BY
Vorra, BY
Vorsuchhütte, BY
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Waakirchen, BY
Waal, BY
Wachenroth, BY
Wackersberg, BY
Wackersdorf, BY
Waffenbrunn, BY
Waging am See, BY
Waidhaus, BY
Waidhofen, BY
Waigolshausen, BY
Waischenfeld, BY
Walchensee, BY
Wald, BY
Waldaschaff, BY
Waldbrunn, BY
Waldbüttelbrunn, BY
Walderbach, BY
Waldershof, BY
Waldkirchen, BY
Waldkraiburg, BY
Waldmünchen, BY
Waldsassen, BY
Waldstetten, BY
Waldthurn, BY
Walkertshofen, BY
Wallenfels, BY
Wallenried, BY
Wallerfing, BY
Wallersdorf, BY
Wallerstein, BY
Wallgau, BY
Walpertskirchen, BY
Wälschbuch, BY
Walsdorf, BY
Waltenhausen, BY
Waltenhofen, BY
Walting, BY
Wang, BY
Warmensteinach, BY
Warngau, BY
Wartenberg, BY
Wartmannsroth, BY
Washof, BY
Wasserburg (Bodensee), BY
Wasserburg am Inn, BY
Wasserlosen, BY
Wassertrüdingen, BY
Wattendorf, BY
Watzlsteg, BY
Watzmannhaus, BY
Webling, BY
Wechingen, BY
Weg, BY
Wegscheid, BY
Wehringen, BY
Weiberhof, BY
Weibersbrunn, BY
Weichering, BY
Weichs, BY
Weiden in der Oberpfalz, BY
Weidenbach, BY
Weidenberg, BY
Weidhausen bei Coburg, BY
Weiding, BY
Weigendorf, BY
Weigenheim, BY
Weihenzell, BY
Weiherhammer, BY
Weihmichl, BY
Weil, BY
Weilbach, BY
Weiler-Simmerberg, BY
Weilersbach, BY
Weilheim in Oberbayern, BY
Weiltingen, BY
Weingarten, BY
Weißach, BY
Weißdorf, BY
Weißenbrunn, BY
Weißenburg in Bayern, BY
Weisendorf, BY
Weißenfeld, BY
Weißenhorn, BY
Weißenohe, BY
Weißensberg, BY
Weißenstadt, BY
Weismain, BY
Weitnau, BY
Weitramsdorf, BY
Weitwies, BY
Welden, BY
Wellheim, BY
Welzmühle, BY
Wemding, BY
Wendelstein, BY
Weng, BY
Wenzenbach, BY
Wernberg-Köblitz, BY
Werneck, BY
Wertach, BY
Wertingen, BY
Weßling, BY
Wessobrunn, BY
Westendorf, BY
Westerheim, BY
Westerngrund, BY
Westheim, BY
Westkinberg, BY
Wettringen, BY
Wettstetten, BY
Wetzelsberg, BY
Weyarn, BY
Wiblishauserhof, BY
Wiedenzhausen, BY
Wiedergeltingen, BY
Wielenbach, BY
Wiesau, BY
Wiesen, BY
Wiesenbach, BY
Wiesenbronn, BY
Wiesenfelden, BY
Wiesent, BY
Wiesenthau, BY
Wiesentheid, BY
Wiesenttal, BY
Wieseth, BY
Wiesthal, BY
Wiggensbach, BY
Wilburgstetten, BY
Wildberg, BY
Wildenberg, BY
Wildflecken, BY
Wildpoldsried, BY
Wildsteig, BY
Wilhelmsdorf, BY
Wilhelmsthal, BY
Wilhermsdorf, BY
Willanzheim, BY
Willmars, BY
Willmering, BY
Wimbachgrieshütte, BY
Wimbachschloß, BY
Wimpersing, BY
Windach, BY
Windberg, BY
Windelsbach, BY
Winden, BY
Windischeschenbach, BY
Windorf, BY
Windsbach, BY
Winhöring, BY
Winkelhaid, BY
Winklarn, BY
Winterbach, BY
Winterberg, BY
Winterhausen, BY
Winterrieden, BY
Winzer, BY
Wipfeld, BY
Wirsberg, BY
Wittelshofen, BY
Wittibreut, BY
Wittislingen, BY
Witzmannsberg, BY
Wolfersdorf, BY
Wolferstadt, BY
Wolfertschwenden, BY
Wolframs-Eschenbach, BY
Wolfratshausen, BY
Wolfsegg, BY
Wollbach, BY
Wolnzach, BY
Wonfurt, BY
Wonneberg, BY
Wonsees, BY
Woringen, BY
Wörnitz, BY
Wörth, BY
Wörth am Main, BY
Wörth an der Donau, BY
Wörth an der Isar, BY
Wörthsee, BY
Wülfershausen an der Saale, BY
Wunder, BY
Wunsiedel, BY
Wurmannsquick, BY
Wurmsham, BY
Würzburg, BY
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Zachenberg, BY
Zandt, BY
Zangberg, BY
Zapfendorf, BY
Zeil am Main, BY
Zeilarn, BY
Zeiler, BY
Zeitlarn, BY
Zeitlofs, BY
Zell, BY
Zell am Main, BY
Zell im Fichtelgebirge, BY
Zellingen, BY
Zenting, BY
Ziemetshausen, BY
Ziertheim, BY
Zirndorf, BY
Zolling, BY
Zorneding, BY
Zöschingen, BY
Zusamaltheim, BY
Zusmarshausen, BY
Zwergern, BY
Zwiesel, BY
Zwillingshof, BY
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