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Hessen (Hesse) PLZ Postal Codes

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Hessen (Hesse) Information

Hesse is both a cultural region of Germany and the name of an individual German state. The cultural region of Hesse includes both the State of Hesse and the area known as Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen) in the neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate state. The oldest city of the cultural region of Hesse, Mainz, is in Rhineland-Palatinate. The State of Hesse (German: Land Hessen) is part of the larger cultural region. It has an area of 21,110 km2 (8,150 sq mi) and just over six million inhabitants. The capital is Wiesbaden. Hesse's largest city is Frankfurt am Main. The English name "Hesse" comes from the Hessian dialects. The variant "Hessia" comes from the medieval Latin Hassia. The German term Hessen is used by the European Commission because their policy is to leave regional names untranslated (paragraphs 1.31 & 1.35). The term "Hesse" ultimately derives from a Germanic tribe called the Chatti, who settled in the region in the first century B.C. An inhabitant of Hesse is called a Hessian (German: Hesse (masculine) or Hessin (feminine)). Hessian mercenaries played a prominent role in the American War of Independence.
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Aarbergen, HE
Abtsteinach, HE
Ahnatal, HE
Alheim, HE
Allendorf (Eder), HE
Allendorf (Lumda), HE
Alsbach-Hähnlein, HE
Alsfeld, HE
Altenstadt, HE
Am Römerhof, HE
Am Römerschacht, HE
Am Rüdesheimer Hafen, HE
Am Sandkopf, HE
Amöneburg, HE
Angelburg, HE
Antrifttal, HE
Aßlar, HE
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Babenhausen, HE
Bad Arolsen, HE
Bad Camberg, HE
Bad Emstal, HE
Bad Endbach, HE
Bad Hersfeld, HE
Bad Homburg, HE
Bad Karlshafen, HE
Bad König, HE
Bad Nauheim, HE
Bad Orb, HE
Bad Salzschlirf, HE
Bad Schwalbach, HE
Bad Soden am Taunus, HE
Bad Soden-Salmünster, HE
Bad Sooden-Allendorf, HE
Bad Vilbel, HE
Bad Wildungen, HE
Bad Zwesten, HE
Battenberg (Eder), HE
Baunatal, HE
Bebra, HE
Beerfelden, HE
Bei den Tongruben, HE
Bellers, HE
Bensheim, HE
Berkatal, HE
Beselich, HE
Biblis, HE
Bickenbach, HE
Biebergemünd, HE
Biebertal, HE
Biebesheim am Rhein, HE
Biedenkopf, HE
Bingenheimer Mühle, HE
Birkenau, HE
Birkenstöcke, HE
Birstein, HE
Bischoffen, HE
Bischofsheim, HE
Borken (Hessen), HE
Brachttal, HE
Braunfels, HE
Brechen, HE
Breidenbach, HE
Breitenbach am Herzberg, HE
Breitscheid, HE
Brensbach, HE
Breuberg, HE
Breuna, HE
Brombachtal, HE
Bromskirchen, HE
Bruchköbel, HE
Büdingen, HE
Burghaun, HE
Burgwald, HE
Bürstadt, HE
Buseck, HE
Büttelborn, HE
Butzbach, HE
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Calden, HE
Capelle, HE
Cölbe, HE
Cornberg, HE
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Dammeshof, HE
Dammesmühle, HE
Darmstadt, HE
Dautphetal, HE
Dieburg, HE
Diemelsee, HE
Diemelstadt, HE
Dietzenbach, HE
Dietzhölztal, HE
Dillenburg, HE
Dipperz, HE
Dornburg, HE
Dreieich, HE
Driedorf, HE
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Ebersburg, HE
Ebsdorfergrund, HE
Echzell, HE
Edermünde, HE
Edertal, HE
Egelsbach, HE
Ehrenberg (Rhön), HE
Ehringshausen, HE
Eichenzell, HE
Einhausen, HE
Eiserhof, HE
Eiterfeld, HE
Elbtal, HE
Eltville am Rhein, HE
Elz, HE
Eppertshausen, HE
Eppstein, HE
Erbach, HE
Erdfunkstelle Usingen, HE
Erlensee, HE
Erzhausen, HE
Eschborn, HE
Eschenburg, HE
Eschwege, HE
Espenau, HE
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Faustenbach, HE
Feldatal, HE
Felsberg, HE
Fernwald, HE
Fischbachtal, HE
Flieden, HE
Flörsbachtal, HE
Flörsheim am Main, HE
Florstadt, HE
Forsthaus Heide, HE
Frankenau, HE
Frankenberg (Eder), HE
Frankfurt am Main, HE
Fränkisch-Crumbach, HE
Freiensteinau, HE
Freigericht, HE
Friedberg (Hessen), HE
Friedewald, HE
Friedrichsdorf, HE
Frielendorf, HE
Fritzlar, HE
Fronhausen, HE
Fulda, HE
Fuldabrück, HE
Fuldatal, HE
Fürstental, HE
Fürth, HE
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Gebhardshütte, HE
Gedern, HE
Geisenheim, HE
Gelnhausen, HE
Gemünden (Felda), HE
Gemünden (Wohra), HE
Gernsheim, HE
Gersfeld (Rhön), HE
Gestecke, HE
Gießen, HE
Gilserberg, HE
Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, HE
Gladenbach, HE
Glashütten, HE
Glauburg, HE
Gorxheimertal, HE
Grasellenbach, HE
Grävenwiesbach, HE
Grebenau, HE
Grebenhain, HE
Grebenstein, HE
Greifenstein, HE
Griesheim, HE
Groß-Bieberau, HE
Groß-Gerau, HE
Groß-Rohrheim, HE
Groß-Umstadt, HE
Groß-Zimmern, HE
Großalmerode, HE
Großenlüder, HE
Großkrotzenburg, HE
Grünberg, HE
Gründau, HE
Grünhof, HE
Gudensberg, HE
Gumpener Kreuz, HE
Gunkelrode, HE
Guxhagen, HE
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Habichtswald, HE
Hadamar, HE
Haiger, HE
Haina (Kloster), HE
Hainburg, HE
Hammersbach, HE
Hanau, HE
Hanchesmühle, HE
Hardtmühle, HE
Hasenmühle, HE
Hasselroth, HE
Hattersheim am Main, HE
Hatzfeld (Eder), HE
Hauneck, HE
Haunetal, HE
Heidenrod, HE
Heinrichsegen, HE
Helsa, HE
Heppenheim (Bergstraße), HE
Herborn, HE
Herbstein, HE
Heringen (Werra), HE
Herleshausen, HE
Hesseneck, HE
Hessisch Lichtenau, HE
Heuchelheim, HE
Heusenstamm, HE
Hilders, HE
Hippelsbach, HE
Hirschhorn (Neckar), HE
Hirzenhain, HE
Hochheim am Main, HE
Höchst, HE
Hof Mondschirm, HE
Hofbieber, HE
Hofgeismar, HE
Hofheim am Taunus, HE
Hohenahr, HE
Hohenroda, HE
Hohenstein, HE
Homberg (Efze), HE
Homberg (Ohm), HE
Hosenfeld, HE
Hühnerkirche, HE
Hundertmorgen, HE
Hünfeld, HE
Hünfelden, HE
Hungen, HE
Hünstetten, HE
Hüttelngesäß, HE
Hüttenberg, HE
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Idstein, HE
Igelsbach, HE
Immenhausen, HE
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Jesberg, HE
Jossgrund, HE
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Kahler Berg, HE
Kalbach, HE
Karben, HE
Kassel, HE
Kaufungen, HE
Kefenrod, HE
Kelkheim (Taunus), HE
Kelsterbach, HE
Kiedrich, HE
Kirchhain, HE
Kirchheim, HE
Kirtorf, HE
Klippmühle, HE
Knüllwald, HE
Kohlbacher Hof, HE
Königstein im Taunus, HE
Korbach, HE
Körle, HE
Kreuzquelle, HE
Kriftel, HE
Kronberg im Taunus, HE
Künzell, HE
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Lahnau, HE
Lahntal, HE
Lampertheim, HE
Langen (Hessen), HE
Langenselbold, HE
Langgöns, HE
Laubach, HE
Lauterbach (Hessen), HE
Lautertal (Odenwald), HE
Lautertal (Vogelsberg), HE
Leun, HE
Lich, HE
Lichtenfels, HE
Liebenau, HE
Liederbach am Taunus, HE
Limburg, HE
Limburg an der Lahn, HE
Limeshain, HE
Linden, HE
Lindenfels, HE
Linsengericht, HE
Lohfelden, HE
Löhnberg, HE
Lohra, HE
Lollar, HE
Loosemühle, HE
Lorch, HE
Lorsch, HE
Ludwigsau, HE
Lützelbach, HE
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Mainhausen, HE
Maintal, HE
Mainz-Kastel, HE
Mainz-Kostheim, HE
Malsfeld, HE
Marbach, HE
Marburg, HE
Meinhard, HE
Meißner, HE
Melsungen, HE
Mengerskirchen, HE
Menglers, HE
Merenberg, HE
Messel, HE
Michelbacher Mühle, HE
Michelstadt, HE
Mittenaar, HE
Modautal, HE
Mörfelden-Walldorf, HE
Mörlenbach, HE
Morschen, HE
Mossautal, HE
Mücke, HE
Mühlheim am Main, HE
Mühltal, HE
Münchhausen, HE
Münster, HE
Münzenberg, HE
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Nauheim, HE
Naumburg, HE
Neckarsteinach, HE
Nentershausen, HE
Neu-Anspach, HE
Neu-Eichenberg, HE
Neu-Isenburg, HE
Neuberg, HE
Neuenstein, HE
Neuental, HE
Neuhof, HE
Neukirchen, HE
Neustadt (Hessen), HE
Nidda, HE
Niddatal, HE
Nidderau, HE
Niedenstein, HE
Niederaula, HE
Niederdorfelden, HE
Niedernhausen, HE
Nieste, HE
Niestetal, HE
Nonnenholz, HE
Nüsttal, HE
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Ober-Mörlen, HE
Ober-Ramstadt, HE
Oberaula, HE
Obertshausen, HE
Oberursel (Taunus), HE
Oberweser, HE
Oestrich-Winkel, HE
Offenbach am Main, HE
Ortenberg, HE
Ottrau, HE
Otzberg, HE
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Petersberg, HE
Pfungstadt, HE
Philippsthal (Werra), HE
Pohlheim, HE
Poppenhausen (Wasserkuppe), HE
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Rabenau, HE
Ranstadt, HE
Rasdorf, HE
Raunheim, HE
Rauschenberg, HE
Reichelsheim (Odenwald), HE
Reichelsheim (Wetterau), HE
Reinhardshagen, HE
Reinheim, HE
Reiskirchen, HE
Riedstadt, HE
Rimbach, HE
Ringgau, HE
Rockenberg, HE
Rodenbach, HE
Rödermark, HE
Rodgau, HE
Romrod, HE
Ronneburg, HE
Ronshausen, HE
Rosbach vor der Höhe, HE
Roßdorf, HE
Rosenthal, HE
Rotenburg am d. Fulda, HE
Rothenberg, HE
Rüdesheim am Rhein, HE
Runkel, HE
Rüsselsheim, HE
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Saalburg, HE
Schaafheim, HE
Schauenburg, HE
Schenklengsfeld, HE
Schimmelshütte, HE
Schlangenbad, HE
Schlitz, HE
Schlüchtern, HE
Schmitten, HE
Schöffengrund, HE
Schöneck, HE
Schotten, HE
Schrecksbach, HE
Schwalbach am Taunus, HE
Schwalmstadt, HE
Schwalmtal, HE
Schwarzenborn, HE
Seeheim-Jugenheim, HE
Seligenstadt, HE
Selters (Taunus), HE
Sennhütte, HE
Sensbachtal, HE
Siegbach, HE
Sinn, HE
Sinntal, HE
Söhrewald, HE
Solms, HE
Sontra, HE
Spangenberg, HE
Stadtallendorf, HE
Staufenberg, HE
Steffenberg, HE
Steinau an der Straße, HE
Steinbach (Taunus), HE
Stockstadt am Rhein, HE
Sulzbach (Taunus), HE
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Tann (Rhön), HE
Tannengrundhof, HE
Taunusstein, HE
Trebur, HE
Trendelburg, HE
Twistetal, HE
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Ulrichstein, HE
Unter-Hainbrunn, HE
Usingen, HE
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Vellmar, HE
Viernheim, HE
Villmar, HE
Vöhl, HE
Volkmarsen, HE
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Wabern, HE
Wächtersbach, HE
Wahlsburg, HE
Wald-Michelbach, HE
Waldbrunn (Westerwald), HE
Waldeck, HE
Waldems, HE
Waldhaus Grebe, HE
Waldkappel, HE
Waldsolms, HE
Walluf, HE
Wanfried, HE
Wartenberg, HE
Wehretal, HE
Wehrheim, HE
Weilburg, HE
Weilmünster, HE
Weilrod, HE
Weimar (Lahn), HE
Weinbach, HE
Weißenborn, HE
Weißkirchhof, HE
Weiterstadt, HE
Wettenberg, HE
Wetter (Hessen), HE
Wetzlar, HE
Wiesbaden, HE
Wildeck, HE
Wildhof, HE
Willingen (Upland), HE
Willingshausen, HE
Winnerhöfe, HE
Winterhof, HE
Witzenhausen, HE
Wohratal, HE
Wölfersheim, HE
Wolfhagen, HE
Wöllstadt, HE
Wünschbach, HE
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Zierenberg, HE
Zwickmühle, HE
Zwingenberg, HE
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