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Kentucky Zip Codes

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Kentucky Information

Kentucky, officiaIIy the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States. Kentucky is one of four U.S. states constituted as a commonwealth (the others being Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts). Originally a part of Virginia, in 1792 Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union. Kentucky is the 37th most extensive and the 26th most populous of the 50 United States. Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State", a nickname based on the bluegrass found in many of its pastures because of the fertile soil. One of the major regions in Kentucky is the Bluegrass Region in central Kentucky which houses two of its major cities, Louisville and Lexington. It is a land with diverse environments and abundant resources, including the world's longest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park, the greatest length of navigable waterways and streams in the contiguous United States, and the two largest man-made lakes east of the Mississippi River.
This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Kentucky", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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Aaron, KY
Abegall, KY
Aberdeen, KY
Acorn, KY
Adairville, KY
Adams, KY
Adolphus, KY
Aflex, KY
Ages, KY
Ages Brookside, KY
Ajax, KY
Albany, KY
Alcalde, KY
Alexandria, KY
Allegre, KY
Allen, KY
Allen Springs, KY
Allensville, KY
Allock, KY
Almo, KY
Almo Heights, KY
Alpha, KY
Alpine, KY
Altro, KY
Alva, KY
Alvaton, KY
Amba, KY
Amburgey, KY
Anchorage, KY
Anco, KY
Annville, KY
Argillite, KY
Argo, KY
Arjay, KY
Arlington, KY
Arrington Corner, KY
Artemus, KY
Ary, KY
Ashcamp, KY
Asher, KY
Ashland, KY
Athol, KY
Atwood, KY
Auburn, KY
Audubon Park, KY
Augusta, KY
Ault, KY
Aurora, KY
Austin, KY
Auxier, KY
Avawam, KY
Avondale, KY
Axtel, KY
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Bagdad, KY
Bailey Creek, KY
Bailey Switch, KY
Bakerton, KY
Bald Hill, KY
Balkan, KY
Ballardsville, KY
Bancroft, KY
Bandana, KY
Banner, KY
Barbourmeade, KY
Barbourville, KY
Bardstown, KY
Bardwell, KY
Barlow, KY
Barnetts Creek, KY
Barrier, KY
Baskett, KY
Bath, KY
Battletown, KY
Baughman, KY
Baxter, KY
Bays, KY
Bear Branch, KY
Bearville, KY
Beattyville, KY
Beaumont, KY
Beauty, KY
Beaver, KY
Beaver Bottom, KY
Beaver Dam, KY
Beaverlick, KY
Bedford, KY
Bee Spring, KY
Beech Creek, KY
Beech Grove, KY
Beechburg, KY
Beechmont, KY
Beechville, KY
Belcher, KY
Belfry, KY
Bell, KY
Bellefonte, KY
Bellemeade, KY
Belleview, KY
Bellevue, KY
Bellewood, KY
Belton, KY
Benham, KY
Benton, KY
Berea, KY
Berlin, KY
Berry, KY
Bethanna, KY
Bethany, KY
Bethel, KY
Bethelridge, KY
Bethesda, KY
Bethlehem, KY
Betsey, KY
Betsy Layne, KY
Beulah, KY
Beulah Heights, KY
Beverly, KY
Bevinsville, KY
Big Branch, KY
Big Clifty, KY
Big Creek, KY
Big Fork, KY
Big Laurel, KY
Big Ready, KY
Big Rock, KY
Big Spring, KY
Biggs, KY
Bighill, KY
Bimble, KY
Blackey, KY
Blackford, KY
Bladeston, KY
Blaine, KY
Blairs Mill, KY
Blanchet, KY
Blandville, KY
Blaze, KY
Bledsoe, KY
Bloomfield, KY
Blue Bank, KY
Blue Diamond, KY
Blue Level, KY
Blue Ridge Manor, KY
Blue River, KY
Blue Spring, KY
Blue Water Estates, KY
Bluehole, KY
Board Tree, KY
Boaz, KY
Boles, KY
Bonanza, KY
Bond, KY
Bondville, KY
Bonnieville, KY
Bonnyman, KY
Booneville, KY
Boons Camp, KY
Boston, KY
Bow, KY
Bowen, KY
Bowling Green, KY
Boxville, KY
Bracht, KY
Bradford, KY
Bradfordsville, KY
Brandenburg, KY
Breeding, KY
Bremen, KY
Briarwood, KY
Bright Shade, KY
Brinegar, KY
Brinkley, KY
Broad Bottom, KY
Broadwell, KY
Brodhead, KY
Broeck Pointe, KY
Bromley, KY
Bronston, KY
Brooklyn, KY
Brooks, KY
Brookside, KY
Brooksville, KY
Browder, KY
Browning, KY
Brownings Corner, KY
Browns Crossroads, KY
Browns Fork, KY
Brownsboro Farm, KY
Brownsboro Village, KY
Brownsville, KY
Bruin, KY
Bryan, KY
Bryants Store, KY
Bryantsville, KY
Buckhorn, KY
Buckingham, KY
Buckner, KY
Buechel, KY
Buena Vista, KY
Buffalo, KY
Bugtussle, KY
Bulan, KY
Bullittsville, KY
Burdine, KY
Burgin, KY
Burke, KY
Burkesville, KY
Burkhart, KY
Burlington, KY
Burna, KY
Burning Fork, KY
Burnside, KY
Burnwell, KY
Burtonville, KY
Bush, KY
Buskirk, KY
Busy, KY
Butler, KY
Butterfly, KY
Bybee, KY
Bypro, KY
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Cadiz, KY
Cains Store, KY
Calhoun, KY
California, KY
Callaway, KY
Calvary, KY
Calvert City, KY
Calvin, KY
Camargo, KY
Cambridge, KY
Camelia, KY
Camp Dix, KY
Camp Ernest, KY
Campbellsburg, KY
Campbellsville, KY
Campsprings, KY
Campton, KY
Canada, KY
Cane Valley, KY
Caney, KY
Caneyville, KY
Canmer, KY
Cannel City, KY
Cannon, KY
Canoe, KY
Canton, KY
Carbon Glow, KY
Carbondale, KY
Carcassonne, KY
Carlisle, KY
Carntown, KY
Carr Creek, KY
Carrie, KY
Carrollton, KY
Carrs, KY
Carrsville, KY
Carter, KY
Carthage, KY
Carver, KY
Cary, KY
Casey Creek, KY
Catlettsburg, KY
Cave City, KY
Cave Ridge, KY
Cave Spring, KY
Cavehill, KY
Cawood, KY
Cayce, KY
Cecilia, KY
Cedar Flat, KY
Cedarville, KY
Center, KY
Centertown, KY
Central City, KY
Cerulean, KY
Chad, KY
Chaplin, KY
Chappell, KY
Charleston, KY
Charters, KY
Chavies, KY
Chenoa, KY
Cherokee, KY
Chestnutburg, KY
Chevrolet, KY
Cinda, KY
Cisco, KY
Clark Hill, KY
Clarksburg, KY
Clarkson, KY
Claryville, KY
Clay, KY
Clay City, KY
Clayhole, KY
Clear Creek, KY
Clear Creek Springs, KY
Clearfield, KY
Cleaton, KY
Clementsville, KY
Clermont, KY
Cliff, KY
Clifford, KY
Clifty, KY
Climax, KY
Clinton, KY
Clintonville, KY
Closplint, KY
Clover Bottom, KY
Cloverport, KY
Coalgood, KY
Coalton, KY
Cobhill, KY
Cold Spring, KY
Cold Spring Highland Heights, KY
Coldiron, KY
Coldstream, KY
Coldwater, KY
Coleman, KY
Colfax, KY
College Campus, KY
College Hill, KY
Collista, KY
Columbia, KY
Columbus, KY
Colville, KY
Combs, KY
Concord, KY
Confederate, KY
Confluence, KY
Conley, KY
Connersville, KY
Constantine, KY
Conway, KY
Cooktown, KY
Cool Springs, KY
Cooperstown, KY
Coopersville, KY
Corbin, KY
Cordell, KY
Corinth, KY
Cork, KY
Cornettsville, KY
Cornishville, KY
Corydon, KY
Cottle, KY
Country Club Heights, KY
Counts Cross Roads, KY
Covington, KY
Coxs Creek, KY
Crab Orchard, KY
Craintown, KY
Crane Nest, KY
Cranks, KY
Crayne, KY
Craynor, KY
Creekside, KY
Creelsboro, KY
Crescent Park, KY
Crescent Springs, KY
Crestview, KY
Crestview Hills, KY
Crestwood, KY
Crittenden, KY
Crockett, KY
Crofton, KY
Croley, KY
Cromona, KY
Cromwell, KY
Cropper, KY
Crossgate, KY
Crown, KY
Crummies, KY
Crutchfield, KY
Crystal, KY
Cub Run, KY
Culver, KY
Cumberland, KY
Cumminsville, KY
Cundiff, KY
Cunningham, KY
Curdsville, KY
Custer, KY
Cutshin, KY
Cutuno, KY
Cynthiana, KY
Cyrus, KY
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Dabolt, KY
Daisy, KY
Dalesburg, KY
Dana, KY
Danville, KY
Darfork, KY
Davella, KY
David, KY
Davisburg, KY
Davisport, KY
Dawson Springs, KY
Day Rural, KY
Dayhoit, KY
Daysville, KY
Dayton, KY
De Mossville, KY
Deane, KY
Deatsville, KY
Debord, KY
Decoursey, KY
Decoy, KY
Defoe, KY
Delphia, KY
Delta, KY
Dema, KY
Democrat, KY
Denniston, KY
Denton, KY
Denver, KY
Devon, KY
Dewitt, KY
Dexter, KY
Dice, KY
Dingus, KY
Disputanta, KY
Dixie, KY
Dixon, KY
Dizney, KY
Dock, KY
Dogwood, KY
Dolan, KY
Donaldson, KY
Dongola, KY
Dorton, KY
Dorton Branch, KY
Douglas, KY
Douglass Hills, KY
Dover, KY
Draffenville, KY
Draffin, KY
Drake, KY
Drakesboro, KY
Dreyfus, KY
Drift, KY
Druid Hills, KY
Dry Creek, KY
Dry Fork, KY
Dry Ridge, KY
Dryhill, KY
Duane, KY
Dubre, KY
Duco, KY
Dunbar, KY
Dundee, KY
Dunham, KY
Dunleary, KY
Dunmor, KY
Dunnville, KY
Dwale, KY
Dwarf, KY
Dycusburg, KY
Dyer, KY
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Earlington, KY
East Bernstadt, KY
East Jenkins, KY
East Mc Dowell, KY
East Pineville, KY
East Point, KY
Eastern, KY
Eastview, KY
Eastwood, KY
Eberle, KY
Echols, KY
Eddyville, KY
Edgewood, KY
Edmonton, KY
Edna, KY
Eighty Eight, KY
Ekron, KY
Elamton, KY
Elias, KY
Elihu, KY
Elizabethtown, KY
Elizaville, KY
Elk Horn, KY
Elkatawa, KY
Elkfork, KY
Elkhorn City, KY
Elkton, KY
Elliottville, KY
Elmrock, KY
Elna, KY
Elsie, KY
Elsmere, KY
Elys, KY
Emerson, KY
Eminence, KY
Emlyn, KY
Emma, KY
Emmalena, KY
Endicott, KY
Engle, KY
English, KY
Enterprise, KY
Eolia, KY
Epworth, KY
Eriline, KY
Erlanger, KY
Ermine, KY
Essie, KY
Estill, KY
Etoile, KY
Etty, KY
Eubank, KY
Evarts, KY
Ever, KY
Ewing, KY
Ezel, KY
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Fairdale, KY
Fairdealing, KY
Fairfield, KY
Fairplay, KY
Fairview, KY
Fairview Hill, KY
Falcon, KY
Fall Rock, KY
Falls of Rough, KY
Fallsburg, KY
Falmouth, KY
Fancy Farm, KY
Farler, KY
Farmers, KY
Farmington, KY
Faubush, KY
Faxon, KY
Fearisville, KY
Fedscreek, KY
Ferguson, KY
Fern Creek, KY
Ferrells Creek, KY
Field, KY
Fillmore, KY
Fincastle, KY
Finchville, KY
Finley, KY
Firebrick, KY
Fisherville, KY
Fishtrap, KY
Fiskburg, KY
Fisty, KY
Fitch, KY
Flagg Spring, KY
Flaherty, KY
Flanary, KY
Flat, KY
Flat Fork, KY
Flat Lick, KY
Flatgap, KY
Flatwoods, KY
Fleet, KY
Fleming, KY
Fleming Neon, KY
Flemingsburg, KY
Flemingsburg Junction, KY
Flingsville, KY
Flippin, KY
Florence, KY
Fogertown, KY
Folsomdale, KY
Fonde, KY
Foraker, KY
Ford, KY
Fords Branch, KY
Fordsville, KY
Forest Hills, KY
Forkton, KY
Fort Campbell, KY
Fort Knox, KY
Fort Mitchell, KY
Fort Thomas, KY
Fort Wright, KY
Foster, KY
Fountain Run, KY
Four Oaks, KY
Fourmile, KY
Fox Chase, KY
Foxport, KY
Foxtown, KY
Frakes, KY
Frances, KY
Francisville, KY
Frankfort, KY
Franklin, KY
Franklinton, KY
Frazer, KY
Fredonia, KY
Fredville, KY
Freeburn, KY
Freetown, KY
Fremont, KY
Frenchburg, KY
Frew, KY
Frisby, KY
Fritz, KY
Frozen Creek, KY
Ft Mitchell, KY
Fuget, KY
Fulgham, KY
Fulton, KY
Fultz, KY
Fusonia, KY
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Gage, KY
Gainesville, KY
Galveston, KY
Gamaliel, KY
Gapville, KY
Gardnersville, KY
Garfield, KY
Garner, KY
Garrard, KY
Garrett, KY
Garrison, KY
Garvin Ridge, KY
Gaskill, KY
Gausdale, KY
Gays Creek, KY
Geneva, KY
Georgetown, KY
Germantown, KY
Gertrude, KY
Ghent, KY
Gifford, KY
Gilbertsville, KY
Gillem Branch, KY
Gillmore, KY
Gilly, KY
Gimlet, KY
Girdler, KY
Glasgow, KY
Glen Dean, KY
Glen Springs, KY
Glencoe, KY
Glendale, KY
Glens Fork, KY
Glenview, KY
Glenview Hills, KY
Glenview Manor, KY
Globe, KY
Goddard, KY
Goforth, KY
Golden Pond, KY
Goodluck, KY
Goody, KY
Goose Creek, KY
Goose Rock, KY
Gordon, KY
Gordonsville, KY
Goshen, KY
Grace, KY
Gracey, KY
Gradyville, KY
Graham, KY
Grahamville, KY
Grahn, KY
Grand Rivers, KY
Grange, KY
Grants Lick, KY
Grassy Creek, KY
Gratz, KY
Gravel Switch, KY
Gray, KY
Gray Hawk, KY
Graymoor-Devondale, KY
Grays Knob, KY
Grayson, KY
Greasy Creek, KY
Green Hall, KY
Green Road, KY
Green Spring, KY
Greensburg, KY
Greenup, KY
Greenville, KY
Greenwood, KY
Gregory, KY
Grethel, KY
Grove, KY
Guage, KY
Gubser Mill, KY
Guerrant, KY
Gulnare, KY
Gulston, KY
Gum Tree, KY
Gunlock, KY
Guston, KY
Guthrie, KY
Gypsy, KY
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Haddix, KY
Hadensville, KY
Hadley, KY
Hager, KY
Hagerhill, KY
Haldeman, KY
Halfway, KY
Halifax, KY
Hall, KY
Hallie, KY
Halo, KY
Hamilton, KY
Hamlin, KY
Hampton, KY
Hanson, KY
Happy, KY
Hardburly, KY
Hardin, KY
Hardinsburg, KY
Hardshell, KY
Hardy, KY
Hardyville, KY
Harlan, KY
Harned, KY
Harold, KY
Harper, KY
Harrods Creek, KY
Harrodsburg, KY
Hartford, KY
Hartley, KY
Hatfield, KY
Hatton, KY
Hawesville, KY
Haywood, KY
Hazard, KY
Hazel, KY
Hazel Green, KY
Head of Grassy, KY
Heath, KY
Hebron, KY
Hebron Estates, KY
Heidelberg, KY
Heidrick, KY
Heiner, KY
Helechawa, KY
Helena, KY
Hellier, KY
Helton, KY
Henderson, KY
Hendricks, KY
Hendron, KY
Henshaw, KY
Herd, KY
Heritage Creek, KY
Herman, KY
Herndon, KY
Heselton, KY
Hestand, KY
Hi Hat, KY
Hickman, KY
Hickory, KY
Hickory Hill, KY
High Point, KY
Highgrove, KY
Highland Heights, KY
Highview, KY
Highway, KY
Hills and Dales, KY
Hillsboro, KY
Hillview, KY
Hima, KY
Himyar, KY
Hindman, KY
Hinkle, KY
Hippo, KY
Hiram, KY
Hiseville, KY
Hisle, KY
Hitchins, KY
Hite, KY
Hode, KY
Hodgenville, KY
Holland, KY
Hollow Creek, KY
Hollybush, KY
Hollyvilla, KY
Holmes Mill, KY
Honaker, KY
Honeybee, KY
Hooktown, KY
Hope, KY
Hopeful Heights, KY
Hopkinsville, KY
Horse Branch, KY
Horse Cave, KY
Horton, KY
Hoskinston, KY
Houston Acres, KY
Howardstown, KY
Huddy, KY
Hudson, KY
Hueysville, KY
Huff, KY
Hulen, KY
Hunter, KY
Hunters Hollow, KY
Huntsville, KY
Hurstbourne, KY
Hurstbourne Acres, KY
Hustonville, KY
Hyden, KY
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Ibex, KY
Idlewild, KY
Independence, KY
Index, KY
Indian Hills, KY
Inez, KY
Ingle, KY
Ingram, KY
Insko, KY
Ironton, KY
Ironville, KY
Irvine, KY
Irvington, KY
Island, KY
Isom, KY
Isonville, KY
Iuka, KY
Ivel, KY
Ivy Grove, KY
Ivyton, KY
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Jabez, KY
Jackhorn, KY
Jackson, KY
Jamboree, KY
Jamestown, KY
Jarvis, KY
Jeff, KY
Jeffersontown, KY
Jeffersonville, KY
Jenkins, KY
Jenson, KY
Jeremiah, KY
Jeriel, KY
Jetson, KY
Jinks, KY
Job, KY
Johnetta, KY
Johns Creek, KY
Johns Run, KY
Johnson Bottom, KY
Johnsville, KY
Jonancy, KY
Jonesville, KY
Jonican, KY
Joy, KY
Junction City, KY
Justell, KY
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Kaler, KY
Kaliopi, KY
Kayjay, KY
Keaton, KY
Keavy, KY
Keene, KY
Keith, KY
Kenton, KY
Kenton Hills, KY
Kenton Vale, KY
Kentontown, KY
Kentonvale, KY
Kentucky Oaks Mall, KY
Kenvir, KY
Kerby Knob, KY
Kettle, KY
Kettle Island, KY
Kevil, KY
Keysburg, KY
Kilgore, KY
Kimper, KY
Kings Creek, KY
Kings Mountain, KY
Kingsley, KY
Kinniconick, KY
Kirksey, KY
Kite, KY
Knifley, KY
Knob Lick, KY
Knottsville, KY
Kodak, KY
Kona, KY
Kosmosdale, KY
Krypton, KY
Kuttawa, KY
Kyrock, KY
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La Center, KY
La Fayette, KY
La Grange, KY
Lackey, KY
Lair, KY
Lake, KY
Lakeside Park, KY
Lakeview Heights, KY
Lamasco, KY
Lamb, KY
Lambric, KY
Lancaster, KY
Lancer, KY
Langdon Place, KY
Langley, KY
Larkslane, KY
Latonia, KY
Latonia Lakes, KY
Laura, KY
Laurel Fork, KY
Lawrenceburg, KY
Lawton, KY
Laynesville, KY
Leander, KY
Leatherwood, KY
Lebanon, KY
Lebanon Junction, KY
Leburn, KY
Ledbetter, KY
Lee, KY
Leeco, KY
Lees Lick, KY
Leesburg, KY
Leitchfield, KY
Lejunior, KY
Lennut, KY
Lenore, KY
Lenox, KY
Lenoxburg, KY
Letcher, KY
Levias, KY
Lewisburg, KY
Lewisport, KY
Lexington, KY
Liberty, KY
Lick Creek, KY
Lickburg, KY
Ligon, KY
Lily, KY
Limaburg, KY
Limestone, KY
Lincolnshire, KY
Lindseyville, KY
Linefork, KY
Linton, KY
Lionilli, KY
Littcarr, KY
Little Sandy, KY
Livermore, KY
Livingston, KY
Lloyd, KY
Load, KY
Lockport, KY
Locust, KY
Locust Grove, KY
Locust Hill, KY
Lodiburg, KY
Log Mountain, KY
Logansport, KY
Logville, KY
Lola, KY
London, KY
Lone, KY
Lone Oak, KY
Lookout, KY
Lookout Heights, KY
Loretto, KY
Lost Creek, KY
Louellen, KY
Louisa, KY
Louisville, KY
Lovelaceville, KY
Lovely, KY
Lowes, KY
Lowmansville, KY
Loyall, KY
Lucas, KY
Ludlow, KY
Lynch, KY
Lyndon, KY
Lynn Grove, KY
Lynnview, KY
Lynnville, KY
Lytten, KY
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Maceo, KY
Mackville, KY
Madisonville, KY
Maggard, KY
Maggie, KY
Magnolia, KY
Majestic, KY
Mallie, KY
Malone, KY
Mammoth Cave, KY
Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
Manchester, KY
Manila, KY
Manitou, KY
Mannsville, KY
Manor Creek, KY
Maple Grove, KY
Maple Mount, KY
Marcum, KY
Mariba, KY
Marion, KY
Marrowbone, KY
Marshallville, KY
Marshes Siding, KY
Martha, KY
Martha Mills, KY
Martin, KY
Mary, KY
Mary Alice, KY
Marydell, KY
Maryhill Estates, KY
Mashfork, KY
Mason, KY
Masonic Home, KY
Massac, KY
Matthew, KY
Mattoon, KY
Maud, KY
Maulden, KY
Mayfield, KY
Mayking, KY
Mayslick, KY
Maysville, KY
Maytown, KY
Mazie, KY
Mc Andrews, KY
Mc Carr, KY
Mc Daniels, KY
Mc Dowell, KY
Mc Henry, KY
Mc Kee, KY
Mc Kinney, KY
Mc Quady, KY
Mc Roberts, KY
Mccombs, KY
Mckinneysburg, KY
Mcveigh, KY
Mcville, KY
Meadow Creek, KY
Meadow Vale, KY
Meadowbrook Farm, KY
Meadowview Estates, KY
Meads, KY
Meally, KY
Means, KY
Meeting Creek, KY
Melber, KY
Melbourne, KY
Melvin, KY
Mendola Village, KY
Mentor, KY
Meta, KY
Mexico, KY
Middleburg, KY
Middlesboro, KY
Middletown, KY
Midway, KY
Milburn, KY
Milford, KY
Mill Creek, KY
Mill Springs, KY
Millard, KY
Millersburg, KY
Millerstown, KY
Mills, KY
Millseat, KY
Millstone, KY
Milltown, KY
Millwood, KY
Milo, KY
Milton, KY
Mima, KY
Minerva, KY
Minnie, KY
Minorsville, KY
Miracle, KY
Mistletoe, KY
Mitchellsburg, KY
Mize, KY
Mockingbird Valley, KY
Molus, KY
Monford, KY
Monterey, KY
Montgomery, KY
Monticello, KY
Montpelier, KY
Mooleyville, KY
Moon, KY
Moorefield, KY
Moores Creek, KY
Moorland, KY
Moranburg, KY
Morehead, KY
Morgan, KY
Morganfield, KY
Morgantown, KY
Morning View, KY
Morningglory, KY
Morrill, KY
Morris Fork, KY
Mortons Gap, KY
Moscow, KY
Mount Auburn, KY
Mount Carmel, KY
Mount Eden, KY
Mount Hermon, KY
Mount Olivet, KY
Mount Pisgah, KY
Mount Sherman, KY
Mount Sterling, KY
Mount Vernon, KY
Mount Washington, KY
Mousie, KY
Mouthcard, KY
Mozelle, KY
Mud Lick, KY
Muldraugh, KY
Munfordville, KY
Murphysville, KY
Murray, KY
Murray Hill, KY
Muses Mills, KY
Myra, KY
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Nancy, KY
Naomi, KY
Napfor, KY
Naples, KY
Napoleon, KY
Narrows, KY
Natural Bridge, KY
Nazareth, KY
Neafus, KY
Neave, KY
Nebo, KY
Ned, KY
Needmore, KY
Nelse, KY
Neon, KY
Nepton, KY
Nerinx, KY
Nevisdale, KY
New Allen, KY
New Castle, KY
New Concord, KY
New Cypress, KY
New Haven, KY
New Hope, KY
New Liberty, KY
New Salem, KY
New Zion, KY
Newfoundland, KY
Newport, KY
Nicholasville, KY
Nicholson, KY
Nineteen, KY
Nippa, KY
Noctor, KY
Norbourne Estates, KY
North Middletown, KY
Northfield, KY
Nortonville, KY
Norwood, KY
Nuckols, KY
Number One, KY
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Oak Grove, KY
Oakdale, KY
Oakland, KY
Oakton, KY
Oakville, KY
Oddville, KY
Offutt, KY
Ogle, KY
Oil Springs, KY
Oil Valley, KY
Okolona, KY
Olaton, KY
Old Allen, KY
Old Brownsbro, KY
Old Landing, KY
Oldtown, KY
Olive Hill, KY
Ollie, KY
Olmstead, KY
Olympia, KY
Oneida, KY
Ophir, KY
Orangeburg, KY
Orchard Grass, KY
Orchard Grass Hills, KY
Orkney, KY
Orlando, KY
Osborn, KY
Oscaloosa, KY
Oven Fork, KY
Overlook, KY
Owen, KY
Owensboro, KY
Owenton, KY
Owingsville, KY
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Paducah, KY
Paducah Mall, KY
Paint Lick, KY
Paintsville, KY
Palma, KY
Paris, KY
Park, KY
Park City, KY
Park Hills, KY
Parkers Lake, KY
Parksville, KY
Parkway Village, KY
Parkway Vlg, KY
Parnell, KY
Parrot, KY
Partridge, KY
Pathfork, KY
Patsey, KY
Paw Paw, KY
Payne Gap, KY
Payneville, KY
Peabody, KY
Peachgrove, KY
Pebworth, KY
Pecksridge, KY
Pellville, KY
Pembroke, KY
Pendleton, KY
Pendleton County, KY
Penrod, KY
Peonia, KY
Peoples, KY
Perry Park, KY
Perryville, KY
Petersburg, KY
Petersville, KY
Petra, KY
Petros, KY
Pewee Valley, KY
Peytonsburg, KY
Phelps, KY
Philpot, KY
Phyllis, KY
Pikeville, KY
Pilgrim, KY
Pine Knot, KY
Pine Mountain, KY
Pine Ridge, KY
Pine Top, KY
Piner, KY
Pineville, KY
Pinsonfork, KY
Pioneer Village, KY
Pippa Passes, KY
Piqua, KY
Piso, KY
Pittsburg, KY
Plank, KY
Plantation, KY
Pleasanthill, KY
Pleasure Ridge Park, KY
Pleasureville, KY
Plum Springs, KY
Plummers Landing, KY
Plummers Mill, KY
Plumville, KY
Poindexter, KY
Pointer, KY
Pomeroyton, KY
Poole, KY
Poplar Flat, KY
Poplar Hills, KY
Poplar Plains, KY
Poplarville, KY
Port Royal, KY
Potters Fork, KY
Pottsville, KY
Powderly, KY
Powersburg, KY
Powersville, KY
Praise, KY
Prater, KY
Premium, KY
Prentiss, KY
Preston, KY
Prestonsburg, KY
Prestonville, KY
Price, KY
Pride, KY
Primrose, KY
Princess, KY
Princeton, KY
Printer, KY
Prospect, KY
Providence, KY
Provo, KY
Pryse, KY
Public, KY
Pueblo, KY
Pulaski, KY
Putney, KY
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Quality, KY
Quicksand, KY
Quincy, KY
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Rabbit Hash, KY
Raccoon, KY
Raceland, KY
Radcliff, KY
Randolph, KY
Ransom, KY
Raven, KY
Ravenna, KY
Raymond, KY
Raywick, KY
Rectorville, KY
Red Bird, KY
Redbud, KY
Redbush, KY
Redfox, KY
Reed, KY
Regina, KY
Region, KY
Reidland, KY
Relief, KY
Render, KY
Renfro Valley, KY
Repton, KY
Revelo, KY
Reynolds Station, KY
Rhodelia, KY
Ribolt, KY
Ricetown, KY
Riceville, KY
Richardson, KY
Richardsville, KY
Richelieu, KY
Richlawn, KY
Richmond, KY
Richwood, KY
Rineyville, KY
Ringos Mills, KY
Risner, KY
Ritner, KY
River, KY
River Bluff, KY
Riverwood, KY
Road Creek Junction, KY
Roaring Spring, KY
Roark, KY
Robards, KY
Robinson Creek, KY
Rochester, KY
Rock Creek, KY
Rockcastle, KY
Rockdale, KY
Rockfield, KY
Rockholds, KY
Rockhouse, KY
Rockport, KY
Rocky Hill, KY
Rockybranch, KY
Rogers, KY
Rolling Fields, KY
Rolling Hills, KY
Rosedale, KY
Rosine, KY
Ross, KY
Rosslyn, KY
Roundhill, KY
Rouse, KY
Rousseau, KY
Rowdy, KY
Rowena, KY
Rowletts, KY
Roxana, KY
Royalton, KY
Ruddels Mills, KY
Rumsey, KY
Rush, KY
Russell, KY
Russell Springs, KY
Russellville, KY
Ruth, KY
Rutland, KY
Ryland, KY
Ryland Heights, KY
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Sacramento, KY
Sadieville, KY
Saint Catharine, KY
Saint Charles, KY
Saint Francis, KY
Saint Helens, KY
Saint Johns, KY
Saint Joseph, KY
Saint Mary, KY
Saint Matthews, KY
Saint Paul, KY
Saint Regis Park, KY
Saldee, KY
Salem, KY
Salt Gum, KY
Salt Lick, KY
Salvisa, KY
Salyersville, KY
Sample, KY
Samuels, KY
Sanders, KY
Sandgap, KY
Sandy Hook, KY
Sardis, KY
Sassafras, KY
Sasser, KY
Saul, KY
Sawyer, KY
Scalf, KY
Schultztown, KY
Science Hill, KY
Scottsville, KY
Scranton, KY
Scuddy, KY
Se Ree, KY
Sebastians Branch, KY
Sebree, KY
Seco, KY
Sedalia, KY
Seitz, KY
Seminary, KY
Seneca Gardens, KY
Senterville, KY
Seventy Six, KY
Sewell, KY
Sewellton, KY
Sextons Creek, KY
Shadynook, KY
Shakertown, KY
Shannon, KY
Sharkey, KY
Sharon, KY
Sharon Grove, KY
Sharpe, KY
Sharpsburg, KY
Shawhan, KY
Shelbiana, KY
Shelby Gap, KY
Shelbyville, KY
Shepherdsville, KY
Sherburne, KY
Sheridan, KY
Sherman, KY
Shiloh, KY
Shively, KY
Sidney, KY
Siler, KY
Silver Grove, KY
Silverhill, KY
Simpsonville, KY
Sitka, KY
Sizerock, KY
Skyline, KY
Slade, KY
Slat, KY
Slaughters, KY
Slemp, KY
Sloan, KY
Sloans Valley, KY
Smilax, KY
Smith, KY
Smith Mills, KY
Smithfield, KY
Smithland, KY
Smiths Creek, KY
Smiths Grove, KY
Smoky Valley, KY
Snow, KY
Soft Shell, KY
Soldier, KY
Somerset, KY
Sonora, KY
South Carrollton, KY
South Fort Mitchell, KY
South Newport, KY
South Park View, KY
South Portsmouth, KY
South Shore, KY
South Union, KY
South Williamson, KY
Southgate, KY
Sparta, KY
Speight, KY
Spottsville, KY
Spring Grove, KY
Spring Lick, KY
Spring Mill, KY
Spring Valley, KY
Springfield, KY
St Elmo, KY
Stab, KY
Stacy Fork, KY
Staffordsville, KY
Stambaugh, KY
Stamping Ground, KY
Stanford, KY
Stanley, KY
Stanton, KY
Stanville, KY
Stark, KY
Static, KY
Stearns, KY
Steele, KY
Steff, KY
Stella, KY
Stephens, KY
Stephensburg, KY
Stephensport, KY
Steubenville, KY
Stinnett, KY
Stone, KY
Stonewall, KY
Stoney Fork, KY
Stop, KY
Stopover, KY
Straight Creek, KY
Strathmoor Manor, KY
Strathmoor Village, KY
Strunk, KY
Sturgis, KY
Sublett, KY
Subtle, KY
Sudith, KY
Sullivan, KY
Sulphur, KY
Sulphur Well, KY
Summer Shade, KY
Summersville, KY
Summit, KY
Summitt, KY
Sunfish, KY
Sunnybrook, KY
Sunrise, KY
Susie, KY
Sutton, KY
Suwanee, KY
Swamp Branch, KY
Swampton, KY
Swanpond, KY
Sweeden, KY
Sycamore, KY
Symbol, KY
Symsonia, KY
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Talbert, KY
Talcum, KY
Tallega, KY
Tanksley, KY
Tateville, KY
Taulbee, KY
Taylor Mill, KY
Taylor Mines, KY
Taylorsport, KY
Taylorsville, KY
Teaberry, KY
Tedders, KY
Ten Broeck, KY
Thealka, KY
Thelma, KY
Thornhill, KY
Thornton, KY
Thousandsticks, KY
Three Point, KY
Threeforks, KY
Threlkel, KY
Tiline, KY
Tilton, KY
Tina, KY
Tinsley, KY
Tiny Town, KY
Toler, KY
Tollesboro, KY
Tolliver Town, KY
Tolu, KY
Tomahawk, KY
Tompkinsville, KY
Toonerville, KY
Topmost, KY
Totz, KY
Toulouse, KY
Touristville, KY
Trace, KY
Tram, KY
Trammel, KY
Trappist, KY
Trenton, KY
Tribbey, KY
Tribune, KY
Trigg Furnace, KY
Trimble, KY
Trinity, KY
Trisler, KY
Trosper, KY
Turkey, KY
Turkey Creek, KY
Turners Station, KY
Tutor Key, KY
Tuttle, KY
Tyner, KY
Typo, KY
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Ulvah, KY
Ulysses, KY
Union, KY
Union Star, KY
Uniontown, KY
University, KY
Upper Tygart, KY
Upton, KY
Urban, KY
Utica, KY
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Vada, KY
Valeria, KY
Valley Station, KY
Van, KY
Van Cleve, KY
Van Lear, KY
Vanceburg, KY
Vancleve, KY
Vanzant, KY
Varney, KY
Venters, KY
Verona, KY
Versailles, KY
Vertrees, KY
Vest, KY
Vicco, KY
Victory, KY
Villa Hills, KY
Vincent, KY
Vine Grove, KY
Viola, KY
Viper, KY
Virgie, KY
Visalia, KY
Volga, KY
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Waco, KY
Waddy, KY
Waldo, KY
Wales, KY
Walker, KY
Walkertown, KY
Wallingford, KY
Wallins, KY
Wallins Creek, KY
Wallsend, KY
Walnut Grove, KY
Walton, KY
Waneta, KY
Warbranch, KY
Warco, KY
Warfield, KY
Warsaw, KY
Washington, KY
Water Valley, KY
Watergap, KY
Waterview, KY
Watterson Park, KY
Waverly, KY
Wax, KY
Wayland, KY
Waynesburg, KY
Webbs Cross Roads, KY
Webbville, KY
Webster, KY
Wedonia, KY
Weeksbury, KY
Welchs Creek, KY
Wellington, KY
Wellsburg, KY
Wendover, KY
Wentz, KY
West Buechel, KY
West Fairview, KY
West Irvine, KY
West Liberty, KY
West Louisville, KY
West Paducah, KY
West Point, KY
West Somerset, KY
West Van Lear, KY
West Viola, KY
Westbend, KY
Westport, KY
Westview, KY
Westwood, KY
Wheatcroft, KY
Wheatley, KY
Wheelwright, KY
Whick, KY
White, KY
White Mills, KY
White Oak, KY
White Plains, KY
White Tower, KY
Whitehouse, KY
Whitesburg, KY
Whitesville, KY
Whitley City, KY
Wickliffe, KY
Widecreek, KY
Wilbur, KY
Wildcat, KY
Wilder, KY
Wildie, KY
Wildwood, KY
Willard, KY
Williamsburg, KY
Williamsport, KY
Williamstown, KY
Willisburg, KY
Willow, KY
Willow Grove, KY
Willow Shade, KY
Wilmore, KY
Wilsonville, KY
Winchester, KY
Wind Cave, KY
Windsor, KY
Windy, KY
Windy Hills, KY
Wingo, KY
Winifred, KY
Winslow Park, KY
Winston, KY
Wittensville, KY
Wolf, KY
Wolf Coal, KY
Wolf Creek, KY
Wolfpit, KY
Wolverine, KY
Wonnie, KY
Woodbine, KY
Woodburn, KY
Woodbury, KY
Woodland Hills, KY
Woodlawn, KY
Woodlawn Park, KY
Woodman, KY
Woods, KY
Woolcott, KY
Woollum, KY
Wooton, KY
Worthington, KY
Worthington Hills, KY
Worthville, KY
Wrigley, KY
Wurtland, KY
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Yeaddiss, KY
Yeaman, KY
Yellow Rock, KY
Yerkes, KY
Yocum, KY
Yocum Creek, KY
Yosemite, KY
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Zachariah, KY
Zoe, KY
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