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Nebraska Zip Codes

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Nebraska Information

Nebraska is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln. Its largest city is Omaha, which is on the Missouri River. The state is crossed by many historic trails, but it was the California Gold Rush that first brought large numbers of non-indigenous settlers to the area. Nebraska became a state in 1867. There are wide variations between winter and summer temperatures, and violent thunderstorms and tornadoes are common. The state is characterized by treeless prairie, ideal for cattle-grazing, and it is a major producer of beef, as well as pork, corn, and soybeans.
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Abie, NE
Adams, NE
Agnew, NE
Ainsworth, NE
Air Park, NE
Albany, NE
Albion, NE
Alda, NE
Alexandria, NE
Algernon, NE
Allen, NE
Alliance, NE
Alma, NE
Almeria, NE
Alvo, NE
Amelia, NE
Ames, NE
Amherst, NE
Anderson, NE
Angora, NE
Anoka, NE
Anselmo, NE
Ansley, NE
Antioch, NE
Arapahoe, NE
Arcadia, NE
Archer, NE
Arlington, NE
Armada, NE
Arnold, NE
Arthur, NE
Ash Grove, NE
Ashby, NE
Ashland, NE
Ashton, NE
Assumption, NE
Atkinson, NE
Atlanta, NE
Auburn, NE
Aurora, NE
Avoca, NE
Axtell, NE
Ayr, NE
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Bancroft, NE
Barada, NE
Barneston, NE
Bartlett, NE
Bartley, NE
Bassett, NE
Battle Creek, NE
Bayard, NE
Bazile Mills, NE
Beatrice, NE
Beaver City, NE
Beaver Crossing, NE
Bee, NE
Beemer, NE
Belden, NE
Belgrade, NE
Belle Prairie, NE
Bellevue, NE
Bellwood, NE
Belvidere, NE
Benedict, NE
Benkelman, NE
Bennet, NE
Bennington, NE
Benson, NE
Berea, NE
Bertrand, NE
Berwyn, NE
Bethany, NE
Big Springs, NE
Bignell, NE
Bingham, NE
Bixby, NE
Bladen, NE
Blair, NE
Bloomfield, NE
Bloomington, NE
Blue Hill, NE
Blue River Lodge, NE
Blue Springs, NE
Boelus, NE
Boone, NE
Bostwick, NE
Boys Town, NE
Bradshaw, NE
Brady, NE
Brainard, NE
Brandon, NE
Brayton, NE
Brewster, NE
Bridgeport, NE
Bristol, NE
Bristow, NE
Broadwater, NE
Brock, NE
Broken Bow, NE
Brownlee, NE
Brownson, NE
Brownville, NE
Brule, NE
Bruning, NE
Bruno, NE
Brunswick, NE
Bucktail, NE
Buffalo, NE
Burchard, NE
Burr, NE
Burress, NE
Burwell, NE
Bushnell, NE
Butte, NE
Byron, NE
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Cadams, NE
Cairo, NE
Callaway, NE
Cambridge, NE
Cameron, NE
Campbell, NE
Capehart, NE
Carleton, NE
Carroll, NE
Cedar, NE
Cedar Bluffs, NE
Cedar Creek, NE
Cedar Rapids, NE
Center, NE
Centerville, NE
Central City, NE
Ceresco, NE
Chadron, NE
Chambers, NE
Champion, NE
Chapman, NE
Chappell, NE
Cheney, NE
Cherry Creek, NE
Chester, NE
Clarks, NE
Clarkson, NE
Clatonia, NE
Clay, NE
Clay Center, NE
Clearwater, NE
Cliff, NE
Clinton, NE
Cody, NE
Coleridge, NE
Colon, NE
Colton, NE
Columbus, NE
Comstock, NE
Concord, NE
Cook, NE
Cordova, NE
Corner, NE
Cornlea, NE
Cortland, NE
Cosmo, NE
Cotesfield, NE
Cowles, NE
Cozad, NE
Crab Orchard, NE
Craig, NE
Crawford, NE
Creighton, NE
Creston, NE
Crete, NE
Crofton, NE
Crookston, NE
Culbertson, NE
Curtis, NE
Cushing, NE
Custer, NE
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Dakota City, NE
Dalton, NE
Danbury, NE
Dannebrog, NE
Dannevirke, NE
Darr, NE
Davenport, NE
Davey, NE
David City, NE
Davis Creek, NE
Dawson, NE
Daykin, NE
De Witt, NE
Decatur, NE
Delight, NE
Denman, NE
Denton, NE
Denver, NE
Deshler, NE
Deweese, NE
Dickens, NE
Diller, NE
Dix, NE
Dixon, NE
Doane, NE
Dodge, NE
Doniphan, NE
Dorchester, NE
Douglas, NE
Douglas Grove, NE
Du Bois, NE
Dunbar, NE
Duncan, NE
Dunlap, NE
Dunning, NE
Dwight, NE
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Eagle, NE
East Custer, NE
Eaton, NE
Eddyville, NE
Edgar, NE
Edison, NE
Elba, NE
Elgin, NE
Eli, NE
Elim, NE
Elk Creek, NE
Elkhorn, NE
Ellis, NE
Ellsworth, NE
Elm, NE
Elm Creek, NE
Elmwood, NE
Elsie, NE
Elsmere, NE
Elwood, NE
Elyria, NE
Emerald, NE
Emerson, NE
Emmet, NE
Enders, NE
Endicott, NE
Enterprise, NE
Ericson, NE
Eureka, NE
Eustis, NE
Ewing, NE
Exeter, NE
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Fairbury, NE
Fairfield, NE
Fairmont, NE
Falls City, NE
Farmers, NE
Farnam, NE
Farwell, NE
Filley, NE
Firth, NE
Flats, NE
Florence, NE
Fontanelle, NE
Fordyce, NE
Fort Calhoun, NE
Fort Robinson, NE
Foster, NE
Franklin, NE
Fremont, NE
Friend, NE
Fullerton, NE
Funk, NE
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Gandy, NE
Gardner, NE
Garland, NE
Garrison, NE
Geneva, NE
Genoa, NE
Geranium, NE
Gering, NE
Gibbon, NE
Gilead, NE
Giltner, NE
Gladstone, NE
Glen, NE
Glenover, NE
Glenrock, NE
Glenvil, NE
Goehner, NE
Good Samaritan Village, NE
Gordon, NE
Gothenburg, NE
Graf, NE
Grafton, NE
Grand Island, NE
Grant, NE
Grattan, NE
Greeley, NE
Greenwood, NE
Gresham, NE
Gretna, NE
Grover, NE
Guide Rock, NE
Gurley, NE
Back to Top
Hadar, NE
Haig, NE
Haigler, NE
Hallam, NE
Halsey, NE
Hamilton, NE
Hamlet, NE
Hampton, NE
Hanover, NE
Hansen, NE
Harbine, NE
Hardy, NE
Harrisburg, NE
Harrison, NE
Hartington, NE
Harvard, NE
Hastings, NE
Havelock, NE
Hay Springs, NE
Hayes Center, NE
Hayland, NE
Hazard, NE
Heartwell, NE
Hebron, NE
Hemingford, NE
Henderson, NE
Hendley, NE
Henry, NE
Herman, NE
Hershey, NE
Hickman, NE
Highland, NE
Hildreth, NE
Hoag, NE
Holbrook, NE
Holdrege, NE
Holdridge, NE
Holland, NE
Hollinger, NE
Holmesville, NE
Holstein, NE
Homer, NE
Homestead National Monument, NE
Hooper, NE
Horace, NE
Hordville, NE
Hoskins, NE
Howe, NE
Howells, NE
Hubbard, NE
Hubbell, NE
Humboldt, NE
Humphrey, NE
Huntley, NE
Hyannis, NE
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Imperial, NE
Inavale, NE
Independent, NE
Indianola, NE
Industry, NE
Industry-Rock Falls, NE
Ingleside, NE
Inglewood, NE
Inland, NE
Inman, NE
Ithaca, NE
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Jacinto, NE
Jackson, NE
Jansen, NE
Johnson, NE
Johnson Lake, NE
Johnstown, NE
Julian, NE
Juniata, NE
Back to Top
Kearney, NE
Keene, NE
Kenesaw, NE
Kennard, NE
Keystone, NE
Kilfoil, NE
Kilgore, NE
Kimball, NE
Kowanda, NE
Kramer, NE
Kronborg, NE
Back to Top
La Platte, NE
La Vista, NE
Laird, NE
Lake, NE
Lakeside, NE
Lamar, NE
Lanham, NE
Laurel, NE
Lawrence, NE
Lebanon, NE
Leicester, NE
Leigh, NE
Lemoyne, NE
Leshara, NE
Lewellen, NE
Lewiston, NE
Lexington, NE
Liberty, NE
Lincoln, NE
Lindsay, NE
Linwood, NE
Lisco, NE
Litchfield, NE
Little Blue, NE
Lodgepole, NE
Long Pine, NE
Loomis, NE
Lorenzo, NE
Lorton, NE
Louisville, NE
Loup City, NE
Lowell, NE
Lushton, NE
Lyman, NE
Lynch, NE
Lynn, NE
Lyons, NE
Back to Top
Macon, NE
Macy, NE
Madison, NE
Madrid, NE
Magnet, NE
Malcolm, NE
Malmo, NE
Manley, NE
Marquette, NE
Marshall, NE
Marsland, NE
Martell, NE
Martin, NE
Martinsburg, NE
Mascot, NE
Maskell, NE
Mason City, NE
Max, NE
Maxwell, NE
Mayfield, NE
Maywood, NE
Mc Cook, NE
Mc Cool Junction, NE
Mcgrew, NE
Mclean, NE
Mead, NE
Meadow Grove, NE
Melbeta, NE
Memphis, NE
Merna, NE
Merriman, NE
Michigan, NE
Midland, NE
Milburn, NE
Milford, NE
Millard, NE
Miller, NE
Milligan, NE
Mills, NE
Milton, NE
Minatare, NE
Minden, NE
Mirage, NE
Mitchell, NE
Monowi, NE
Monroe, NE
Moorefield, NE
Morrill, NE
Morse Bluff, NE
Mount Clare, NE
Mullally, NE
Mullen, NE
Murdock, NE
Murray, NE
Myrtle, NE
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Naper, NE
Naponee, NE
Nebraska City, NE
Nehawka, NE
Neligh, NE
Nelson, NE
Nemaha, NE
Nenzel, NE
New Helena, NE
Newark, NE
Newcastle, NE
Newman Grove, NE
Newport, NE
Nickerson, NE
Niobrara, NE
Noble, NE
Nora, NE
Norfolk, NE
Norman, NE
North Auburn, NE
North Bend, NE
North Franklin, NE
North Loup, NE
North Platte, NE
Northport, NE
Nysted, NE
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Oak, NE
Oak Creek, NE
Oak Grove, NE
Oakdale, NE
Oakland, NE
Obert, NE
Oconto, NE
Octavia, NE
Odell, NE
Odessa, NE
Offutt Air Force Base, NE
Ogallala, NE
Ohiowa, NE
Omaha, NE
Oneida, NE
Oneill, NE
Ong, NE
Orchard, NE
Ord, NE
Orleans, NE
Osceola, NE
Oshkosh, NE
Osmond, NE
Otoe, NE
Overton, NE
Oxford, NE
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Page, NE
Palisade, NE
Palmer, NE
Palmyra, NE
Panama, NE
Papillion, NE
Parks, NE
Paul, NE
Pauline, NE
Pawnee City, NE
Paxton, NE
Pender, NE
Penn, NE
Peru, NE
Petersburg, NE
Phillips, NE
Pickrell, NE
Pierce, NE
Pilger, NE
Plainview, NE
Platte Center, NE
Plattsmouth, NE
Pleasant Dale, NE
Pleasanthill, NE
Pleasanton, NE
Plymouth, NE
Polk, NE
Ponca, NE
Poole, NE
Potter, NE
Powell, NE
Prague, NE
Prairie, NE
Prairie Dog, NE
Prairie Home, NE
Precept, NE
Preston, NE
Primrose, NE
Princeton, NE
Prosser, NE
Purdum, NE
Back to Top
Ragan, NE
Ralston, NE
Randolph, NE
Ravenna, NE
Raymond, NE
Red Cloud, NE
Redington, NE
Republican City, NE
Reuben, NE
Reynolds, NE
Richfield, NE
Richland, NE
Ringgold, NE
Rising City, NE
Riverdale, NE
Riverside, NE
Riverside Park, NE
Riverton, NE
Roca, NE
Rock Falls, NE
Rockford, NE
Rockville, NE
Rogers, NE
Rohrs, NE
Rokeby, NE
Rosalie, NE
Roscoe, NE
Rose, NE
Roseland, NE
Rosemont, NE
Royal, NE
Rulo, NE
Rusco, NE
Rushville, NE
Ruskin, NE
Ryno, NE
Back to Top
Saint Edward, NE
Saint Helena, NE
Saint Libory, NE
Saint Mary, NE
Saint Paul, NE
Salem, NE
Saltillo, NE
Sanborn, NE
Sappa, NE
Sarben, NE
Sargent, NE
Saronville, NE
Sartoria, NE
Scandinavia, NE
Schaupps, NE
School Creek, NE
Schuyler, NE
Scotia, NE
Scottsbluff, NE
Scribner, NE
Sedan, NE
Seneca, NE
Seward, NE
Sharon, NE
Shelby, NE
Shelton, NE
Sheridan, NE
Sherman, NE
Sherman Lake, NE
Shickley, NE
Shields, NE
Sholes, NE
Shubert, NE
Sicily, NE
Sidney, NE
Silver Creek, NE
Silver Lake, NE
Smithfield, NE
Snyder, NE
Sodtown, NE
South Bend, NE
South Loup, NE
South Minden, NE
South Platte, NE
South Sioux City, NE
South Yankton, NE
Spade, NE
Spalding, NE
Sparks, NE
Spencer, NE
Spencer Park, NE
Sprague, NE
Spring Creek, NE
Spring Grove, NE
Spring Ranch, NE
Springdale, NE
Springfield, NE
Springview, NE
St Columbans, NE
St Michael, NE
St Stephens, NE
Stamford, NE
Stanton, NE
Staplehurst, NE
Stapleton, NE
State House, NE
Steele City, NE
Stegall, NE
Steinauer, NE
Stella, NE
Sterling, NE
Stockham, NE
Stockville, NE
Strang, NE
Stratton, NE
Stromsburg, NE
Stuart, NE
Sumner, NE
Sunol, NE
Superior, NE
Surprise, NE
Survey, NE
Sutherland, NE
Sutton, NE
Swanton, NE
Sweetwater, NE
Syracuse, NE
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Table Rock, NE
Talmage, NE
Tamora, NE
Tarnov, NE
Taylor, NE
Tecumseh, NE
Tekamah, NE
Terrytown, NE
Thayer, NE
Thedford, NE
Thompson, NE
Thornton, NE
Thune, NE
Thurston, NE
Tilden, NE
Tobias, NE
Trenton, NE
Triumph, NE
Trumbull, NE
Tryon, NE
Back to Top
Uehling, NE
Ulysses, NE
Unadilla, NE
Union, NE
University Place, NE
Upland, NE
Utica, NE
Back to Top
Valentine, NE
Valley, NE
Valparaiso, NE
Venango, NE
Verdel, NE
Verdigre, NE
Verdon, NE
Victoria, NE
Vieregg, NE
Vinton, NE
Virginia, NE
Back to Top
Wabash, NE
Waco, NE
Wahoo, NE
Wakefield, NE
Wallace, NE
Walthill, NE
Walton, NE
Wanda, NE
Washington, NE
Waterbury, NE
Waterloo, NE
Wauneta, NE
Wausa, NE
Waverly, NE
Wayne, NE
Webster, NE
Weeping Water, NE
Weissert, NE
Wellfleet, NE
West Blue, NE
West Point, NE
West Union, NE
Western, NE
Westerville, NE
Westmark, NE
Weston, NE
Westside, NE
Whiteclay, NE
Whitman, NE
Whitney, NE
Wilber, NE
Wilcox, NE
Williamsburg, NE
Willow Island, NE
Willowdale, NE
Wilsonville, NE
Winnebago, NE
Winnetoon, NE
Winside, NE
Winslow, NE
Wisner, NE
Wolbach, NE
Wood Lake, NE
Wood River, NE
Worms, NE
Wymore, NE
Wynot, NE
Wyoming, NE
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Yale, NE
York, NE
Yutan, NE
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Zero, NE
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