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North Dakota Zip Codes

North Dakota Flag

North Dakota Coat of Arms
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North Dakota Information

North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States, having been admitted to the union on November 2, 1889. It is located in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States, bordered by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north, the states of Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west. The state capitol is located in Bismarck and the largest city is Fargo. Currently, North Dakota is the 19th most extensive but the 3rd least populous and the 4th least densely populated of the 50 United States.
This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "North Dakota", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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Abercrombie, ND
Absaraka, ND
Adams, ND
Adrian, ND
Agate, ND
Akra, ND
Alamo, ND
Alexander, ND
Alfred, ND
Alice, ND
Alkabo, ND
Almont, ND
Alsen, ND
Ambrose, ND
Amenia, ND
Amidon, ND
Anamoose, ND
Aneta, ND
Antler, ND
Appam, ND
Apple Valley, ND
Ardoch, ND
Arena, ND
Argusville, ND
Armourdale, ND
Arnegard, ND
Arthur, ND
Arvilla, ND
Ashley, ND
Aurelia, ND
Aylmer, ND
Ayr, ND
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Backoo, ND
Baker, ND
Baldwin, ND
Balfour, ND
Balta, ND
Bantry, ND
Barlow, ND
Barney, ND
Bartlett, ND
Barton, ND
Bathgate, ND
Battleview, ND
Beach, ND
Belcourt, ND
Belden, ND
Belfield, ND
Benedict, ND
Bentley, ND
Bergen, ND
Berlin, ND
Berthold, ND
Berwick, ND
Beulah, ND
Binford, ND
Bisbee, ND
Bismarck, ND
Blaisdell, ND
Blanchard, ND
Bloom, ND
Blue Grass, ND
Bonetraill, ND
Bordulac, ND
Bottineau, ND
Bowbells, ND
Bowdon, ND
Bowesmont, ND
Bowman, ND
Braddock, ND
Brampton, ND
Brantford, ND
Breien, ND
Bremen, ND
Briarwood, ND
Brinsmade, ND
Brisbane, ND
Brocket, ND
Buchanan, ND
Bucyrus, ND
Buffalo, ND
Buffalo Springs, ND
Buford, ND
Burlington, ND
Burnstad, ND
Burt, ND
Butte, ND
Buxton, ND
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Caledonia, ND
Calio, ND
Calvin, ND
Cando, ND
Cannon Ball, ND
Carbury, ND
Carpio, ND
Carrington, ND
Carson, ND
Cartwright, ND
Casselton, ND
Cathay, ND
Cavalier, ND
Cavalier Afs, ND
Cayuga, ND
Center, ND
Chaffee, ND
Charbonneau, ND
Charlson, ND
Chaseley, ND
Christine, ND
Churchs Ferry, ND
Clementsville, ND
Cleveland, ND
Clifford, ND
Clifton, ND
Clyde, ND
Cogswell, ND
Coleharbor, ND
Colfax, ND
Colgan, ND
Colgate, ND
Columbus, ND
Concrete, ND
Conway, ND
Cooperstown, ND
Corinth, ND
Coteau, ND
Coulee, ND
Courtenay, ND
Crary, ND
Crete, ND
Crocus, ND
Crosby, ND
Crystal, ND
Crystal Springs, ND
Cummings, ND
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Dahlen, ND
Danzig, ND
Davenport, ND
Dawson, ND
Dazey, ND
Deering, ND
Delamere, ND
Denbigh, ND
Denhoff, ND
Des Lacs, ND
Devils Lake, ND
Dickey, ND
Dickinson, ND
Dodge, ND
Donnybrook, ND
Douglas, ND
Dover, ND
Doyon, ND
Drake, ND
Drayton, ND
Dresden, ND
Driscoll, ND
Dunn Center, ND
Dunning, ND
Dunseith, ND
Durbin, ND
Dwight, ND
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Eagles Nest, ND
Eckelson, ND
Eckman, ND
Edgeley, ND
Edinburg, ND
Edmore, ND
Edmunds, ND
Egeland, ND
Eldridge, ND
Elgin, ND
Ellendale, ND
Elliott, ND
Embden, ND
Emerado, ND
Emmet, ND
Emrick, ND
Enderlin, ND
Englevale, ND
Epping, ND
Erie, ND
Esmond, ND
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Fairdale, ND
Fairfield, ND
Fairmount, ND
Falkirk, ND
Fallon, ND
Fargo, ND
Fessenden, ND
Fillmore, ND
Fingal, ND
Finley, ND
Flasher, ND
Flaxton, ND
Flora, ND
Fonda, ND
Forbes, ND
Fordville, ND
Forest River, ND
Forman, ND
Fort Clark, ND
Fort Ransom, ND
Fort Rice, ND
Fort Totten, ND
Fort Yates, ND
Fortuna, ND
Foxholm, ND
Frazier, ND
Freda, ND
Fredonia, ND
Fried, ND
Frontier, ND
Fryburg, ND
Fullerton, ND
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Gackle, ND
Galchutt, ND
Galesburg, ND
Gardar, ND
Gardner, ND
Garrison, ND
Garske, ND
Gascoyne, ND
Geneseo, ND
Gilby, ND
Gladstone, ND
Glasston, ND
Glen Ullin, ND
Glenburn, ND
Glenfield, ND
Glover, ND
Golden Valley, ND
Goldwin, ND
Golva, ND
Goodrich, ND
Gorham, ND
Grace City, ND
Grafton, ND
Grand Forks, ND
Grand Forks Air Force Base, ND
Grand Rapids, ND
Grandin, ND
Grano, ND
Granville, ND
Grassy Butte, ND
Great Bend, ND
Greene, ND
Grenora, ND
Griffin, ND
Guelph, ND
Guthrie, ND
Gwinner, ND
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Hague, ND
Haley, ND
Halliday, ND
Hamar, ND
Hamberg, ND
Hamilton, ND
Hamlet, ND
Hampden, ND
Hankinson, ND
Hanks, ND
Hannaford, ND
Hannah, ND
Hannover, ND
Hansboro, ND
Harlow, ND
Hartland, ND
Harvey, ND
Harwood, ND
Hastings, ND
Hatton, ND
Havana, ND
Havelock, ND
Haynes, ND
Hazelton, ND
Hazen, ND
Heaton, ND
Hebron, ND
Heil, ND
Heimdal, ND
Hensel, ND
Hensler, ND
Hesper, ND
Hettinger, ND
Hickson, ND
Hillsboro, ND
Homer, ND
Honeyford, ND
Hoople, ND
Hope, ND
Horace, ND
Huff, ND
Hunter, ND
Hurdsfield, ND
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Inkster, ND
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Jamestown, ND
Jessie, ND
Johnsons Corner, ND
Johnstown, ND
Joliette, ND
Juanita, ND
Jud, ND
Judson, ND
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Karlsruhe, ND
Karnak, ND
Kathryn, ND
Keene, ND
Kelso, ND
Kempton, ND
Kenaston, ND
Kenmare, ND
Kensal, ND
Kief, ND
Killdeer, ND
Kindred, ND
Kingsley, ND
Kintyre, ND
Kloten, ND
Knox, ND
Kongsberg, ND
Kramer, ND
Kulm, ND
Kuroki, ND
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Ladd, ND
Lake Metigoshe, ND
Lake Williams, ND
Lakota, ND
Lamoure, ND
Landa, ND
Langdon, ND
Lankin, ND
Lansford, ND
Larimore, ND
Lark, ND
Larson, ND
Lawton, ND
Leal, ND
Leeds, ND
Lefor, ND
Lehigh, ND
Lehr, ND
Leith, ND
Leonard, ND
Leroy, ND
Lidgerwood, ND
Lignite, ND
Lincoln, ND
Linton, ND
Lippert, ND
Lisbon, ND
Litchville, ND
Livona, ND
Lockwood, ND
Logan, ND
Loma, ND
Lone Tree, ND
Loraine, ND
Lostwood, ND
Lucca, ND
Ludden, ND
Lunds Valley, ND
Luverne, ND
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Maddock, ND
Maida, ND
Makoti, ND
Mandan, ND
Mandaree, ND
Manfred, ND
Manitou, ND
Manning, ND
Mantador, ND
Manvel, ND
Mapes, ND
Maple, ND
Mapleton, ND
Marion, ND
Marmarth, ND
Marmon, ND
Marshall, ND
Martin, ND
Max, ND
Maxbass, ND
Mayville, ND
Maza, ND
Mccanna, ND
Mcclusky, ND
Mcgregor, ND
Mchenry, ND
Mckenzie, ND
Mcleod, ND
Mcville, ND
Medina, ND
Medora, ND
Mekinock, ND
Melville, ND
Menoken, ND
Mercer, ND
Merricourt, ND
Metigoshe, ND
Michigan, ND
Millarton, ND
Milnor, ND
Milton, ND
Minnewaukan, ND
Minot, ND
Minot Air Force Base, ND
Minto, ND
Moffit, ND
Mohall, ND
Monango, ND
Montpelier, ND
Mooreton, ND
Moscow, ND
Mott, ND
Mount Carmel, ND
Mountain, ND
Munich, ND
Munster, ND
Mylo, ND
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Nanson, ND
Napoleon, ND
Nash, ND
Neche, ND
Nekoma, ND
Nelvik, ND
New England, ND
New Hradec, ND
New Leipzig, ND
New Rockford, ND
New Salem, ND
New Town, ND
Newberg, ND
Newburg, ND
Niagara, ND
Niobe, ND
Nome, ND
Noonan, ND
Norma, ND
North River, ND
Northgate, ND
Northwood, ND
Nortonville, ND
Norwich, ND
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Oakes, ND
Oberon, ND
Omemee, ND
Ops, ND
Oriska, ND
Orr, ND
Orrin, ND
Osnabrock, ND
Ostby, ND
Overly, ND
Oxbow, ND
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Page, ND
Palermo, ND
Park River, ND
Parshall, ND
Pekin, ND
Pembina, ND
Penn, ND
Perth, ND
Petersburg, ND
Pettibone, ND
Pick, ND
Pickardville, ND
Pillsbury, ND
Pingree, ND
Pisek, ND
Plaza, ND
Pleasant Lake, ND
Porcupine, ND
Portal, ND
Portland, ND
Powers Lake, ND
Prairie Rose, ND
Prairieview, ND
Price, ND
Prosper, ND
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Raleigh, ND
Raub, ND
Rawson, ND
Ray, ND
Reeder, ND
Regan, ND
Regent, ND
Reiles Acres, ND
Revere, ND
Reynolds, ND
Rhame, ND
Rhoades, ND
Richardton, ND
Riverdale, ND
Riverside, ND
Robinson, ND
Rocklake, ND
Rogers, ND
Rolette, ND
Rolla, ND
Rose Hill, ND
Roseglen, ND
Ross, ND
Roth, ND
Round Prairie, ND
Rugby, ND
Ruso, ND
Russell, ND
Ruthville, ND
Rutland, ND
Ryder, ND
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Saint Anthony, ND
Saint Gertrude, ND
Saint John, ND
Saint Michael, ND
Saint Thomas, ND
San Haven, ND
Sanborn, ND
Sanger, ND
Sanish, ND
Sarles, ND
Saundersville, ND
Sawyer, ND
Schefield, ND
Scranton, ND
Selfridge, ND
Selz, ND
Sentinel, ND
Sentinel Butte, ND
Sentinl Butte, ND
Sharon, ND
Sheldon, ND
Shepard, ND
Sherwood, ND
Sheyenne, ND
Shields, ND
Sibley, ND
Silva, ND
Simcoe, ND
Solen, ND
Souris, ND
South Heart, ND
South Prairie, ND
Southam, ND
Spencer, ND
Spiritwood, ND
Spiritwood Lake, ND
Spring Brook, ND
Stanley, ND
Stanton, ND
Starkweather, ND
Steele, ND
Sterling, ND
Stirum, ND
Strasburg, ND
Straubville, ND
Streeter, ND
Surrey, ND
Sutton, ND
Sydney, ND
Sykeston, ND
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Tagus, ND
Tappen, ND
Taylor, ND
Temple, ND
Temvik, ND
Thompson, ND
Thorne, ND
Timmer, ND
Tioga, ND
Tokio, ND
Tolley, ND
Tolna, ND
Tower City, ND
Towner, ND
Trenton, ND
Trotters, ND
Turtle Lake, ND
Tuttle, ND
Twin Buttes, ND
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Underwood, ND
Union, ND
Upham, ND
Urbana, ND
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Valley City, ND
Velva, ND
Venturia, ND
Verendrye, ND
Verona, ND
Voltaire, ND
Voss, ND
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Wabek, ND
Wahpeton, ND
Walcott, ND
Wales, ND
Walhalla, ND
Walum, ND
Warren, ND
Warsaw, ND
Warwick, ND
Washburn, ND
Watford City, ND
Webster, ND
Wellsburg, ND
Werner, ND
West Fargo, ND
Westby, ND
Westfield, ND
Westhope, ND
Wheatland, ND
Wheelock, ND
White Earth, ND
White Sheild, ND
Whitman, ND
Wild Rice, ND
Wildrose, ND
Williston, ND
Willow City, ND
Wilton, ND
Wimbledon, ND
Windsor, ND
Wing, ND
Wishek, ND
Wolford, ND
Wolseth, ND
Wood Lake, ND
Woodbury, ND
Woodworth, ND
Wyndmere, ND
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York, ND
Ypsilanti, ND
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Zahl, ND
Zap, ND
Zeeland, ND
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