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Oklahoma Zip Codes

Oklahoma Flag

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Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma Information

Oklahoma is a state located in the South Central United States. Oklahoma is the 20th most extensive and the 28th most populous of the 50 United States. The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". It is also known informally by its nickname, The Sooner State, in reference to the non-Native settlers who staked their claims on the choicest pieces of land prior to the official opening date, and the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889, which opened the door for white settlement in America's Indian Territory. The name was settled upon statehood, Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory were merged and Indian was dropped from the name. On November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state to enter the union. Its residents are known as Oklahomans or, informally "Okies", and its capital and largest city is Oklahoma City.
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Achille, OK
Ada, OK
Adair, OK
Adams, OK
Addington, OK
Afton, OK
Agra, OK
Albany, OK
Albert, OK
Albion, OK
Alderson, OK
Alex, OK
Aline, OK
Allen, OK
Altus, OK
Alva, OK
Amber, OK
Ames, OK
Amorita, OK
Anadarko, OK
Antlers, OK
Apache, OK
Arapaho, OK
Arcadia, OK
Ardmore, OK
Arkoma, OK
Armstrong, OK
Arnett, OK
Asher, OK
Ashland, OK
Aston, OK
Atoka, OK
Atwood, OK
Avant, OK
Avard, OK
Avery, OK
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Bache, OK
Bacone, OK
Baker, OK
Balko, OK
Barnsdall, OK
Bartlesville, OK
Battiest, OK
Baugh, OK
Bearden, OK
Beaver, OK
Beggs, OK
Beland, OK
Bennington, OK
Bernice, OK
Bessie, OK
Bethany, OK
Bethel, OK
Bethel Acres, OK
Big Cabin, OK
Billings, OK
Bing, OK
Binger, OK
Bird Island, OK
Bison, OK
Bixby, OK
Blackburn, OK
Blackwell, OK
Blair, OK
Blanchard, OK
Blanco, OK
Blocker, OK
Bluejacket, OK
Boise City, OK
Bokchito, OK
Bokoshe, OK
Boley, OK
Bond, OK
Boswell, OK
Bowlegs, OK
Bowring, OK
Boynton, OK
Bradley, OK
Braggs, OK
Braman, OK
Bray, OK
Bridgeport, OK
Bristow, OK
Broken Arrow, OK
Broken Bow, OK
Bromide, OK
Brooksville, OK
Buffalo, OK
Bunch, OK
Burbank, OK
Burlington, OK
Burneyville, OK
Burns Flat, OK
Bushyhead, OK
Butler, OK
Byars, OK
Byng, OK
Byron, OK
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Cache, OK
Caddo, OK
Calera, OK
Calumet, OK
Calvin, OK
Camargo, OK
Cameron, OK
Canadian, OK
Caney, OK
Canton, OK
Canute, OK
Capron, OK
Cardin, OK
Carmen, OK
Carnegie, OK
Carney, OK
Carrier, OK
Carter, OK
Cartwright, OK
Cashion, OK
Castle, OK
Catoosa, OK
Cement, OK
Centrahoma, OK
Central High, OK
Centralia, OK
Chandler, OK
Chattanooga, OK
Checotah, OK
Chelsea, OK
Cherokee, OK
Chester, OK
Cheyenne, OK
Chickasha, OK
Choctaw, OK
Choska, OK
Chouteau, OK
Cimarron, OK
Clairemore, OK
Claremore, OK
Clarita, OK
Clayton, OK
Clearview, OK
Cleo Springs, OK
Cleora, OK
Cleveland, OK
Clinton, OK
Coalgate, OK
Coalton, OK
Colbert, OK
Colcord, OK
Cole, OK
Coleman, OK
Colgate, OK
Collinsville, OK
Colony, OK
Comanche, OK
Commerce, OK
Concho, OK
Connerville, OK
Coodys Bluff, OK
Cookson, OK
Cooperton, OK
Copan, OK
Cordell, OK
Corn, OK
Cornish, OK
Cotoosa, OK
Cottonwood, OK
Council Hill, OK
Countyline, OK
Covington, OK
Coweta, OK
Cowlington, OK
Coyle, OK
Crawford, OK
Crescent, OK
Cromwell, OK
Crowder, OK
Cushing, OK
Custer, OK
Custer City, OK
Cyril, OK
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Dacoma, OK
Daisy, OK
Dale, OK
Davenport, OK
Davidson, OK
Davis, OK
Deer Creek, OK
Del, OK
Delaware, OK
Depew, OK
Devol, OK
Dewar, OK
Dewey, OK
Dibble, OK
Dill City, OK
Disney, OK
Dougherty, OK
Douglas, OK
Dover, OK
Drummond, OK
Drumright, OK
Duke, OK
Duncan, OK
Durant, OK
Durham, OK
Dustin, OK
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Eagle, OK
Eagletown, OK
Eakly, OK
Earlsboro, OK
Eastside, OK
Edmond, OK
Edna, OK
El Reno, OK
Eldorado, OK
Elgin, OK
Elk City, OK
Elmer, OK
Elmore City, OK
Elmwood, OK
Empire, OK
Enid, OK
Enterprise, OK
Erick, OK
Erin Springs, OK
Etowah, OK
Eucha, OK
Eufaula, OK
Eutaula, OK
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Fair Oaks, OK
Fairfax, OK
Fairland, OK
Fairmont, OK
Fairview, OK
Fallis, OK
Fanshawe, OK
Fargo, OK
Farris, OK
Faxon, OK
Fay, OK
Felt, OK
Finley, OK
Fittstown, OK
Fitzhugh, OK
Fletcher, OK
Foraker, OK
Forest Park, OK
Forgan, OK
Fort Cobb, OK
Fort Coffee, OK
Fort Gibson, OK
Fort Sill, OK
Fort Supply, OK
Fort Towson, OK
Foss, OK
Foster, OK
Fox, OK
Foyil, OK
Francis, OK
Frederick, OK
Freedom, OK
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Gage, OK
Gans, OK
Garber, OK
Garvin, OK
Gate, OK
Geary, OK
Gene Autry, OK
Geronimo, OK
Gerty, OK
Glencoe, OK
Glenoak, OK
Glenpool, OK
Golden, OK
Goldsby, OK
Goltry, OK
Goodwell, OK
Gore, OK
Gotebo, OK
Gould, OK
Gowen, OK
Gracemont, OK
Grady, OK
Graham, OK
Grand Lake Towne, OK
Grandfield, OK
Granite, OK
Grant, OK
Grayson, OK
Greenfield, OK
Grove, OK
Guthrie, OK
Guymon, OK
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Hailey, OK
Haileyville, OK
Hallett, OK
Hallis, OK
Hammon, OK
Hanna, OK
Harden, OK
Hardesty, OK
Harmon, OK
Harrah, OK
Hartshorne, OK
Haskell, OK
Hastings, OK
Haworth, OK
Haywood, OK
Headrick, OK
Healdton, OK
Heavener, OK
Helena, OK
Hendrix, OK
Hennepin, OK
Hennessey, OK
Henryetta, OK
Herd, OK
Hickory, OK
Higgins, OK
Hillsdale, OK
Hinton, OK
Hitchcock, OK
Hitchita, OK
Hobart, OK
Hodgen, OK
Hoffman, OK
Hog Shooter, OK
Holdenville, OK
Hollis, OK
Hollister, OK
Hominy, OK
Honobia, OK
Hooker, OK
Hopeton, OK
Horntown, OK
Howe, OK
Hoyt, OK
Hugo, OK
Hulbert, OK
Hunter, OK
Hydro, OK
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Idabel, OK
Inala, OK
Indiahoma, OK
Indianola, OK
Inola, OK
Isabella, OK
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Jay, OK
Jefferson, OK
Jenks, OK
Jennings, OK
Jet, OK
Johnson, OK
Jones, OK
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Kansas, OK
Kaw, OK
Kaw City, OK
Keefeton, OK
Kellyville, OK
Kemp, OK
Kendrick, OK
Kenefic, OK
Kenton, OK
Keota, OK
Ketchum, OK
Keyes, OK
Kiamichi, OK
Kiamichi Christian Mission, OK
Kiefer, OK
Kildare, OK
Kingfisher, OK
Kingston, OK
Kinta, OK
Kiowa, OK
Knowles, OK
Konawa, OK
Krebs, OK
Kremlin, OK
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Lahoma, OK
Lake Aluma, OK
Lake Eufaula, OK
Lamar, OK
Lambert, OK
Lamont, OK
Lane, OK
Langley, OK
Langston, OK
Laverne, OK
Lawrence Creek, OK
Lawton, OK
Lebanon, OK
Leedey, OK
Leflore, OK
Lehigh, OK
Lenapah, OK
Leon, OK
Leonard, OK
Lequire, OK
Lexington, OK
Lima, OK
Lindsay, OK
Loco, OK
Locust Grove, OK
Logan, OK
Lone Grove, OK
Lone Wolf, OK
Longdale, OK
Lookeba, OK
Lotsee, OK
Loveland, OK
Loyal, OK
Lucien, OK
Luther, OK
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Macomb, OK
Madill, OK
Maimi, OK
Manchester, OK
Mangum, OK
Manitou, OK
Mannford, OK
Mannsville, OK
Maramec, OK
Marble City, OK
Marietta, OK
Marland, OK
Marlow, OK
Marshall, OK
Martha, OK
Martin, OK
Mason, OK
Maud, OK
May, OK
Mayfield, OK
Maysville, OK
Mazie, OK
Mc Millan, OK
Mcalester, OK
Mccurtain, OK
Mclain, OK
Mcloud, OK
Mead, OK
Medford, OK
Medicine Park, OK
Meeker, OK
Meers, OK
Meno, OK
Meridian, OK
Miami, OK
Midwest, OK
Milburn, OK
Milfay, OK
Mill Creek, OK
Millerton, OK
Milo, OK
Minco, OK
Moffett, OK
Monkey Island, OK
Monroe, OK
Moodys, OK
Moore, OK
Mooreland, OK
Morris, OK
Morrison, OK
Mounds, OK
Mountain Park, OK
Mountain View, OK
Moyers, OK
Muldrow, OK
Mulhall, OK
Muse, OK
Muskogee, OK
Mustang, OK
Mutual, OK
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Nardin, OK
Nash, OK
Nashoba, OK
Nelagony, OK
New Lima, OK
New Tulsa, OK
Newalla, OK
Newby, OK
Newcastle, OK
Newkirk, OK
Nichols Hills, OK
Nicoma Park, OK
Ninnekah, OK
Noble, OK
Norfolk, OK
Norge, OK
Norman, OK
North Enid, OK
North Miami, OK
Nowata, OK
Noxie, OK
Nuyaka, OK
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Oakhurst, OK
Oakland, OK
Oaks, OK
Oakwood, OK
Ochelata, OK
Octavia, OK
Oilton, OK
Okarche, OK
Okay, OK
Okeene, OK
Okemah, OK
Okesa, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Okmulgee, OK
Oktaha, OK
Olney, OK
Olustee, OK
Omega, OK
Onola, OK
Oologah, OK
Optima, OK
Orienta, OK
Orlando, OK
Osage, OK
Oscar, OK
Overbrook, OK
Owasso, OK
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Paden, OK
Panama, OK
Panola, OK
Paoli, OK
Paradise Hill, OK
Park Hill, OK
Pauls Valley, OK
Pawhuska, OK
Pawnee, OK
Pearsonia, OK
Peckham, OK
Peggs, OK
Pensacola, OK
Peoria, OK
Perkins, OK
Pernell, OK
Perry, OK
Pershing, OK
Pettit, OK
Pharoah, OK
Phillips, OK
Picher, OK
Pickens, OK
Piedmont, OK
Pierce, OK
Pink, OK
Pittsburg, OK
Platter, OK
Pocasset, OK
Pocola, OK
Ponca City, OK
Pond Creek, OK
Pontotoc, OK
Pooleville, OK
Port of Catoo, OK
Porter, OK
Porum, OK
Poteau, OK
Prague, OK
Preston, OK
Proctor, OK
Prue, OK
Pryor, OK
Pryor Creek, OK
Purcell, OK
Putnam, OK
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Qualls, OK
Quapaw, OK
Quinton, OK
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Ralston, OK
Ramona, OK
Randlett, OK
Ratliff City, OK
Rattan, OK
Ravia, OK
Red Oak, OK
Red Rock, OK
Redbird, OK
Reed, OK
Renfrow, OK
Rentiesville, OK
Reydon, OK
Richville, OK
Ringling, OK
Ringold, OK
Ringwood, OK
Ripley, OK
Rocky, OK
Roff, OK
Roland, OK
Roosevelt, OK
Rose, OK
Rosedale, OK
Rosston, OK
Rubottom, OK
Rufe, OK
Rush Springs, OK
Ryan, OK
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S Coffeyville, OK
Saint Louis, OK
Salem, OK
Salina, OK
Sallisaw, OK
Sand Springs, OK
Sapulpa, OK
Sasakwa, OK
Savanna, OK
Sawyer, OK
Sayre, OK
Schlegal, OK
Schulter, OK
Scipio, OK
Seiling, OK
Selman, OK
Seminole, OK
Sentinel, OK
Shady Grove, OK
Shady Point, OK
Shamrock, OK
Sharon, OK
Shattuck, OK
Shawnee, OK
Shidler, OK
Silo, OK
Silver, OK
Skedee, OK
Skiatook, OK
Slaughterville, OK
Slick, OK
Smith Village, OK
Smithville, OK
Snow, OK
Snyder, OK
Soper, OK
South Coffeyville, OK
Southard, OK
Sparks, OK
Spaulding, OK
Spavinaw, OK
Spelter, OK
Spencer, OK
Spencerville, OK
Sperry, OK
Spiro, OK
Sportsmen Acres, OK
Springer, OK
Sterling, OK
Stidham, OK
Stigler, OK
Stillwater, OK
Stilwell, OK
Stonewall, OK
Strang, OK
Stratford, OK
Stringtown, OK
Strong, OK
Stroud, OK
Stuart, OK
Sugden, OK
Sulphur, OK
Summerfield, OK
Summit, OK
Summitt, OK
Sweetwater, OK
Swink, OK
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Taft, OK
Tahlequah, OK
Talala, OK
Talihina, OK
Tallant, OK
Taloga, OK
Tamaha, OK
Tatums, OK
Tecumseh, OK
Temple, OK
Terlton, OK
Terral, OK
Texanna, OK
Texhoma, OK
Texola, OK
Thackerville, OK
The Village, OK
Thomas, OK
Tiawah, OK
Tipton, OK
Tishomingo, OK
Tom, OK
Tonkawa, OK
Tribbey, OK
Tryon, OK
Tullahassee, OK
Tulsa, OK
Tupelo, OK
Turpin, OK
Tuskahoma, OK
Tuskegee, OK
Tussy, OK
Tuttle, OK
Twin Hills, OK
Twin Oaks, OK
Tyrone, OK
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Union City, OK
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Valley Brook, OK
Valley Park, OK
Valliant, OK
Velma, OK
Vera, OK
Verden, OK
Verdigris, OK
Vernon, OK
Vian, OK
Vici, OK
Village, OK
Vinita, OK
Vinson, OK
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Wade, OK
Wagoner, OK
Wainwright, OK
Wakita, OK
Walters, OK
Wanette, OK
Wann, OK
Wapanucka, OK
Wardville, OK
Warner, OK
Warr Acres, OK
Warwick, OK
Washington, OK
Washita, OK
Watonga, OK
Watova, OK
Watson, OK
Watts, OK
Waukomis, OK
Waurika, OK
Wayne, OK
Waynoka, OK
Weatherford, OK
Webb, OK
Webbers Falls, OK
Welch, OK
Weleetka, OK
Welling, OK
Wellston, OK
Welty, OK
West Siloam Springs, OK
Westport, OK
Westville, OK
Wetumka, OK
Wewoka, OK
Wheatland, OK
White Oak, OK
Whitefield, OK
Whitesboro, OK
Wilburton, OK
Williams, OK
Willow, OK
Wilson, OK
Winchester, OK
Winganon, OK
Wister, OK
Wolco, OK
Woodlawn Park, OK
Woodward, OK
Wright City, OK
Wyandotte, OK
Wybark, OK
Wynnewood, OK
Wynona, OK
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Yale, OK
Yarnaby, OK
Yeager, OK
Yukon, OK
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