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Vermont Zip Codes

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Vermont Information

Vermont is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Vermont is the 6th smallest in area and the 2nd least populous of the 50 United States. It is the only New England state not bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Champlain forms half of Vermont's western border, which it shares with the state of New York. The Green Mountains are within the state. Vermont is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east across the Connecticut River, New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.
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Abnaki, VT
Adamant, VT
Adams Landing, VT
Addison, VT
Albany, VT
Alburgh, VT
Alpine Haven, VT
Andover, VT
Arlington, VT
Arnold Bay, VT
Ascutney, VT
Athens, VT
Averill, VT
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Bakersfield, VT
Baltimore, VT
Barnard, VT
Barnet, VT
Barnumsville, VT
Barnumtown, VT
Barnumville, VT
Barre, VT
Barre Junction, VT
Barton, VT
Bartonsville, VT
Basin Harbor, VT
Beaulieus Corner, VT
Beebe Plain, VT
Beecher Falls, VT
Bellows Falls, VT
Belmont, VT
Belvidere, VT
Belvidere Center, VT
Belvidere Corners, VT
Belvidere Junction, VT
Bennington, VT
Benson, VT
Benson Landing, VT
Berkshire, VT
Berlin, VT
Bethel, VT
Binghamville, VT
Birdland, VT
Bliss Pond, VT
Blissville, VT
Bloomfield, VT
Bolton, VT
Bolton Valley, VT
Bomoseen, VT
Bondville, VT
Bordoville, VT
Boutswells, VT
Bowlsville, VT
Bradford, VT
Braintree, VT
Branch, VT
Brandon, VT
Brattleboro, VT
Bread Loaf, VT
Bridgewater, VT
Bridgewater Corners, VT
Bridport, VT
Brighton, VT
Brimstone Corners, VT
Bristol, VT
Brockways Mills, VT
Bromley Mountain, VT
Brookfield, VT
Brookline, VT
Brookside, VT
Brookville, VT
Brownington, VT
Brownsville, VT
Brunswick, VT
Buels Gore, VT
Burke, VT
Burke Mountain, VT
Burlington, VT
Button Bay, VT
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Cabot, VT
Cadys Falls, VT
Calais, VT
Cambridge, VT
Cambridgeboro, VT
Cambridgeport, VT
Camp Johnson, VT
Canaan, VT
Castleton, VT
Cavendish, VT
Cedar Beach, VT
Center Rutland, VT
Charleston, VT
Charlotte, VT
Chelsea, VT
Chester, VT
Chester Depot, VT
Chimney Point, VT
Chipman Lake, VT
Chipmans Point, VT
Chippenhook, VT
Chiselville, VT
Chittenden, VT
Clarendon, VT
Clarendon Springs, VT
Clementwood, VT
Cleveland Corner, VT
Cloverdale, VT
Colbyville, VT
Colchester, VT
Concord, VT
Concord Corner, VT
Cookville, VT
Corinth, VT
Corinth Corners, VT
Cornwall, VT
Coventry, VT
Craftsbury, VT
Craftsbury Common, VT
Crow Hill, VT
Crown Point, VT
Crystal Beach, VT
Cuttingsville, VT
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Danby, VT
Danby Corners, VT
Danville, VT
Derby, VT
Derby Line, VT
Dorset, VT
Downingville, VT
Dummerston, VT
Duxbury, VT
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Eagle Point, VT
East Albany, VT
East Arlington, VT
East Barnard, VT
East Barre, VT
East Berkshire, VT
East Bethel, VT
East Brookfield, VT
East Burke, VT
East Cabot, VT
East Calais, VT
East Charleston, VT
East Concord, VT
East Corinth, VT
East Craftsbury, VT
East Dorset, VT
East Dover, VT
East Elmore, VT
East Enosburg, VT
East Fairfield, VT
East Franklin, VT
East Granville, VT
East Hardwick, VT
East Haven, VT
East Highgate, VT
East Hill, VT
East Hubbardton, VT
East Jamaica, VT
East Johnson, VT
East Lyndon, VT
East Middlebury, VT
East Montpelier, VT
East Orange, VT
East Peacham, VT
East Pittsford, VT
East Poultney, VT
East Putney, VT
East Randolph, VT
East Roxbury, VT
East Rupert, VT
East Ryegate, VT
East Saint Johnsbury, VT
East Sheldon, VT
East Sutton Ridge, VT
East Thetford, VT
East Wallingford, VT
East Warren, VT
Eden, VT
Eden Mills, VT
Elmore, VT
Ely, VT
Enosburg, VT
Enosburg Falls, VT
Essex, VT
Essex Junction, VT
Evansville, VT
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Fair Haven, VT
Fairfax, VT
Fairfield, VT
Fairfield Pond, VT
Fairgrounds, VT
Fairlee, VT
Fayston, VT
Felchville, VT
Ferdinand, VT
Ferrisburgh, VT
Fieldsville, VT
Fletcher, VT
Florence, VT
Fonda, VT
Fonda Jct, VT
Forest Dale, VT
Franklin, VT
Fredetteville, VT
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Gageville, VT
Gallup Mills, VT
Garfield, VT
Gassetts, VT
Gaysville, VT
Georgia, VT
Gilford, VT
Gilman, VT
Glen, VT
Glover, VT
Goose Green, VT
Goshen, VT
Gould Hill, VT
Grafton, VT
Grahamville, VT
Granby, VT
Granby Valley, VT
Grand Isle, VT
Graniteville, VT
Granville, VT
Green Corner, VT
Green River, VT
Greenbush, VT
Greensboro, VT
Greensboro Bend, VT
Groton, VT
Grout, VT
Guildhall, VT
Guilford, VT
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Halifax, VT
Hammondsville, VT
Hancock, VT
Hardwick, VT
Harmonyville, VT
Harrisville, VT
Hartford, VT
Hartland, VT
Hartland Four Corners, VT
Healdville, VT
Heartwell, VT
Heartwellville, VT
Hectorville, VT
Herrick, VT
Highgate, VT
Highgate Center, VT
Highgate Falls, VT
Highgate Springs, VT
Hill West, VT
Hinesburg, VT
Hog Island, VT
Holland, VT
Hortonville, VT
Hubbardton, VT
Huntington, VT
Huntington Lower Village, VT
Hutchins, VT
Hyde Park, VT
Hydeville, VT
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Indian Point, VT
Inwood, VT
Ira, VT
Irasburg, VT
Irasville, VT
Island Pond, VT
Isle La Motte, VT
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Jacksonville, VT
Jamaica, VT
Jay, VT
Jay Peak, VT
Jeffersonville, VT
Jenneville, VT
Jericho, VT
Jerusalem, VT
Joes Pond, VT
Johnsbury, VT
Johnson, VT
Jones Brook, VT
Jonesville, VT
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Kansas, VT
Keeler Bay, VT
Killington, VT
Kimballs, VT
Kirby, VT
KnigHeights Point, VT
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Lagrange, VT
Lake Carmi, VT
Lake Dunmore, VT
Lake Elmore, VT
Lake Emerald, VT
Lake Hinevah, VT
Lake Hortonia, VT
Lake Iroquois, VT
Lake Lamoille, VT
Lake Morey, VT
Lake Park, VT
Lake Rescue, VT
Lake St Catherine, VT
Lake Valley, VT
Lakewood, VT
Landgrove, VT
Leicester, VT
Lemington, VT
Lillieville, VT
Lincoln, VT
Londonderry, VT
Long Point, VT
Lowell, VT
Lower Cabot, VT
Lower Granville, VT
Lower Plain, VT
Lower Waterford, VT
Lower Websterville, VT
Ludlow, VT
Lunenburg, VT
Lyman, VT
Lyndon, VT
Lyndon Center, VT
Lyndon Corners, VT
Lyndonville, VT
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Mackville, VT
Mad River Glen, VT
Madonna, VT
Maidstone, VT
Manchester, VT
Manchester Center, VT
Manchester Village, VT
Maple Dell, VT
Maquam, VT
Marlboro, VT
Marshfield, VT
Mary Meyer, VT
Mc Indoe Falls, VT
Mechanicsburg, VT
Medburyville, VT
Mendon, VT
Middlebury, VT
Middlesex, VT
Middletown, VT
Middletown Springs, VT
Mile Point, VT
Miles Pond, VT
Mill Village, VT
Milton, VT
Monkton, VT
Monkton Ridge, VT
Montgomery, VT
Montgomery Center, VT
Montpelier, VT
Montpelier Junction, VT
Moretown, VT
Morgan, VT
Morristown, VT
Morrisville, VT
Morses Line, VT
Morses Mills, VT
Moscow, VT
Mosquitoville, VT
Mount Holly, VT
Mount Philo, VT
Mount Snow, VT
Mount Tabor, VT
Mud, VT
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Neshobe Beach, VT
New Haven, VT
New Haven Junction, VT
New Haven Mills, VT
Newark, VT
Newark Hollow, VT
Newbury, VT
Newfane, VT
Newport, VT
Newport Center, VT
No Hero, VT
North Bennington, VT
North Burlington, VT
North Calais, VT
North Chittenden, VT
North Clarendon, VT
North Concord, VT
North Derby, VT
North Duxbury, VT
North Fayston, VT
North Ferrisburgh, VT
North Hartland, VT
North Hero, VT
North Hyde Park, VT
North Middlesex, VT
North Montpelier, VT
North Orwell, VT
North Pawlet, VT
North Pomfret, VT
North Pownal, VT
North Randolph, VT
North Rupert, VT
North Shaftsbury, VT
North Shrewsbury, VT
North Springfield, VT
North Thetford, VT
North Troy, VT
North Tunbridge, VT
North Westminster, VT
North Windham, VT
North Wolcott, VT
Northfield, VT
Northfield Falls, VT
Norton, VT
Norwich, VT
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Old Bennington, VT
Olympus, VT
Orange, VT
Orchard Lane, VT
Orleans, VT
Orwell, VT
Owls Head Harbor, VT
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Panton, VT
Paper Mill Village, VT
Passumpsic, VT
Pawlet, VT
Peacham, VT
Pearl, VT
Peaseville, VT
Pedden Acres, VT
Pekin, VT
Perkinsville, VT
Peru, VT
Pikes Falls, VT
Pinewood, VT
Pittsfield, VT
Pittsford, VT
Pittsford Mills, VT
Plainfield, VT
Pleasant Valley, VT
Plymouth, VT
Plymouth Kingdom, VT
Plymouth Union, VT
Point Farm, VT
Popsquash, VT
Post Mills, VT
Potash Bay, VT
Potash Point, VT
Pottersville, VT
Poultney, VT
Pownal, VT
Proctor, VT
Proctorsville, VT
Putney, VT
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Quechee, VT
Queen, VT
Queen Park, VT
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Ralston Corner, VT
Randolph, VT
Randolph Center, VT
Rareville, VT
Rawsonville, VT
Reading, VT
Readsboro, VT
Red Village, VT
Reedville, VT
Rices Mills, VT
Richford, VT
Richmond, VT
Ripton, VT
Riverton, VT
Rixford, VT
Rochester, VT
Rockingham, VT
Rocky Dale, VT
Roxbury, VT
Roxbury Flat, VT
Royalton, VT
Rupert, VT
Russellville, VT
Russtown, VT
Rutland, VT
Rutland Town, VT
Ryegate, VT
Ryegate Corner, VT
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S Franklin, VT
Saint Albans, VT
Saint Albans Bay, VT
Saint George, VT
Saint Johnsbury, VT
Saint Johnsbury Center, VT
Saint Rocks, VT
Salisbury, VT
Samsonville, VT
Sandgate, VT
Saxtons River, VT
Scottsville, VT
Searsburg, VT
Shaftsbury, VT
Sharon, VT
Shawville, VT
Sheddsville, VT
Sheffield, VT
Sheffield Square, VT
Shelburne, VT
Sheldon, VT
Sheldon Creek, VT
Sheldon Junction, VT
Sheldon Springs, VT
Shoreham, VT
Shrewsbury, VT
Simonsville, VT
Simpsonville, VT
Sky Acres, VT
Smithville, VT
Smugglers Notch, VT
Sodom, VT
South Barre, VT
South Burlington, VT
South Chittenden, VT
South Corinth, VT
South Dorset, VT
South Duxbury, VT
South End, VT
South Hero, VT
South Lincoln, VT
South Londonderry, VT
South Lunenburg, VT
South Newbury, VT
South Newfane, VT
South Peacham, VT
South Pomfret, VT
South Poultney, VT
South Pownal, VT
South Reading, VT
South Royalton, VT
South Ryegate, VT
South Shaftsbury, VT
South Starksboro, VT
South Strafford, VT
South Walden, VT
South Wallingford, VT
South Wardsboro, VT
South Washington, VT
South Wheelock, VT
South Windham, VT
South Woodbury, VT
South Woodstock, VT
Spankerton, VT
Spoonerville, VT
Springfield, VT
Stamford, VT
Stannard, VT
Starksboro, VT
Stockbridge, VT
Stowe, VT
Strafford, VT
Stratton, VT
Stratton Mountain, VT
Sudbury, VT
Sugarbush Valley, VT
Summer Point, VT
Summit, VT
Sunderland, VT
Sutton, VT
Swamp Rd, VT
Swanton, VT
Sweek Hollow, VT
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Taftsville, VT
The Bluffs, VT
The Hollow, VT
Thetford, VT
Thetford Center, VT
Thetford Hill, VT
Tinmouth, VT
Topsham, VT
Topsham Four Corners, VT
Townshend, VT
Trow Hill, VT
Troy, VT
True Blue, VT
Tunbridge, VT
Tyson, VT
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Underhill, VT
Underhill Center, VT
Underhill Flats, VT
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Vergennes, VT
Vernon, VT
Vershire, VT
Victory, VT
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Waits River, VT
Waitsfield, VT
Waitsfield Common, VT
Walden, VT
Wallingford, VT
Waltham, VT
Wardsboro, VT
Warren, VT
Washington, VT
Waterbury, VT
Waterbury Center, VT
Waterford, VT
Waterville, VT
Weathersfield, VT
Websterville, VT
Wells, VT
Wells River, VT
West Addison, VT
West Arlington, VT
West Barnet, VT
West Berkshire, VT
West Berlin, VT
West Bolton, VT
West Braintree, VT
West Brattleboro, VT
West Bridgewater, VT
West Brookfield, VT
West Burke, VT
West Castleton, VT
West Charleston, VT
West Corinth, VT
West Cornwall, VT
West Danville, VT
West Derby, VT
West Dover, VT
West Dummerston, VT
West Enosburg, VT
West Fairlee, VT
West Ferrisburgh, VT
West Glover, VT
West Halifax, VT
West Hartford, VT
West Haven, VT
West Lincoln, VT
West Marlboro, VT
West Milton, VT
West Newbury, VT
West Pawlet, VT
West Rupert, VT
West Rutland, VT
West Salisbury, VT
West Swanton, VT
West Topsham, VT
West Townshend, VT
West Wardsboro, VT
West Waterford, VT
West Windsor, VT
West Woodstock, VT
Westfield, VT
Westford, VT
Westminster, VT
Westminster Station, VT
Westminster West, VT
Westmore, VT
Weston, VT
Weston Priory, VT
Weybridge, VT
Weybridge Hill, VT
Wheelock, VT
White River Junction, VT
Whiting, VT
Whitingham, VT
Wilder, VT
Williamstown, VT
Williamsville, VT
Williston, VT
Wilmington, VT
Windham, VT
Windsor, VT
Winhall, VT
Winooski, VT
Wolcott, VT
Wolumsak, VT
Wood Stock, VT
Woodbury, VT
Woodford, VT
Woodpecker Village, VT
Woodstock, VT
Worcester, VT
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