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Wisconsin Zip Codes

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Wisconsin Information

Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It is bordered by Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, Michigan to the northeast, and Lake Superior to the north. Wisconsin is the 23rd state by total area and the 20th most populous. The state capital is Madison, and its largest city is Milwaukee, which is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The state comprises 72 counties. Wisconsin's geography is diverse, with the Northern Highland and Western Upland along with a part of the Central Plain occupying the western part of the state and lowlands stretching to the shore of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin is second to Michigan in the length of its Great Lakes coastline.
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Abbotsford, WI
Abrams, WI
Adams, WI
Adell, WI
Afton, WI
Alban, WI
Albany, WI
Albertville, WI
Alden, WI
Algoma, WI
Allenton, WI
Allouez, WI
Alma, WI
Alma Center, WI
Almena, WI
Almond, WI
Altdorf, WI
Altoona, WI
Alvin, WI
Amberg, WI
Amery, WI
Amherst, WI
Amherst Junction, WI
Angelica, WI
Aniwa, WI
Antigo, WI
Appleton, WI
Arbor Vitae, WI
Arcadia, WI
Arena, WI
Argonne, WI
Argyle, WI
Arkansaw, WI
Arkdale, WI
Arland, WI
Arlington, WI
Armstrong Creek, WI
Arnott, WI
Arpin, WI
Ashippun, WI
Ashland, WI
Ashley, WI
Ashwaubenon, WI
Athelstane, WI
Athens, WI
Atwood, WI
Auburndale, WI
Augusta, WI
Auroraville, WI
Avalon, WI
Avoca, WI
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Babcock, WI
Bad River Indian Reservation, WI
Bagley, WI
Baileys Harbor, WI
Bakerville, WI
Baldwin, WI
Balsam Lake, WI
Bancroft, WI
Bangor, WI
Baraboo, WI
Barnes, WI
Barneveld, WI
Barre Mills, WI
Barron, WI
Barronett, WI
Bassett, WI
Bateman, WI
Bay City, WI
Bay Mills, WI
Bayfield, WI
Bayside, WI
Bayview, WI
Bear Creek, WI
Beaver, WI
Beaver Dam, WI
Beecher, WI
Beetown, WI
Beldenville, WI
Belgium, WI
Bell, WI
Belleville, WI
Bellevue, WI
Belmont, WI
Beloit, WI
Benet Lake, WI
Bennett, WI
Benoit, WI
Benton, WI
Berlin, WI
Bethel, WI
Bevent, WI
Big Bend, WI
Big Falls, WI
Big Flats, WI
Birch, WI
Birchwood, WI
Birnamwood, WI
Biron, WI
Black Brook, WI
Black Creek, WI
Black Earth, WI
Black River Falls, WI
Blackwell, WI
Blair, WI
Blanchardville, WI
Blenker, WI
Bloom, WI
Bloomer, WI
Bloomingdale, WI
Bloomington, WI
Bloomville, WI
Blue Mounds, WI
Blue River, WI
Boardman, WI
Boaz, WI
Bonduel, WI
Boscobel, WI
Boulder Junction, WI
Bowler, WI
Boyceville, WI
Boyd, WI
Brackett, WI
Branch, WI
Brandon, WI
Brantwood, WI
Briggsville, WI
Brill, WI
Brillion, WI
Bristol, WI
Brodhead, WI
Brokaw, WI
Brookfield, WI
Brooklyn, WI
Brooks, WI
Brown Deer, WI
Brownsville, WI
Browntown, WI
Bruce, WI
Brule, WI
Brussels, WI
Bryant, WI
Buena Vista, WI
Buffalo, WI
Burkhardt, WI
Burlington, WI
Burnett, WI
Butler, WI
Butte Des Morts, WI
Butternut, WI
Byron, WI
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Cable, WI
Cadott, WI
Cady, WI
Caledonia, WI
Cambria, WI
Cambridge, WI
Cameron, WI
Camp Douglas, WI
Camp Lake, WI
Camp Mccoy, WI
Campbell, WI
Campbellsport, WI
Canton, WI
Carey, WI
Caroline, WI
Carson, WI
Carter, WI
Caryville, WI
Cascade, WI
Casco, WI
Cashton, WI
Cassian, WI
Cassville, WI
Cataract, WI
Catawba, WI
Cato, WI
Cavour, WI
Cayuga, WI
Cazenovia, WI
Cecil, WI
Cedar, WI
Cedar Falls, WI
Cedar Grove, WI
Cedar Rapids, WI
Cedarburg, WI
Center Valley, WI
Centerville, WI
Centuria, WI
Chaseburg, WI
Chelsea, WI
Chenequa, WI
Chetek, WI
Chili, WI
Chilton, WI
Chippewa Falls, WI
Christie, WI
City Point, WI
Clam Falls, WI
Clam Lake, WI
Clark, WI
Clayton, WI
Clear Lake, WI
Clearwater Lake, WI
Cleghorn, WI
Cleveland, WI
Clifton, WI
Clinton, WI
Clintonville, WI
Cloverland, WI
Clyman, WI
Cobb, WI
Cochrane, WI
Coddington, WI
Colby, WI
Coleman, WI
Colfax, WI
Colgate, WI
Collins, WI
Coloma, WI
Columbus, WI
Combined Locks, WI
Comstock, WI
Connorsville, WI
Conover, WI
Conrath, WI
Coon Valley, WI
Cornell, WI
Corning, WI
Cornucopia, WI
Cosy Valley, WI
Cottage Grove, WI
Couderay, WI
Crandon, WI
Cream, WI
Crescent, WI
Crivitz, WI
Cross Plains, WI
Cuba City, WI
Cudahy, WI
Cumberland, WI
Curtiss, WI
Cushing, WI
Custer, WI
Cutler, WI
Cylon, WI
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Dairyland, WI
Dale, WI
Dallas, WI
Dalton, WI
Danbury, WI
Dancy, WI
Dane, WI
Darien, WI
Darlington, WI
De Forest, WI
De Pere, WI
De Soto, WI
Deer Creek, WI
Deer Park, WI
Deerbrook, WI
Deerfield, WI
Delafield, WI
Delavan, WI
Dellwood, WI
Delta, WI
Denmark, WI
Deronda, WI
Dewey, WI
Dexterville, WI
Diamond Bluff, WI
Dickeyville, WI
Dodge, WI
Dodgeville, WI
Donald, WI
Dorchester, WI
Dousman, WI
Downing, WI
Downsville, WI
Doylestown, WI
Dresser, WI
Drummond, WI
Dunbar, WI
Durand, WI
Dyckesville, WI
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Eagle, WI
Eagle Point, WI
Eagle River, WI
Eagleton, WI
East Ellsworth, WI
East Farmington, WI
East Troy, WI
Eastman, WI
Eaton, WI
Eau Claire, WI
Eau Galle, WI
Eau Pleine, WI
Eden, WI
Edgar, WI
Edgerton, WI
Edgewater, WI
Edmund, WI
Edson, WI
Egg Harbor, WI
Eisenstein, WI
El Paso, WI
Eland, WI
Elcho, WI
Elderon, WI
Eldorado, WI
Eleva, WI
Elk, WI
Elk Creek, WI
Elk Mound, WI
Elkhart Lake, WI
Elkhorn, WI
Ellis, WI
Ellison Bay, WI
Ellsworth, WI
Elm Grove, WI
Elmwood, WI
Elroy, WI
Elton, WI
Embarrass, WI
Emerald, WI
Endeavor, WI
Ephraim, WI
Erin, WI
Erin Prairie, WI
Esadore Lake, WI
Ettrick, WI
Eureka, WI
Evansville, WI
Exeland, WI
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Fairchild, WI
Fairwater, WI
Fall Creek, WI
Fall River, WI
Fence, WI
Fennimore, WI
Fenwood, WI
Ferryville, WI
Fifield, WI
Fish Creek, WI
Fitchburg, WI
Florence, WI
Fond Du Lac, WI
Fontana, WI
Footville, WI
Forest Junction, WI
Forestville, WI
Fort Atkinson, WI
Fort Mccoy, WI
Foster, WI
Fountain City, WI
Fox Lake, WI
Fox Point, WI
Foxboro, WI
Francis Creek, WI
Franklin, WI
Franksville, WI
Franzen, WI
Frederic, WI
Fredonia, WI
Freedom, WI
Fremont, WI
French Island, WI
Friendship, WI
Friesland, WI
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Galesville, WI
Galloway, WI
Gays Mills, WI
Genesee Depot, WI
Genoa, WI
Genoa City, WI
Germantown, WI
Gile, WI
Gillett, WI
Gilman, WI
Gilmanton, WI
Gleason, WI
Glen Flora, WI
Glen Haven, WI
Glenbeulah, WI
Glendale, WI
Glenwood City, WI
Glidden, WI
Goodman, WI
Goodnow, WI
Goodrich, WI
Gordon, WI
Gotham, WI
Grafton, WI
Grand Chute, WI
Grand Marsh, WI
Grand Rapids, WI
Grand View, WI
Granton, WI
Grantsburg, WI
Gratiot, WI
Green Bay, WI
Green Grove, WI
Green Lake, WI
Green Valley, WI
Greenbush, WI
Greendale, WI
Greenfield, WI
Greenleaf, WI
Greenville, WI
Greenwood, WI
Gresham, WI
Gurney, WI
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Hackett, WI
Hager City, WI
Halder, WI
Hales Corners, WI
Hallie, WI
Hamburg, WI
Hammond, WI
Hancock, WI
Hannibal, WI
Hanover, WI
Hansen, WI
Hansen Road, WI
Harding, WI
Harrison, WI
Harshaw, WI
Hartford, WI
Hartland, WI
Hatfield, WI
Hatley, WI
Haugen, WI
Haven, WI
Hawkins, WI
Hawthorne, WI
Hayward, WI
Hazel Green, WI
Hazelhurst, WI
Heafford Junction, WI
Helenville, WI
Hendren, WI
Herbster, WI
Hersey, WI
Hertel, WI
Hewitt, WI
High Bridge, WI
Highbridge, WI
Highland, WI
Hilbert, WI
Hiles, WI
Hillpoint, WI
Hillsboro, WI
Hillsdale, WI
Hingham, WI
Hixton, WI
Hoard, WI
Hobart, WI
Hofa Park, WI
Hogarty, WI
Holcombe, WI
Hollandale, WI
Hollister, WI
Holmen, WI
Honey Creek, WI
Horicon, WI
Hortonville, WI
Houlton, WI
Howard, WI
Howards Grove, WI
Hubertus, WI
Hudson, WI
Hull, WI
Humbird, WI
Hunting, WI
Huntington, WI
Hurley, WI
Hustisford, WI
Hustler, WI
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Independence, WI
Ingram, WI
Institute, WI
Iola, WI
Irma, WI
Iron Belt, WI
Iron Ridge, WI
Iron River, WI
Isaar, WI
Island Lake, WI
Ixonia, WI
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Jackson, WI
Jacksonport, WI
Janesville, WI
Jefferson, WI
Jeffris, WI
Jersey, WI
Jewett, WI
Jim Falls, WI
Joel, WI
Johnson Creek, WI
Jordan, WI
Juda, WI
Jump River, WI
Junction City, WI
Juneau, WI
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Kaiser, WI
Kansasville, WI
Kaukauna, WI
Kellner, WI
Kellnersville, WI
Kelly, WI
Kempster, WI
Kendall, WI
Kennan, WI
Kenosha, WI
Keshena, WI
Kewaskum, WI
Kewaunee, WI
Kiel, WI
Kieler, WI
Kimball, WI
Kimberly, WI
King, WI
Kingston, WI
Kinnickinnic, WI
Knapp, WI
Knowles, WI
Knowlton, WI
Kohler, WI
Krakow, WI
Kronenwetter, WI
Kunesh, WI
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La Crosse, WI
La Farge, WI
La Pointe, WI
La Valle, WI
Lac Courte Oreilles Indian R, WI
Lac Du Flambeau, WI
Lac Du Flambeau Reservation, WI
Ladysmith, WI
Lafayette, WI
Lake, WI
Lake Delton, WI
Lake Emily, WI
Lake Geneva, WI
Lake George, WI
Lake Hallie, WI
Lake Holcombe, WI
Lake Mills, WI
Lake Nebagamon, WI
Lake Tomahawk, WI
Lake Wazeecha, WI
Lake Windsor, WI
Lake Wissota, WI
Laketown, WI
Lakewood, WI
Lancaster, WI
Land O Lakes, WI
Langes Corner, WI
Lannon, WI
Laona, WI
Larsen, WI
Lebanon, WI
Lena, WI
Leopolis, WI
Lewis, WI
Lily, WI
Lime Ridge, WI
Linden, WI
Lindsey, WI
Linwood, WI
Lisbon, WI
Little Black, WI
Little Chicago, WI
Little Chute, WI
Little Falls, WI
Little Suamico, WI
Livingston, WI
Lodi, WI
Loganville, WI
Lohrville, WI
Lomira, WI
Lone Rock, WI
Long Lake, WI
Longwood, WI
Loomis, WI
Loretta, WI
Lostcreek, WI
Lowell, WI
Loyal, WI
Lublin, WI
Luck, WI
Luger, WI
Lugerville, WI
Luxemburg, WI
Lymantown, WI
Lyndon Station, WI
Lynn, WI
Lynxville, WI
Lyons, WI
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Madison, WI
Maiden Rock, WI
Malone, WI
Manawa, WI
Manchester, WI
Manitowish Waters, WI
Manitowoc, WI
Maple, WI
Maple Bluff, WI
Maplehurst, WI
Maplewood, WI
Marathon, WI
Marengo, WI
Maribel, WI
Marinette, WI
Marion, WI
Markesan, WI
Markton, WI
Marquette, WI
Marshall, WI
Marshfield, WI
Martell, WI
Mason, WI
Mather, WI
Mattoon, WI
Mauston, WI
Mayville, WI
Mazomanie, WI
Mc Farland, WI
Mc Naughton, WI
Mcmillan, WI
Medford, WI
Medina, WI
Mellen, WI
Melrose, WI
Menasha, WI
Menekaunee, WI
Menomonee Falls, WI
Menomonie, WI
Mequon, WI
Mercer, WI
Merrill, WI
Merrillan, WI
Merrimac, WI
Merton, WI
Middle Inlet, WI
Middle Ridge, WI
Middleton, WI
Mikana, WI
Milan, WI
Milladore, WI
Millston, WI
Milltown, WI
Milton, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Mindoro, WI
Mineral Point, WI
Minocqua, WI
Minong, WI
Mishicot, WI
Modena, WI
Moeville, WI
Mole Lake, WI
Mondovi, WI
Monico, WI
Monona, WI
Monona Grove, WI
Monroe, WI
Montello, WI
Montfort, WI
Monticello, WI
Montreal, WI
Moon, WI
Moquah, WI
Morris, WI
Morrisonville, WI
Morse, WI
Mosinee, WI
Mount Calvary, WI
Mount Hope, WI
Mount Horeb, WI
Mount Pleasant, WI
Mount Sterling, WI
Mountain, WI
Mukwonago, WI
Muscoda, WI
Muskego, WI
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Nashotah, WI
Nashville, WI
Navarino, WI
Necedah, WI
Neenah, WI
Neillsville, WI
Nekoosa, WI
Nelma, WI
Nelson, WI
Nelsonville, WI
Neopit, WI
Neosho, WI
Neshkoro, WI
Neva Corners, WI
New Auburn, WI
New Berlin, WI
New Franken, WI
New Glarus, WI
New Haven, WI
New Holstein, WI
New Johannesburg, WI
New Lisbon, WI
New London, WI
New Munster, WI
New Post, WI
New Richmond, WI
Newald, WI
Newburg, WI
Newburg Corners, WI
Newton, WI
Niagara, WI
Nichols, WI
Norrie, WI
North Fond Du Lac, WI
North Freedom, WI
North Hudson, WI
North Lake, WI
North Menomonie, WI
North Prairie, WI
North Woods Beach, WI
Northfield, WI
Norwalk, WI
Nye, WI
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Oak Creek, WI
Oak Grove, WI
Oakdale, WI
Oakfield, WI
Oconomowoc, WI
Oconto, WI
Oconto Falls, WI
Odanah, WI
Ogdensburg, WI
Ogema, WI
Ojibwa, WI
Okauchee, WI
Oliver, WI
Oma, WI
Omro, WI
Onalaska, WI
Oneida, WI
Oneida Indian Reservation, WI
Ontario, WI
Oostburg, WI
Oregon, WI
Orfordville, WI
Osceola, WI
Oshkosh, WI
Osseo, WI
Owen, WI
Oxford, WI
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Packwaukee, WI
Paddock Lake, WI
Padus, WI
Palmyra, WI
Pardeeville, WI
Park Falls, WI
Park Ridge, WI
Parrish, WI
Patch Grove, WI
Pearson, WI
Pelican, WI
Pelican Lake, WI
Pell Lake, WI
Pembine, WI
Pence, WI
Pensaukee, WI
Pepin, WI
Peplin, WI
Perkinstown, WI
Peshtigo, WI
Pewaukee, WI
Phelps, WI
Phillips, WI
Phlox, WI
Pickerel, WI
Pickett, WI
Pigeon Falls, WI
Pine River, WI
Pittsville, WI
Plain, WI
Plainfield, WI
Platteville, WI
Pleasant Lake, WI
Pleasant Prairie, WI
Pleasant Valley, WI
Plover, WI
Plum City, WI
Plum Lake, WI
Plymouth, WI
Polar, WI
Polley, WI
Polonia, WI
Poniatowski, WI
Poplar, WI
Popple River, WI
Port Edwards, WI
Port Washington, WI
Port Wing, WI
Portage, WI
Porterfield, WI
Poskin, WI
Post Lake, WI
Potawatomi Indian Reservatio, WI
Potosi, WI
Potter, WI
Pound, WI
Powers Lake, WI
Poy Sippi, WI
Poynette, WI
Prairie Du Chien, WI
Prairie Du Sac, WI
Prairie Farm, WI
Pray, WI
Preble, WI
Prentice, WI
Prescott, WI
Presque Isle, WI
Princeton, WI
Pulaski, WI
Pulcifer, WI
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Racine, WI
Radisson, WI
Randolph, WI
Random Lake, WI
Range, WI
Readfield, WI
Readstown, WI
Red Cliff, WI
Red Cliff Indian Reservation, WI
Redgranite, WI
Redville, WI
Reedsburg, WI
Reedsville, WI
Reeseville, WI
Reeve, WI
Remington, WI
Rewey, WI
Rhinelander, WI
Rib Falls, WI
Rib Lake, WI
Rib Mountain, WI
Rice Lake, WI
Richardson, WI
Richfield, WI
Richford, WI
Richland Center, WI
Ridgeland, WI
Ridgeway, WI
Ringle, WI
Rio, WI
Rio Creek, WI
Riplinger, WI
Ripon, WI
River Falls, WI
River Hills, WI
Roberts, WI
Rochester, WI
Rock Falls, WI
Rock Springs, WI
Rockfield, WI
Rockland, WI
Rome, WI
Rosendale, WI
Rosholt, WI
Rothschild, WI
Royalton, WI
Rozellville, WI
Rubicon, WI
Rudolph, WI
Rush River, WI
Rusk, WI
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Saint Cloud, WI
Saint Croix Falls, WI
Saint Francis, WI
Saint Germain, WI
Saint Nazianz, WI
Salem, WI
Sanborn, WI
Sand Creek, WI
Sandlake, WI
Sarona, WI
Sauk City, WI
Saukville, WI
Saxeville, WI
Saxon, WI
Sayner, WI
Scandinavia, WI
Schley, WI
Schofield, WI
Scott, WI
Seneca, WI
Seneca Corners, WI
Sevastopol, WI
Sextonville, WI
Seymour, WI
Sharon, WI
Shawano, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Shelby, WI
Sheldon, WI
Shell Lake, WI
Shepley, WI
Sherman, WI
Sherry, WI
Sherwood, WI
Shiocton, WI
Shorewood, WI
Shorewood Hills, WI
Shullsberg, WI
Shullsburg, WI
Silver Cliff, WI
Silver Lake, WI
Sinsinawa, WI
Siren, WI
Sister Bay, WI
Skanawan, WI
Slag Pile, WI
Slinger, WI
Sobieski, WI
Soldiers Grove, WI
Solon Springs, WI
Somers, WI
Somerset, WI
Soperton, WI
South Beaver Dam, WI
South Byron, WI
South Chase, WI
South Fork, WI
South Milwaukee, WI
South Range, WI
South Wayne, WI
Sparta, WI
Spencer, WI
Spirit Falls, WI
Split Rock, WI
Spokeville, WI
Spooner, WI
Spring Green, WI
Spring Valley, WI
Springbrook, WI
Springfield, WI
Springstead, WI
Stangelville, WI
Stanley, WI
Stanton, WI
Star Lake, WI
Star Prairie, WI
Starks, WI
Stella, WI
Sterling, WI
Stetsonville, WI
Steuben, WI
Stevens Point, WI
Stiles, WI
Stitzer, WI
Stockbridge, WI
Stockbridge Indian Reservati, WI
Stockholm, WI
Stockton, WI
Stoddard, WI
Stone Lake, WI
Stoughton, WI
Stratford, WI
Strum, WI
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sturtevant, WI
Suamico, WI
Sugar Camp, WI
Sullivan, WI
Summit, WI
Summit Lake, WI
Sun Prairie, WI
Superior, WI
Suring, WI
Sussex, WI
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Tannery, WI
Taycheedah, WI
Taylor, WI
Theresa, WI
Thiensville, WI
Thornton, WI
Thorp, WI
Three Lakes, WI
Tigerton, WI
Tilden, WI
Tilleda, WI
Tipler, WI
Tisch Mills, WI
Tomah, WI
Tomahawk, WI
Tony, WI
Townsend, WI
Trade Lake, WI
Trego, WI
Trempealeau, WI
Trevor, WI
Trimbelle, WI
Tripoli, WI
Troy, WI
Tunnel City, WI
Turtle Lake, WI
Tustin, WI
Twin Lakes, WI
Two Rivers, WI
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Ubet, WI
Underhill, WI
Union Center, WI
Union Grove, WI
Unity, WI
Upson, WI
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Valders, WI
Valmy, WI
Van Dyne, WI
Veedum, WI
Vernon, WI
Verona, WI
Vesper, WI
Victory, WI
Viola, WI
Viroqua, WI
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Wabeno, WI
Waldo, WI
Wales, WI
Walworth, WI
Wanderoos, WI
Warren, WI
Warrens, WI
Wascott, WI
Washburn, WI
Washington, WI
Washington Island, WI
Waterford, WI
Waterloo, WI
Watertown, WI
Waubeka, WI
Waukau, WI
Waukesha, WI
Waumandee, WI
Waunakee, WI
Waupaca, WI
Waupun, WI
Wausau, WI
Wausaukee, WI
Wautoma, WI
Wauwatosa, WI
Wauzeka, WI
Wawatosa, WI
Wayside, WI
Webb Lake, WI
Webster, WI
Wentworth, WI
West Allis, WI
West Baraboo, WI
West Bend, WI
West Lima, WI
West Milwaukee, WI
West Salem, WI
Westboro, WI
Westby, WI
Westfield, WI
Weston, WI
Westport, WI
Weurtsburg, WI
Weyauwega, WI
Weyerhaeuser, WI
Wheeler, WI
Whitcomb, WI
White Lake, WI
Whitefish Bay, WI
Whitehall, WI
Whitelaw, WI
Whitewater, WI
Whiting, WI
Whittlesey, WI
Wild Rose, WI
Wildwood, WI
Willard, WI
Williams Bay, WI
Wilmot, WI
Wilson, WI
Wilton, WI
Winchester, WI
Wind Lake, WI
Wind Point, WI
Windsor, WI
Winnebago, WI
Winneconne, WI
Winter, WI
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Withee, WI
Wittenberg, WI
Wolfcreek, WI
Wonewoc, WI
Woodboro, WI
Woodford, WI
Woodland, WI
Woodman, WI
Woodruff, WI
Woodville, WI
Woodworth, WI
Worcester, WI
Wrightstown, WI
Wyalusing, WI
Wyeville, WI
Wyocena, WI
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Yellow Lake, WI
York, WI
Yuba, WI
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Zachow, WI
Zenda, WI
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